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1 was a closeup of Adam in bed, blankets pulled up to his face, with him looking around the room, 2 was a distant shot of the pink bedroom... - WhatdoIKnow
10:20AM 17/04/2008

She and Sharon trashing Nat -- didn't even know what redeemed meant but she acted like a super-Christian. NT - BB9Sucked
10:24AM 17/04/2008

S/S saying Nat would have stayed on the mirror ball all night, puking her guts out if she thought James would put Mattie up. NT - BB9Sucked
10:28AM 17/04/2008

Sharon trashing Nat's outfit choices. Sheila saying Nat had the body for it. NT - saskwatch
10:29AM 17/04/2008

Sharon saying Matt was probably excited to see Nat walk into SH, that he didn't want her to win the game. NT - BB9Sucked
10:30AM 17/04/2008

Sharon says Matty wouldn't give Nat a second hug when he walked out because he knew she ruined his game. NT - saskwatch
10:32AM 17/04/2008

Sharon saying she knew Adam voted to keep Nat because of the nod and wink when he came back from voting. Sharon thought she was a goner. NT - BB9Sucked
10:33AM 17/04/2008

Girls discussing Adam thinks he has the votes to win if he makes F2. NT - BB9Sucked
10:36AM 17/04/2008

Sheila shocked that Nat let her hug her after she evicted her. Sheila says she wouldn't have been able to hug the person who evicted her. Sheila - saskwatch
10:37AM 17/04/2008

Sharon knows. - saskwatch
10:40AM 17/04/2008

S/S saying Nat's undoing was walking around saying she was a Christian but not acting like a Christian. NT - BB9Sucked
10:41AM 17/04/2008

Sharon says she can't take that $hit. - saskwatch
10:41AM 17/04/2008

Sharon saying she will tell everyone in SH that Nat said Josh could not go to heaven because he is gay. Sharon didn't hear Nat say it, but - BB9Sucked
10:43AM 17/04/2008

Ryan on F1 and F2 cleaning ears, spraying deoderant, applying aftershave/lotion... thrilling stuff ! NT - BB9Sucked
10:45AM 17/04/2008

Sheila was SHOCKED that Nat came into the house telling people about her past. People used it against her. NT - BB9Sucked
10:46AM 17/04/2008

Sharon doesn't think Josh knows what Nat said about him. - saskwatch
10:46AM 17/04/2008

Sharon can't wait to see the BB9 tapes when she gets home, Sheila not sure she wants to watch. NT - BB9Sucked
10:47AM 17/04/2008

Girls wonder how CBS is portraying Nat. - saskwatch
10:48AM 17/04/2008

Ryan getting dressed, Sheila heads to the shower, Adam asleep, Sharon in KT. NT - BB9Sucked
10:48AM 17/04/2008

Gangsta Ryan ensuring his pants don't cover his underwear, wearing them down around his hips, checks himself in the mirror. NT - BB9Sucked
10:52AM 17/04/2008

Neither girl curls their hair. Sharon says she hasn't curled her hair since 3rd grade, but had a perm once which was interesting. - saskwatch
10:53AM 17/04/2008

S/S in WC, BB warns them not to talk about DR sessions when Sharon says Sheila will be portrayed as the house "bad-@$$" NT - BB9Sucked
10:54AM 17/04/2008

Neither girl thinks there are any secrets in BB house. - saskwatch
10:54AM 17/04/2008

Sharon named the slug "cammo" because he is camoflauged with the ground. NT - BB9Sucked
10:55AM 17/04/2008

Sharon says James said - saskwatch
10:55AM 17/04/2008

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