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Topic #8837377
saskwatch - Adam teases Ryan about how drunk he was last night. Ryan says he was a little buzzed not drunk 0 Replies #8837377 11:15PM 17/04/2008
Ryan wants to go outside and shoot pool with Adam. Sheila refuses. She says she'll go for them for chess.
Sheila asks Ryan what he's going to do tomorrow. ryan says he honestly doesn't know. Sheila says honest question and honest answer. ryan says if any of you win... it's all up to you. ryan says he might throw it and let them win. Ryan says he might pull Sheila down and asks her if she would be the voting party. He asks Sheila if she'd vote out Adam. She says he called me a bitch. Adam says no point talking about it until after tomorrow.
Adam tells Ryan Sharon's used to getting some, after movie. Ryan says he had his hand under the blanket out there? sheila says what.. adam says guy talk babe. Ryan's checking storage room to see fi they got tylenol pm. ry says nothing and he shuts lights off for them. Adam asks for a dirty bedtime story.
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Topic #8837390
saskwatch - Ryan outside and back in. Sheila and Adam whispering in bed. She had her hand on his chest for a couple seconds than removed it. NT 0 Replies #8837390 11:16PM 17/04/2008
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Topic #8837400
saskwatch - Ryan in HOH .. says i'm so friggin tired. NT 0 Replies #8837400 11:16PM 17/04/2008
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Topic #8837411
saskwatch - Sheila and Adam still whispering. Saw noises in background. Sheila leans in close to adam. (thot she was kissing him!) NT 0 Replies #8837411 11:17PM 17/04/2008
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Topic #8837428
sunflower05 - Sheila/Adam just said that Ryan/SHaron where "Scheming hardcore" NT 0 Replies #8837428 11:19PM 17/04/2008
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Topic #8837434
saskwatch - Sheila stands up in bra and panties to call Sharon to turn boat room light off.. and back in bed. 0 Replies #8837434 11:20PM 17/04/2008
Sheila encouraging adam to win pov. he says he will. She's reminding him of all the votes he has in jury house to win this thing. She tells him he can't let Ryan or Sharon win or they'll backdoor him. Adam praying. Sheila bursts outlaughing because Adam ends his prayer with ok thanks.
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Topic #8837454
saskwatch - Sheila on back and rolls back to Adam again ... 0 Replies #8837454 11:23PM 17/04/2008
Sheila saying to him that BB was showing that 2 people are in preexisting relationships with that question and it's Sharon with Jacob and Ryan with Jen. But that her and Adam weren't in a relationship prior to this show. Can't hear.
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Topic #8837462
saskwatch - Sharon opens door and asks if they are going to bed.. they are in bed. Gnights again. NT 0 Replies #8837462 11:24PM 17/04/2008
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Topic #8837468
saskwatch - Adam asks Sheila if this room brings back memories. Sheila called to DR. She says how.. are we both supposed to go. Adam was going to go talk to Ry 0 Replies #8837468 11:25PM 17/04/2008
Then BB called both of them. Sharon in HOH with Ryan. Adam please put on mike.
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Topic #8837497
saskwatch - Sharon telling Ryan that Sheila was in bed with Adam with her bra exposed.. and then when 0 Replies #8837497 11:28PM 17/04/2008
Sharon opened door, Sheila pulled sheet up. Sharon says guess what, she cried to Jen making her think she was going to keep Jen. Sharon says that Adam cried to her. Ryan says they are both actors dude. Sharon says you don't talk about hating somebody if you really do. Except for hre talking about Jacob, because she has the right to. ry says maybe they're exes who truly hate each other. Adam outside smoking.
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Topic #8837538
saskwatch - Ry says he lives in Florida, she lives in la.. Sharon says Sheila lived in Florida. 0 Replies #8837538 11:33PM 17/04/2008
Sharon says wouldn't that be the biggest f'n twist. He gets so defensive whenever his family is brought up. Sharon watching cams. Sharon says she's just telling him some of the stuff that's been said to her. Shaaron says it's shady, shady, shady. Ryan says to Sharon.. don't worry.
Ryan says you swear you don't have anything wth Sheila or Adam. She says no...just Jacob. Ryan says he doesn't know what to think. Sharon says she doesn't trust either of them. Sharon says she guarantees they will stick together to the end. Sharon says Adam feels bad for her. Ryan says when did he tell you that... she doesn't know. Sharon saying something... Says Sheila confided in her that Adam trusted Sharon more than Ryan. that adam thinks she's more loyal and trustworthy. Ryan says what....
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Topic #8837552
saskwatch - Sharon says if Adam and I were to win... Sheila thinks we'll save her. Sharon throwing out scenarios, she says Sheila told her and she kept saying 0 Replies #8837552 11:36PM 17/04/2008
that she didn't trust Ryan. Ryan says, Sheila said she didn't trust me. Sharon says she told them that she tells them she doen't know what Ryan would do.
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Topic #8837559
saskwatch - Sharon says they had an alliance together before they came here. 0 Replies #8837559 11:36PM 17/04/2008
Sheila found out on craigs list... and adam was called by Robin.
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Topic #8837601
saskwatch - Sharon insisting that they break up Adam and Sheila tomorrow because if not they are screwed. 0 Replies #8837601 11:40PM 17/04/2008
Ryan says he knows what she's saying and it all makes sense. ryan says if he was up against adam and sheila was the vote, she'd vote for adam. Sharon says you've got to win this pov, take me off and throw adam up there. Sharon says she doesn't trust either one of them.. and ryan says he doesn't either.. sharon says they were going to evict you too. Ryan says i know.
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Topic #8837617
saskwatch - Sharon says Sheila won't look out for her over Adam either. NT 0 Replies #8837617 11:42PM 17/04/2008
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Topic #8837644
saskwatch - Sharon says Adam will win if we let him win the next couple of comps.. we can't let him. if we let her go, she will campaign her heart out for him. 0 Replies #8837644 11:46PM 17/04/2008
ryan says he said fiction in that game... but maybe he did it on purpose cuz he knew he wasn't gonna win. Sharon says she feels like her and Ryan are the ones on the block together.. Rya says why. they are the ones on the block.. Sharon says Adam threw that veto for you. Ryan denies it. Says Adam didn't want blood on his hands. Sharon says Adam told James that he didn't throw it. Ryan says Adam talks a lot of ***** that he doesn't plan on doing. Ryan says adam is one of the most paranoid people in this game next to josh. Sharon says Sheila says we can do this, Sharon.. but Adam's name is always brought up in this.
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Topic #8837645
iknowbigbro - adam ans shelia sleeping sharon and ry talking in hoh about they nned to stay together and go to the final two sharon going tto bed when her clothes 0 Replies #8837645 11:46PM 17/04/2008
dry and then ryan is going to bed
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Topic #8837664
saskwatch - Shraon says James told her Adam and Sheila were a couple. Ryan says 0 Replies #8837664 11:48PM 17/04/2008
Adam doesn't want to vote her out, because she's a campaign machine. Ryan says obviously i want to keep you here. Sharon says I just think this is your best game. Sharon says I agree with you that there's somethng fishy in this. Ryan says every decision they have made is together. Sharon says I think Adam is feeding you a bunch of bull about f2. Ryan says i know... i don't believe him.
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Topic #8837745
saskwatch - Ryan says adam is trying to cover all his bases. Says he'll friggin backdoor his azz and take Sharon down. then I don't know.. i don't know what 0 Replies #8837745 11:56PM 17/04/2008
I'll do. Sharon says Sheila's telling her not to win POV. That's why she didn't. Says Sheila was afraid that Ryan and Sharon would keep Natty. Ryan says she wants Adam to win so bad. Sharon says it's weird that sheila didn't want her to win the pov... face morph.
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Topic #8837793
saskwatch - Ryan says Adam is so scared of her. Ryan says he'd be telling her to f off if she treated him like that. 0 Replies #8837793 11:59PM 17/04/2008
Sharon says she was freaking out. She says when Ryan and Sheila on the block together.. and they put up Matty, would he have voted for her. Ryan says he would have gotten matty and natty's vote. Sharon says sheila was campaigning hard core for matt against you. Ryan says that's why I thot her and Matt had something. Sharon says Sheila knows a lot about baller for not having known him prior. She says they are looking out for each other.
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