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He starts raising his hands again @ the cam like "what" and the feed cam is actually nodding up & down (yes) to him NT - scandalous
1:25AM 15/04/2008

Cams keep messing with Adam & vice versa. He's trying to fake them out, (ed. lmao) NT - scandalous
1:26AM 15/04/2008

Adam hiding in Sharons room again. Was sitting on chair in hallway of her room earlier NT - saskwatch
1:27AM 15/04/2008

Adam's laughing, runs to the WC and stands up against the wall by the shower like he's on a secret mission, runs back to the red br & crouches by.. - scandalous
1:28AM 15/04/2008

Ry comes out of the DR, Adam tells him what he's been doing & says he's too quick for them. then said "y'all can't catch me" laughing NT - scandalous
1:29AM 15/04/2008

Ry heads to the WC NT - scandalous
1:30AM 15/04/2008

Ryan out of the DR Adam goes in and we here a clip of Adam saying yall cant catch me and the producer laphs NT - KingMac
1:30AM 15/04/2008

4 feeds on Sharon sleeping, but heard Ry come out of the WC, now cams on Ry heading into Nat's room (no hand washing) NT - scandalous
1:31AM 15/04/2008

Ryan goes into Natalie's room and tells her he talked to Adam, for her to talk to Adam tomorrow NT - JoshIzDustinx2
1:31AM 15/04/2008

Ry tells Nat he had a convo w/ Adam & that Adam will talk to her tomorrow. Nat says he told her no worries. Ry telling Nat Sheila wants her the.. - scandalous
1:33AM 15/04/2008

Once flames came back Ry was headed to the KT, now he's in bed, Nat's going back to sleep & Adam is in the DR NT - scandalous
1:36AM 15/04/2008

Adam out of the DR, goes to the pink room, takes off mic, starts to say something to Ry & we get flames NT - scandalous
1:45AM 15/04/2008

Back from flames, Ry & Adam talking about lifting tomorrow NT - scandalous
1:46AM 15/04/2008

Ry's mentioning they wake them up a little early tomorrow b/c they have to do good-byes NT - scandalous
1:47AM 15/04/2008

Ry says he forgot to make the delay-brew joe & said it was nice having "fresh joe" in the morning NT - scandalous
1:48AM 15/04/2008

Adam says he's going to spend like 2 hours with Chatty tomorrow NT - HookedOnBB
1:49AM 15/04/2008

I think Adam said he'll do like 2 hours with Chatty tomorrow (could be wrong) Ry says he doesn't know how Adam can sleep b/c he slept all day NT - scandalous
1:50AM 15/04/2008

Adam says he's ready to rock right now NT - scandalous
1:50AM 15/04/2008

Adam & Ry tossing & turning, Ry's bed's creaking every time he moves, but all hamsters appear to be in bed for the night. Me, too, sweet dreams NT - scandalous
2:03AM 15/04/2008

Adam couldn't sleep. He got up put on his swim trunks and went in the hot tub. NT - b2b55
3:20AM 15/04/2008

Adam's back up and in the hottub NT - HookedOnBB
3:21AM 15/04/2008

Adam out of the hottub and got into the shower, now out and getting dressed NT - HookedOnBB
3:36AM 15/04/2008

Adam now back in bed NT - HookedOnBB
3:39AM 15/04/2008

Ryan up walking to the WC , doesn't wash hands and then - BBSheri
7:14AM 15/04/2008

Adam talking in his sleep. Couldn't understand what he said. - BBSheri
7:26AM 15/04/2008

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