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all hg in kitchen now talking about the boys staying up all night waking she up - iknowbigbro
3:58PM 17/04/2008

adam and shel talking about the game being hard - iknowbigbro
4:00PM 17/04/2008

Sheila and Adam talking at the counter - Most of sheila's talk is about how hard it's going to be, but then she looks at Adam and whispers that "it's - Suzan
4:01PM 17/04/2008

now ryan in kitchen - iknowbigbro
4:04PM 17/04/2008

Sheila, Ryan, and Adam outside on couch. NT - BBFanChelle
4:07PM 17/04/2008

Sheila asking Adam to wear a nic patch while they are hooked up together. Sheila: "You know how I feel about smoking." NT - BBFanChelle
4:08PM 17/04/2008

BB: Ryan please go to the DR. NT - BBFanChelle
4:08PM 17/04/2008

BB: Ryan go to diary room - iknowbigbro
4:08PM 17/04/2008

sharon and shel our doing laundry - iknowbigbro
4:11PM 17/04/2008

shel talking about how she has only won a unitard - iknowbigbro
4:14PM 17/04/2008
they are both laughing and carrying on about the situation in an effort to cover up to Sharon and Ryan that they are happy that - Suzan
4:15PM 17/04/2008

Sheila upset about the big screen that Ryan and Sharon get to watch the movie on. - BBFanChelle
4:15PM 17/04/2008
they are laughing and joking as they talk about all the things she has not won - she's pointing out most of them. In front of Sharon she complains - Suzan
4:17PM 17/04/2008

Adam: Tomorrow's POV is enormous. She: You better win it. You or I. - BBFanChelle
4:16PM 17/04/2008

adam and shel talking about how they need to win the pov - iknowbigbro
4:16PM 17/04/2008

Adam is pouring a drink - checking the sliding glass door to see if Ry/Sharon are close by - he whispers - Suzan
4:16PM 17/04/2008

Sharon looking for Cammo, the slug. She says Adam stepped on it. NT - BBFanChelle
4:17PM 17/04/2008

sharon and adam looking for sharons slug she found yesterday - iknowbigbro
4:19PM 17/04/2008

Shel: wondering about if bb will let her watch the movie that ryan and sharon won in a luaxury comp - iknowbigbro
4:26PM 17/04/2008

bb:sharon go to the diary room - iknowbigbro
4:27PM 17/04/2008

Ryan looking at tripods set up in BY. NT - BBFanChelle
4:30PM 17/04/2008

Sheila: Well we obviously didn't win. der der der NT - BBFanChelle
4:31PM 17/04/2008

Adam to Sheila: Would you rather have the uni or tied to me for 24 hrs. Sheila: The uni. NT - BBFanChelle
4:31PM 17/04/2008

shel:i am so upset i want to watch it to. - iknowbigbro
4:32PM 17/04/2008

shel saying to adam u need to keep me if i am on the block adam no reply NT - iknowbigbro
4:34PM 17/04/2008

trivia NT - 50calMouth
4:37PM 17/04/2008

bb:ryan go to the diary room - iknowbigbro
4:37PM 17/04/2008

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