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Topic #8835094
saskwatch - Sheila and Adam talk. 0 Replies #8835094 8:45PM 17/04/2008
Sheila thinks Adam is the best player in this f'n game. Right now Sheila needs him to get his hands dirty, and evict Sharon if it comes down to her and Sharon. Adam says if he wins the POV, he'll take Sheila down and that Ryan told him if he won POV, he'd keep them the same. Sheila says that when Ryan put her on the block, he said he nommed her and Sharon for the smack they were talking. Sheila says what Sharon and her told them was true. She didn't hate Nat as a person. But Nat was going to take out Ryan and Adam. Sheila says she doesn't want Adam to say anything to Ryan in case it's Sharon's goal to set them up. Sheila says once Ryan gets something in his head, he rolls with it. And that Adam will have to get his hands dirty, but it's one vote.. to save her. Adam says he will.
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Topic #8835136
iknowbigbro - shel says she faked cried when she had to get tied up with adam so they dont think they like echother NT 0 Replies #8835136 8:47PM 17/04/2008
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Topic #8835158
iknowbigbro - shel saying she cant trust ryan NT 0 Replies #8835158 8:48PM 17/04/2008
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Topic #8835168
saskwatch - Sheila and Adam have to keep the facade up. 0 Replies #8835168 8:48PM 17/04/2008
Sheila says she thinks of something else to make her cry in this game. that's what an actress does. Real tears by thinking of sad things...missing her son, walking out of the game..etc. Tears are real, but it's part of keeping up the facade that it's about Adam. Sheila says that Sharon really believes that if she or Ryan win the POV, that Adam will go up with her.. and both agree that it's the worst case scenario Adam. Sheila says the people in sequester hate her anyway.. and Adam has the votes of her and he knows it. Sheila says being on the block is stressful and Adam agrees.. and she wants to trust Adam..
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Topic #8835199
saskwatch - Sheila thinks Ryan and Sharon are the preexisting relationships because they are tied to others outside the game.. but the target is on them. NT 0 Replies #8835199 8:50PM 17/04/2008
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Topic #8835213
iknowbigbro - shel saying that sharon disrerved to win cause she has been on the block 5 times in a row NT 0 Replies #8835213 8:51PM 17/04/2008
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Topic #8835218
saskwatch - Sheila says that Sharon has to have the record for being on the block 5 X and she handles it like a pro.. thus she deserved everything she won in 0 Replies #8835218 8:51PM 17/04/2008
the luxury comp.
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Topic #8835253
iknowbigbro - shel saying that the thought of her leaving makes her cry and that she loves and trusts adam 0 Replies #8835253 8:53PM 17/04/2008
shel says that if it wasent for this house that she would be meaner and defend herself
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Topic #8835277
iknowbigbro - shel saying that she didnt need to go off on nat cause it would not of done anything NT 0 Replies #8835277 8:54PM 17/04/2008
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Topic #8835279
cannotsleep - Sheila to Adam: I've put up with more sh*t than I care to think about from these kids, i.e. James with the flour and the screaming at her NT 0 Replies #8835279 8:54PM 17/04/2008
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Topic #8835307
iknowbigbro - shel saying that she regrets being a jerk to adam on the first day adam says dont worry about it shek starting to cry NT 0 Replies #8835307 8:55PM 17/04/2008
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Topic #8835315
cannotsleep - Sheila says the one thing she wishes she could take back is how she treated him the first day, crying again, Adam says it's okay NT 0 Replies #8835315 8:56PM 17/04/2008
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Topic #8835316
saskwatch - Adam says he's nervous about tomorrow. Sheila says it's becuz it's do or die.. and Adam says he knows 0 Replies #8835316 8:56PM 17/04/2008
Sheila says the only person she's had in this game, besides herself is Adam. Sheila says who she is in the game, is not who she is in person. But standing up against James and Josh is something she would do in her real life, but it would not happen to her in the real world. She said she would be like Adam's mom and kick their asses.. theirs poolsticks and poolballs out there, but in this game, she couldn't do that. But in this game, she has to control her temper. She said she could have tore up Nat, when JC asked her, without even bringing up Nat's past, but she wasn't going to do that. Sheila said when Adam called her a bitch, she wanted to come down and tear Nat up... and that calling the truce with Josh is not like her. She says she has done thing s n this game she's not proud of and things that she is proud of . One of the things she is proud of is that she has had his back since the day they met in this game. Sheila crying now.
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Topic #8835373
cannotsleep - Sheila: "Some people have totally lost their minds in this game, but they're in the jury house. Three, no maybe four" NT 0 Replies #8835373 8:58PM 17/04/2008
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Topic #8835376
iknowbigbro - shel talking about josh and james game play (adam looks bored) NT 0 Replies #8835376 8:58PM 17/04/2008
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Topic #8835381
saskwatch - Sheila says in this game, she is totally taken out of her comfort zone. 0 Replies #8835381 8:58PM 17/04/2008
Other hg seem to handle it so much better than her..but it's just tore her up. Some people have totally lost their minds in this game.. but 4 of them are in the jury house. Sheila says Matty was always a quiet guy, always protecting her, and the only one who stood up to Josh, in a very nice way. James left in a good way. Josh not so good.. he did some damage in this game.. but he left good. the ones who got out early and got back to their real lives were blessed.
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Topic #8835415
iknowbigbro - shel saying that adam and her can go to the finals adam agreeing NT 0 Replies #8835415 9:00PM 17/04/2008
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Topic #8835433
iknowbigbro - shel says that everybody likes adam and that he'll have all the votes NT 0 Replies #8835433 9:01PM 17/04/2008
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Topic #8835443
saskwatch - Sheila knows that Adam can't do anything til after POV.. Adam says he 0 Replies #8835443 9:02PM 17/04/2008
totally gets it and understands. Sheila says don't let them make you think I know someone or that you know someone.. or come between us. Sheila says even if they don't win.. know they connected in this house for a reason. Sheila says that her gut tells her that she and Adam can be F2. Adam says but these are the hardest 2 to be against tho. Sheila says you're home if you or I win HOH. they've both been through hell in this game and they deserve to win, too. Adam has played well and made few enemies in this game... and only offended one person.. Natalie. Adam says, "Whoopde.. friggin.. ding.. dong..
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Topic #8835465
iknowbigbro - shel leaving bathroom saying this is the hardest two weeks ever 0 Replies #8835465 9:02PM 17/04/2008
Adam: if i go up on the block with shel hell go up
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Topic #8835483
saskwatch - Sheila getting up so Adam can nap. the plan is Adam or sheila win POV and save sheila or 0 Replies #8835483 9:03PM 17/04/2008
or Ryan wins and Adam convinces him to keep the noms the same... and if Sharon wins.. one of them goes home... but she feels that every couple has turned on another couple, but Sheila and adam haven't so they just may be the last couple standing.
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Topic #8835509
iknowbigbro - shel saying that allison got screwd NT 0 Replies #8835509 9:05PM 17/04/2008
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Topic #8835521
saskwatch - Why was Allison so angry? because she knew she wasn't going ot win this game. 0 Replies #8835521 9:06PM 17/04/2008
Sheila pizzed that Ryan is saying that she is talking all this ***** on Allison. She says he f'd Allison by being the real couple and screwed Allison.. but he won't even admit it. But Sheila had to vote Allison out or offend the group and put a target on her and Adams back ( still couples) Sheila thinks it's great if a one of the beginning couples stay to the end.
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Topic #8835532
iknowbigbro - Adam trying to listen to the movie 0 Replies #8835532 9:06PM 17/04/2008
Adam:tommorow is the biggest day ever

Shel: oh yeah!!!
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Topic #8835543
saskwatch - Adam trying to sneak a peak in back yard..opens sgd and Sheila tells him 'you're gonna get into trouble" and he closes it. Tomorrow is their big day. 0 Replies #8835543 9:07PM 17/04/2008
Sheila likes Sharon a lot. thinks she's a really good person. Adam says if Sharon wins, she'll ultimately vote him out of the house... Sheila says, you're not going to let that happen... more scenarios..
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