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Adam in pink br laying on bed. NT - saskwatch
2:46PM 17/04/2008

Adam chewing fingernails. Sharon doing her hair. NT - saskwatch
2:47PM 17/04/2008

All 4 feeds on Ryan putting shoes on. NT - saskwatch
2:50PM 17/04/2008

Ryan at mirror in HOH and spiking his hair and whistling NT - saskwatch
2:52PM 17/04/2008

Trivia... (Adam and Sheila prolly being chained NT - saskwatch
2:53PM 17/04/2008

Sharon and Ryan in washroom room.. can't hear a word . NT - saskwatch
2:54PM 17/04/2008

ryan telling Sharon that he can prolly talk Adam into keeping Sharon if Adam wins pov NT - saskwatch
2:56PM 17/04/2008

Sharon says there's something weird. ryan says he swears they're not, but Adam's a hellofa actor. NT - saskwatch
2:56PM 17/04/2008

Sharon/Ryan think there's something between A/She that they're the other relationship,because after everything She's gone A still wants to keep her NT - WVpdles
2:57PM 17/04/2008

Sharon's giving all the reasons that she thinks Adam and Sheila are a real couple. - saskwatch
2:57PM 17/04/2008

Ryan asks Sharon if she likes his mohawk. Ryan says maybe he'll let Sharon win POV NT - saskwatch
2:58PM 17/04/2008
Important correction: He said, "maybe I should have let you win HOH". NT - Eddie
3:02PM 17/04/2008

ryan singing... something... "before they burn" Ryan says to Adam you're going up. I'm not kidding. NT - saskwatch
2:59PM 17/04/2008

Ryan says if you win POV, you do what I want. Adam agrees - saskwatch
3:00PM 17/04/2008

Talking about Sharon and Ryan going on trip. no sound. NT - saskwatch
3:01PM 17/04/2008

Sound back. Ryan bouncing ball. Adam planning on meeting Sharon and Ryan on May 3. Sheila out of DR. ryan invites Sheila to join them all. NT - saskwatch
3:10PM 17/04/2008

Sheila says Jen's gotta be jealous on this one (ryan and sharon trip) NT - saskwatch
3:11PM 17/04/2008

R/A join Sheila in the KT, they are still talking about the prize R/S won NT - HookedOnBB
3:15PM 17/04/2008

R/A/She now talking about A/She being chained together for 24 hours after the nominations NT - HookedOnBB
3:18PM 17/04/2008

R now accusing A/She of dating previously just acting like they hate each other (in a joking manner) NT - HookedOnBB
3:21PM 17/04/2008

Sheila cooked fish, R/A both telling her thank you it tastes good - HookedOnBB
3:29PM 17/04/2008

Sharon out of DR, tells Sheila that Ryan gave her a heads up that she's going up NT - HookedOnBB
3:33PM 17/04/2008

S/S talking about the prize Shar and Ryan won - HookedOnBB
3:39PM 17/04/2008

Sheila complaining about how she is going to be stuck with Adam for 24 hours NT - HookedOnBB
3:41PM 17/04/2008

sharon and shelia doing - iknowbigbro
3:50PM 17/04/2008

now ryan in kitchen talking about a after party when - iknowbigbro
3:52PM 17/04/2008

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