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Topic #8826606
saskwatch - Sheila in shower. Ryan and Sharon talking. 0 Replies #8826606 10:58AM 17/04/2008
Ryan asks where baller is... sleeping.. sharon says or reading the bible. Ryan hollers "hey diddy". Sharon says, it's his dad's birthday today, isn't that crazy?
Ry asks Sharon what she thinks they're doing.. she says maybe food or luxury. Ry says he and Sharon are good on food.. he wants Baller on slop.. (sounds like he's joking).
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Topic #8826627
saskwatch - Baller stressed because he didn't tell Nat he voted for her. It is what it is. 0 Replies #8826627 11:00AM 17/04/2008
Ryan says he believes him. Baller says this is the worst thing that could happen to him... cuz it f's him over anyway.
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Topic #8826656
saskwatch - Boys now talking about what comps might be. and location of girls. Boys going to play chess and ry 0 Replies #8826656 11:01AM 17/04/2008
says they made it sound like a food comp.
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Topic #8826697
saskwatch - BB Adam put on your microphone. Adam: I FORGOT. Sharon and Ryan whispering. NT 0 Replies #8826697 11:03AM 17/04/2008
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Topic #8826715
saskwatch - Sharon laughing about Sheila asking what do you think will happen. ryan says I know. Baller back. Sharon goes on about naming slug. NT 0 Replies #8826715 11:05AM 17/04/2008
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Topic #8826772
saskwatch - Ry asks what kind of action we got out there. Sharon heard banging. Plane overhead. 0 Replies #8826772 11:08AM 17/04/2008
Sharon doesn't know what to wear.. Nat's legs were all cut up from comps and she had pants on. Sharon got cut and didn't even feel it, didn't know til she saw blood. Adam and Sheila talking in background... cant make it out. Ryan asks how old is diddy? Sheila asks what would he be doing with diddy.. Baller says take him to a phillies games. Ry and baller talking about Philly team and another one...
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Topic #8826812
saskwatch - Talking about food comp. rya asks how bad do you want to eat dude. Baller says bad. 0 Replies #8826812 11:10AM 17/04/2008
Ryan wants to go for a big time feast for the 4 of them. Adam says Ry looks "manscaped". ry says he spent an hour doing it. Sheila says she'd like a lobster or sushi feast. Baller says a seafood extravaganza.
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Topic #8826829
saskwatch - Sharon's glad they don't have to go for stuff like grills.. other 3 think winning grill was awesome 0 Replies #8826829 11:12AM 17/04/2008
Sheila loved the margarita feast. Ryan says he's mad they picked the margarita party over the grill.. Ryan figured they'd get an allnight margarita party.. not a half hour party.
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Topic #8826836
BBFanChelle - HGs talking about the margarita party. NT 0 Replies #8826836 11:12AM 17/04/2008
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Topic #8826849
saskwatch - Ryan likes Chipotle. Sharon says it''s too spicy. Says it chipotal. NT 0 Replies #8826849 11:13AM 17/04/2008
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Topic #8826864
saskwatch - Sharon says she feels sick from chipotle spice. Gets sick for a day and half from spicy food. (TMI when you're not the cook) NT 0 Replies #8826864 11:14AM 17/04/2008
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Topic #8826867
BBFanChelle - Sheila in WC in black silk robe putting on make-up. Shar, Adam, and Ry at KT counter. NT 0 Replies #8826867 11:14AM 17/04/2008
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Topic #8826899
saskwatch - Boys teasing Sharon now... dated Jacob's soccer team mates. 0 Replies #8826899 11:16AM 17/04/2008
Baller says so you'd watch one bf play and eye up another. Baller says you're horrible... LOL...ry says tells bf she's coming to watch him play but is scouting the team. Ry calling her a soccerscout.
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Topic #8826916
BBFanChelle - Sheila tells Sharon she doesn't have to defend herself. NT 0 Replies #8826916 11:17AM 17/04/2008
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Topic #8826933
saskwatch - Sheila tells Sharon you opened it up Sharon. Don't tell boys anything. 0 Replies #8826933 11:19AM 17/04/2008
Sharon trying to defend herself. Sharon says her and Jacob did not date until she moved to NC. She met him in gr 8 and they were friends. Sheila tells her she doesn't have to defend herself... but Sharon goes on.. says Jacob didn't start soccer til his sophomore yr... and all 3 of her boyfriends played soccer. Sharon says she hooked up with one of Jacob's old soccer buddies when Jacob was away... now says she never really dated the guy.
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Topic #8826947
BBFanChelle - Ryan comes out of HOH room saying "Let's interogate Sharon some more." NT 0 Replies #8826947 11:19AM 17/04/2008
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Topic #8826952
saskwatch - Now teasing Sharon that when jacob was in Okinawa she was out with one of his teammates. NT 0 Replies #8826952 11:20AM 17/04/2008
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Topic #8826968
saskwatch - Sharon says, as Jacob would say.. ho's with different area codes 0 Replies #8826968 11:21AM 17/04/2008
in response to boys teasing her about hooking up with new guy every time she went to a new city...
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Topic #8826990
saskwatch - Baller says your boy was serving his country, doing his duty and you were hooking up with one of his teammates.. Sharon tells more of relationship 0 Replies #8826990 11:23AM 17/04/2008
with Jacob and how it started. (same ole)
they played hockey in the street and Sharon was the goalie.
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Topic #8827048
saskwatch - Sharon says she had no crushes on any of the boys she played hockey with... including Jacob. 0 Replies #8827048 11:27AM 17/04/2008
Jacob saved her scrunchies. He went and got a Jacob name necklace and connected it to Sharon's. ryan says "gangsta love"
Boys say he loved you Sharon, do you miss him? Sharon says she doesn't miss him.. Sheila laffs and says she knows Sharon does. Ryan says Sheila knows, she's the relationship expert. Ry says Jacob got the least amt of votes to come back in the house. Sheila says that's because he was only on one show... in the house 3 days.. no air time. Sheila wondering what to wear.. Ry tells her to dress hot.. bootie shorts, etc. Baller telling Sharon to say, "I miss Jacob Heald" She refuses... Ryan says we have heard enough..
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Topic #8827074
saskwatch - I Sharon obermueller miss one Jacob Heald altho hoops will rip him a new azz at the wrap party. 0 Replies #8827074 11:30AM 17/04/2008
She repeats above statement to the boys as they dictate it to her. Sharon says she can't believe she misses him. Boys say it's natural after 12 years. Ryan says he likes big dog Jacob. Baller says he was a good kid. Ryan says that Jacob and Sharon can come to Columbus for a bucks game in fall to visit him and jen. Sharon says okay. I hope Jacob's not watching this. Sheila's ready for the comp.
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Topic #8827094
saskwatch - Boys eating. Sheila in fridge. Sharon with gps.. More cammo talk. NT 0 Replies #8827094 11:31AM 17/04/2008
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Topic #8827112
saskwatch - Ryan gives Cammo props for infiltrating a CBS studio. Says he's like a navy seal. 0 Replies #8827112 11:34AM 17/04/2008
Sheila says when you see these things it's a reminder that there's life out there. Talking about helicopters and OJ story.
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Topic #8827176
saskwatch - More OJ talk. Sheila signed autographs with him. Ry asks if he hit on her. Sheila says no.. Ryan says he did. 0 Replies #8827176 11:39AM 17/04/2008
Sheila says she's not going to talk about him. Ryan says you can talk about people in the public eye. Asks if anyone thinks he murdered that girl. Baller says no way.. not the juice...laffing. Sheila says it's not her place to judge. Sharon sitting there chewing cheek and not talking. Ry says he has ? black snake... and Sheila seen it. She denies this. Ryan says it was bulging one time, and had a heartbeat and you wanted to see it. Sheila says you stop it. Sheila says for the record she never hooked up with OJ. Ryan says you're lucky you didn't you'd be in a ditch somewhere or in the back of the Bronco. Sheila said her 2 brothers were huge OJ fans when he was playing football.
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Topic #8827181
saskwatch - Sheila says they did work together but did not ever hookup. NT 0 Replies #8827181 11:40AM 17/04/2008
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