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realitydoll Shelia still going through her entire family to figure out the pre-existing relationship. Shelia says it's going to drive us nuts. Sharon says it's 0 12:05AM 17/04/2008
realitydoll Shelia: OMG! OMG OMG..They all say What! What! NATALIE's G-Mother is from Memphis TN!!!! Her mother is from Memphis TN! Omg! I just voted out one of 0 12:09AM 17/04/2008
realitydoll Shelia says Omg, Maybe I'm related to Natalie! We were always saying how much we had in common. Omg! They laugh. Sharon goes off to pee...Adam/She 0 12:19AM 17/04/2008
realitydoll Still discussing relationship options. Ryan wants to know when they get the mini. Adams says tomorrow afternoon. NT 0 12:30AM 17/04/2008
ihearthockey Shar brushing teeth, Sheila in bed, Adam reading bible in bed, Ryan heading to HOH bed NT 0 12:42AM 17/04/2008
ihearthockey Adam still reading bible, Sharon going sneaking up to HOH to talk to Ryan NT 0 12:45AM 17/04/2008
realitydoll Shelia says she is going to bed. baller gives her a big spinning hug..Ryan wants to go have a smoke, promises to not have anymore puffs for 3 days. 0 12:46AM 17/04/2008
realitydoll Adam in Bed, Reading Bible. Sharon off to HoH! NT 0 12:47AM 17/04/2008
jasbel Sharon is throwing Adam under the bus. NT 0 12:48AM 17/04/2008
ihearthockey Ryan told Sharon he doesnt wanna take Adam to F2 NT 0 12:49AM 17/04/2008
realitydoll Sharon says that Adam is trying to keep the blood off his hands!!! He said he would put her on the block so she would come down and get to decide who 0 12:51AM 17/04/2008
ihearthockey Sharon told Ryan that Adam winked at Nat as he came out from voting so she knew he voted for her NT 0 12:51AM 17/04/2008
ihearthockey Ryan said it would be best for him and Sharon to get Adam out next week NT 0 12:52AM 17/04/2008
ihearthockey Flames NT 0 12:53AM 17/04/2008
ihearthockey Feeds back. Ryan said if it stays the same hes gonna try to convince Adam to keep Sharon NT 0 12:54AM 17/04/2008
ihearthockey Sharon said they dont want Sheila till the end because everyone would vote for her, Ryan said she doesnt f'n deserve it! NT 0 12:55AM 17/04/2008
ihearthockey Ryan said you cant trust the kid (Adam) he does everything to keep the blood off his hands NT 0 12:57AM 17/04/2008
ihearthockey Shar said its really risky if you don't put Adam up, Ry said "I dont know, I dont know" NT 0 12:59AM 17/04/2008
ihearthockey Ry said they can talk more about it tomorrow, he wants to take a bubble bath (ed. LOL) NT 0 1:03AM 17/04/2008
realitydoll Sharon giving Ryan options for excuses to put Adam on block! Ryan looks like he doesn't want to do what she is suggesting...he says he hasn't even tho 0 1:04AM 17/04/2008
ihearthockey Ry said dont think I'm totally with him, hes been playing spineless for weeks NT 0 1:04AM 17/04/2008
ihearthockey They said they'll talk more about it later, they say goodnight and Sharon leaves NT 0 1:07AM 17/04/2008
ihearthockey Shar literally tiptoes through the house to go to bed, then whispers "goodnight beebies" to guineas NT 0 1:09AM 17/04/2008
ihearthockey Adam still reading bible, Sheila in bed. NT 0 1:09AM 17/04/2008
ihearthockey All 4 feeds on Adam now getting ready for bed, then Flames NT 0 1:10AM 17/04/2008
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