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Baller something about Strawberry. Sheila says knew all of them. Ry says he had a hot wife..D. Strawberry. Sheila dated some Ronnie. NT - saskwatch
11:41AM 17/04/2008

Ron Darling.. Sheila dated for 4 years.. says he's a smart, classy guy and he's married with kids.. says last time she - saskwatch
11:43AM 17/04/2008

Sheila says the best time to be in New York was in the 80's Limelight, Zenon's Studio54. NT - saskwatch
11:44AM 17/04/2008

Sheila says she doesn't party now because she's done it all.. best parties were in the 80's. Baller agrees parties now are so weak. NT - saskwatch
11:46AM 17/04/2008

Sheila says you don't get in a car and drive after you been partying... you cab it and go home at 8 a.m. She's against the partying and driving. NY - saskwatch
11:49AM 17/04/2008

Shel/Adam in with Sharon waiting for food or lux comp to start. Ryan must be up in HoH or Dr. Just general chit chat about Baller being crazy... NT - realitydoll
12:03PM 17/04/2008

Ryan tells Sheila he has to put her up today.. she knows.. but tells her she's going to be fine.. cuz Sharon and Adam are after each other. NT - saskwatch
12:07PM 17/04/2008

They are talking about when the couples split. How shelia was so happy, how James was worried that Chelsea would reveal his gameplay to everyone (ed. - realitydoll
12:08PM 17/04/2008

Ryan says it's slimmer pickins but doesn't tell Sheila who's going on the block with her.. even tho she keeps throwing Sharon name in . NT - saskwatch
12:08PM 17/04/2008

A quick flash on F3 shows a multi-monitor game board with some writing in middle and popcorn BR, someones face MR, Church TR, a lighthouse TL, can't - BopthoR
12:10PM 17/04/2008

He hasn't decided who he is putting up beside her. Sheila does want to be kept here. But reminds Ryan that he doesn't get the vote, the POV holder - saskwatch
12:14PM 17/04/2008

Ryan tells her Adam would prolly really prefer to be on the block so he doesn't want to have to make the decision, because he likes to play it safe. - saskwatch
12:18PM 17/04/2008

Ryan tells Sharon he would rather she stay over Adam. NT - lexi
12:47PM 17/04/2008

Flames, then trivia. NT - Shar
12:53PM 17/04/2008

Shelia and Adam in Pink BR - SANTANA
12:53PM 17/04/2008

TRIVIA! NT - BigSheFan
12:53PM 17/04/2008

Still Trivia - comp in progress. NT - BBFanChelle
2:06PM 17/04/2008

Feeds back. Ryan in shower. Adam naked and going in NT - saskwatch
2:17PM 17/04/2008
I haven't seen Ryan anywhere on feeds, it's just been Adam in WC and then shower NT - WVpdles
2:18PM 17/04/2008

oops Ryan not in yet. Can only see Adam. NT - saskwatch
2:18PM 17/04/2008

4 feeds.. 2 on Adam 2 on wc door NT - saskwatch
2:18PM 17/04/2008

Sharon in HOH bathroom talking to Ryan. Can't understand what she's saying.. Ryan says whole game was a crapshoot. Says they are couples anyway. - saskwatch
2:20PM 17/04/2008

Sharon and Ryan won and Sheila Adam are chained to each other for 24hrs NT - WVpdles
2:21PM 17/04/2008

Ryan and Sharon won something. NT - cindytexas
2:21PM 17/04/2008

Sheila says, "Going up on the block and stuck with Adam. Could it get any worse?" - cindytexas
2:25PM 17/04/2008

Sharon with Adam and Sheila now. Says it does suck cuz we're all stuck down here. Sheila says I know, but you couldn't do that. - saskwatch
2:25PM 17/04/2008
It was a luxury comp, not food comp. Sharon/Ryan won and Sharon picked Sheila/Adam to be chained to each other for 24hrs NT - WVpdles
2:27PM 17/04/2008

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