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Topic #8837803
saskwatch - Ryan says Adam is a shady character. Sharon says you can't trust adam. He says he'll do 0 Replies #8837803 12:00AM 18/04/2008
one thing and do another.
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Topic #8837834
saskwatch - Ryan says you think that if Adam won, you'd go over Sheila.. Sharon says yes. 0 Replies #8837834 12:03AM 18/04/2008
Sharon says Sheila lasted over 3 hours in that box.. this girl could pull out things we don't even know. Ryan says he could have outlasted Sheila in that box.. but he doesn't know about Natty. Sharon says the whole rest of the game will be determined by what happens tomorrow. Ryan says okay sharon.. and she starts again.. saying it's all coming together for me now, that's why I never mentioned it before. Ryan watching her leave on the cam.
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Topic #8838058
ihearthockey - Everyone in bed.. Adam and Sheila are talking, no game talk NT 0 Replies #8838058 12:24AM 18/04/2008
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Topic #8838083
ihearthockey - Sheila asked Adam if he'd really go into business with Nat, he said he'd put her to work. He'd put her in the backroom, feed her and 0 Replies #8838083 12:25AM 18/04/2008
"get her nails did" (ed LOL)
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Topic #8838105
ihearthockey - Adam asks Sheila how she thinks his segments are portrayed, she told him not good, theres no way to redeem yourself. He said with his big head 0 Replies #8838105 12:29AM 18/04/2008
everyone will recognize him, they'll yell "Baller-ina, do a little spin!". Both acting very giggly, having a good time. Flames.
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Topic #8838163
ihearthockey - Sheila talking about Nat and how shes the one that started the James hating. Sheila says shes pissed at Adam because he was always so nice to her 0 Replies #8838163 12:37AM 18/04/2008
Adam tells her hes sorry for being a nice guy, he just loves everyone.. he starts to get a little loud and she tells him to be quiet. Sheila telling Adam that Nat was playing him, but that didn't work out for her. That Nat could call him any name in the book and he did nothing, but if Sheila did that, he'd yell at her.
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Topic #8838176
ihearthockey - Adam says Nat was raunchy, Sheila says "raunchy how?", Adam says hes not going there, not gonna talk about Nat behind her back NT 0 Replies #8838176 12:38AM 18/04/2008
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Topic #8838201
ihearthockey - Adam says hes really thirsty, Sheila says no Adam! Please no! He says but I'm parched! She doesnt wanna get outta bed, hes saying he has dry mouth 0 Replies #8838201 12:41AM 18/04/2008
He then finds a drink in the room. Sheila says no! Now you're gonna have to pee!
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Topic #8838213
ihearthockey - Ryan still awake in HOH, just laying there in the dark, opposite end of the bed on his belly. Flames NT 0 Replies #8838213 12:42AM 18/04/2008
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Topic #8838219
ihearthockey - Adam and Sheila say goodnight and being shackled wasn't that bad NT 0 Replies #8838219 12:43AM 18/04/2008
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Topic #8838231
ihearthockey - Ryan mumbling stuff to himself, no idea what hes saying NT 3 Replies #8838231 12:44AM 18/04/2008
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jettheadpb - To hard to get verbatim, but he's mulling over the other "relationship" Saying "Sheila and somebody" possible scenarious with other HG's. NT #8838251 12:46AM 18/04/2008
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WVpdles - He's repeating the HoH question, about relationship still in house. Saying it's Sheila and somebody, maybe Mattie. NT #8838244 12:46AM 18/04/2008
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ihearthockey - Thanks, I had to turn my volume way up! NT #8838252 12:47AM 18/04/2008
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Topic #8838247
ihearthockey - Ryan talking to himself about the existing relationship in the house NT 0 Replies #8838247 12:46AM 18/04/2008
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Topic #8838295
ihearthockey - Ryan keeps repeating the HOH quesiton about the relationship over and over again NT 0 Replies #8838295 12:52AM 18/04/2008
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Topic #8838313
ihearthockey - Ryan is VERY restless and still repeating, everyone else quiet (I'm out, g'night all) NT 0 Replies #8838313 12:55AM 18/04/2008
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Topic #8838487
Scarlettflame - Adam and Sheila chatting about James NT 0 Replies #8838487 1:23AM 18/04/2008
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Topic #8838514
Scarlettflame - They feel horrible about what they did the James ... 0 Replies #8838514 1:28AM 18/04/2008
and Sheila says they all have to live with themselves for what "their" side of the house did to him
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Topic #8838546
Scarlettflame - Now Sheila keeps talking about the BB experience... 0 Replies #8838546 1:38AM 18/04/2008
she gets it why ppl want to do it. Then about Parker - she liked him but he didn't like her. Moves to a race conv how it doesn't matter and who both She and A have dated.
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Topic #8838602
Scarlettflame - Sheila won't stop talking about Brittany/Madonna... 0 Replies #8838602 1:53AM 18/04/2008
other celebs/the media while Adam appears to want to sleep.
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Topic #8838649
Scarlettflame - Although restless, seems like all may finally be quiet on the A & She front NT 0 Replies #8838649 2:05AM 18/04/2008
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Topic #8838663
cannotsleep - Adam and Sheila in bed. Talking about dating different races and people from other countries, and (long) 0 Replies #8838663 2:12AM 18/04/2008
Adam says those Israelis are really "crafty" people, Sheila questions what he's saying. He again says they are crafty and Sheila immediately says no, no, Israelis are amazing people. Compares them to Silcilians, saying both groups are so family oriented and good people.

Sheila dated a guy with an accent (ed. sounded English) and she loved to hear him talk. He would say things to her like, Sheila, I just want to look into your eyes and have sex with you. (ed. I'd like one of those too!) Adam and Sheila laugh.

Sheila says that she thinks Australian accents are the most sexy. Adam asks about Sheila's ex Georg from Finland.

The subject came up because they were apparently asked on their questionnaires if there is any race or religion that you think you would NOT make a good couple with. Sheila says she listed Arabs, because she thought an Arab man would not approve of her being a single unwed mother.

More random chit chat... a bit about Princess Diana and how the press hounded her, how awful it was. She didn't respect the fact that Parker worked for TMZ.

Talk turns to Amanda, that Parker said he only dated African American girls but that he really did like Amanda a lot.

Sheila says Amanda was beautiful. Says she had a great body, and that her hair was amazing.

Sheila said that Parker said Amanda was different because she had dated African Americans before, and that she had good experiences with them, that they treated her well. Says the whole Parker/Jen/Amanda thing was rather awkward, to say the least.

Sheila thinks she has a great plan for Britney, for her to get her life back together.

She says how Madonna should take Britney to her estate in England and help her get her life back on track, especially with regard to her children. Says she could be a great mentor to Brit, and a great influence in her life to get it going in a more positive direction.

Sheila says Madonna has already been through all of that and reinvented herself so many times. She said she's more interested in the story because she's a mother and she can relate, not just because it's celebrity news.

Sheila says Britney is a kid having kids, and now her little sister is having a baby too. She says she doesn't try to find out gossip about them, but that it is all over the main stream news. When she's working out at the gym it's on the television all the time.

She says we have a war going on, but all we hear about is Britney. She says you realize how freakin petty and small all of us are. Says she is not star struck. She realizes that everybody is the same, we're all just human beings trying to do the best we can.

Asks Adam if he is talking him to sleep yet, he says no. She says tell me some stuff, he says naw.

They keep moving around in the bed trying to get comfortable, Sheila says she can't sleep. More tossing and turning and now it looks like they are facing each other with Sheila's covers pulled way up to her head.

Now Sheila and Adam are both facing the same way, but the comforter is a little tangled up because of the rope connecting them.
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Topic #8838690
cannotsleep - Shelia says "I can't sleep...I knew this was going to happen." Both Adam and Sheila tossing and turning under the comforter and sighing heavily. NT 0 Replies #8838690 2:34AM 18/04/2008
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Topic #8838692
cannotsleep - Sharon in her fold out bed, and Ryan in the HOH, appear to both be sleeping very soundly NT 0 Replies #8838692 2:35AM 18/04/2008
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Topic #8838697
cannotsleep - Sheila moving around, mumbling, keeps saying sh*t, I'm freakin miserable, mentions needing aspirin. Adam is tossing around. Backs to each other now NT 0 Replies #8838697 2:40AM 18/04/2008
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Topic #8838749
cannotsleep - Sheila: "This is bullsh*t." She and Adam continue their quest to get comfortable enough to go to sleep NT 0 Replies #8838749 3:21AM 18/04/2008
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Topic #8838757
cannotsleep - For the past thirty minutes, Ryan has been snoring and it sounds extremely similar to a bird chirping. (ed. thanks scandalous) NT 0 Replies #8838757 3:26AM 18/04/2008
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