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Sheila says she'll ignore nat completely and stay in the boat room if Nat stays. But she won't go out without a fight. NT - saskwatch
11:35PM 15/04/2008

sheila says she will call nat out and not talk to nat all week iof she stays - raindrop110475
11:35PM 15/04/2008

Sheila says boys loyalty to Nat is a cover for Adam, Ryan's greed. NT - saskwatch
11:36PM 15/04/2008

OMG now ryan wants to give sheila 1-1 and make sheila brreak tie NT - raindrop110475
11:38PM 15/04/2008
Yeah Right after he gets out the DR NT - KingMac
11:40PM 15/04/2008

Sheila guarantees Sharon that if she stays in the game til the end she'll win the money. If Sheila stays in the game, she will win against any of - saskwatch
11:39PM 15/04/2008

Sheila says she hates adam.. Gave him her last friggin beer. wishes she hadn't of. Very upset b/c Adam called her a f'n bitch. NT - saskwatch
11:41PM 15/04/2008

Sheila can't figure out what happened to Adam. She knows he was a jerk, but she didn't expect this from. NT - saskwatch
11:42PM 15/04/2008

Sheila says they didn't call Nat a f'n bitch when the boys called her out. NT - saskwatch
11:43PM 15/04/2008

Sheila realizes they sold her out because she can't play for HOH next week. NT - saskwatch
11:43PM 15/04/2008

Ryan and Adam in th BY golfing, and keep saying if she wants a split, she'll get a split NT - cannotsleep
11:44PM 15/04/2008

Sharon says if Nat would have done the girls club... she figured if she could get all 3 girls to the end that she could take out Sharon or Shiela. NT - saskwatch
11:46PM 15/04/2008

Adam up at HOH. NT - saskwatch
11:46PM 15/04/2008

Adam says they are both voting for Sharon to stay, but he can't talk long and he's out of the door. NT - saskwatch
11:47PM 15/04/2008

Adam comes up to HOH + tells sheila he's voting nat out. says he has to be quick. - lexi
11:48PM 15/04/2008

Girls trying to figure out why Adam was in such a hurry. they are trying to find him. Found him somewhere and he's chewing on his fingernails. NT - saskwatch
11:49PM 15/04/2008

Sharon laughing and says Adam is staring at the mirrors. NT - saskwatch
11:50PM 15/04/2008

Sharon says all this dam drama she doesn't know if she'd come back a second time. Sheila cleaning HOH room as to upset to sleep. NT - saskwatch
11:54PM 15/04/2008

Shron says she's stressed. NT - saskwatch
11:54PM 15/04/2008

Sharon laughing at Adam's antics. Sheila says she's too mad at him. NT - saskwatch
11:56PM 15/04/2008

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