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Topic #8842522
hovermop - Ryan leaves his HOH room, goes downstairs. Walks to the pantry. AD and SHEL still appear to be stuck together. (ed. wah wahhh...) NT 0 Replies #8842522 11:48AM 18/04/2008
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Topic #8842561
hovermop - SHEL trying to sleep slash mingling with her wrist wrap. NT 0 Replies #8842561 11:51AM 18/04/2008
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Topic #8842572
hovermop - SHAR thinks they're "passed out". Ryan avoids further discussion with SHAR., for the time being. NT 0 Replies #8842572 11:52AM 18/04/2008
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Topic #8842596
BBFanChelle - F3 & 4 on Sharon in shower in WC. F1 & 2 on Adam and Sheila in bed in pink BR. NT 0 Replies #8842596 11:55AM 18/04/2008
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Topic #8842873
hovermop - SHEL awake, listening to SHAR talking to G.Pigs. It appears she is trying to eavesdrop slash sleep at the same time. NT 0 Replies #8842873 12:11PM 18/04/2008
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Topic #8842902
BBFanChelle - Sharon now in her pullout bed in the red BR reading Bible with towel on head. 0 Replies #8842902 12:13PM 18/04/2008
Sheila awake laying in bed with Adam in pink BR.
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Topic #8842949
saskwatch - Ryan asleep in HOH. Adam asleep with his shackled mate awake and thinking hard. Sharon reading Bible. NT 0 Replies #8842949 12:18PM 18/04/2008
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Topic #8842964
saskwatch - LOL... Sheila whispers in mike, please call him in DR so I can get up. (LOL) Adam say's "What" She tells him and he says, "Just 10 more min?" NT 0 Replies #8842964 12:19PM 18/04/2008
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Topic #8842984
hovermop - SHEL: Wanting to go to, or wanting someone to go to, DR. 0 Replies #8842984 12:21PM 18/04/2008
SHEL wants to take a shower. "please people, I've been thinking about all the things I could do if I wasn't shackled to you"

AD: (Sigh)

SHL: Thank god we're done, today.

SHL: If we go in to the dairy (something about being done chained together)

Adam agreeing, while also sleeping. Shelia admits she is "going insane daily". "As you get older, crazy stuff happens. You know, you gotta mom. I'm sure she's told you. I can't wait to meet your mom"... More 'being-a-mom-talk'
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Topic #8843005
saskwatch - Shedam chit chatting now.. Adam knows olympics are going to be in China; Sheila doesn't follow. Sheila says you know there's Olympics in China 0 Replies #8843005 12:23PM 18/04/2008
and can tell me but can't talk game... Adam says, " Is someone talking to me?" Sheila says: Your ball and chain... lol!
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Topic #8843021
saskwatch - the mom talk was Sheila saying she'd like to meet adams mom... the woman who gave him birth. NT 0 Replies #8843021 12:24PM 18/04/2008
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Topic #8843023
hovermop - AD: Is there Olympics this year? 0 Replies #8843023 12:25PM 18/04/2008
SHL: I don't know.

AD; It's in China. I know these things.

SHL: You know there's going to be Olympics in China but you don't know about this game. You know every frikken detail but you can't talk game.... ever, buddy. my life is on the line today.

AD: So is mine

SHL: Bull. Especially if I win. You're going up. You'll taken naps all day. That's what happens. (sighing)

[Sharon still reading Bible in other BR near AD/SHEL]

SHEL: Now my coffees cold. I gotta make a new pot. No, I gotta go make some more. Or get Ry Bread to .... (inaudible)

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Topic #8843025
saskwatch - Sheila wants her coffee and Adam still wants to sleep. NT 0 Replies #8843025 12:25PM 18/04/2008
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Topic #8843040
saskwatch - Sheila whispering in mike to please call Adam in DR... again.. Adam says let's get up. Adam says he's got half a woody... Sheila laughs. NT 0 Replies #8843040 12:27PM 18/04/2008
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Topic #8843041
hovermop - SHEL wanting BB to call AD to DR. AD says he's got half a woody. NT 0 Replies #8843041 12:27PM 18/04/2008
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Topic #8843066
saskwatch - Ad and Sheila to storage room so he can put on nic patch. Adam has 6 smokes left.. and Sheila says you gonna be okay.. he says yeah, only had 1/2 a 0 Replies #8843066 12:30PM 18/04/2008
smoke yesterday.
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Topic #8843069
hovermop - SHEL AD up. Walking around, while chained. They go into the pantry. 0 Replies #8843069 12:31PM 18/04/2008
AD scopes for food. SHEL follows, talks about needing a shower and "likes to be clean" and wanting to "wait for POV". SHEL talks about how AD has 6 smokes remaining, and his switching between the patch and smokes.

"What do those patches do, actually?" "Let me get some coffee" "What are you doing"

AD: (sigh) Bring bags ("clothes") from the pantry to other rooms.

SHL: Let me get another cup of coffee, because now mine's cold. Alright....

RY: (From HOH) Whatcha guys doing?

RY, AD, SHEL chit chatting, no game talking. SHEL anxious to be unshackled.
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Topic #8843081
iknowbigbro - adam and shelia in bathroom sharon in bed reading NT 0 Replies #8843081 12:33PM 18/04/2008
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Topic #8843093
BBFanChelle - Sheila putting on make-up and Adam lying on couch in WC. Sharon in bed reading Bible. NT 0 Replies #8843093 12:35PM 18/04/2008
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Topic #8843096
Katherine1 - Ad and she in bath talking 0 Replies #8843096 12:36PM 18/04/2008
her son staying out late
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Topic #8843100
iknowbigbro - shelia talking about her son NT 0 Replies #8843100 12:36PM 18/04/2008
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Topic #8843101
BBFanChelle - Sheila talking about being sleep deprived because she's a mom. NT 0 Replies #8843101 12:37PM 18/04/2008
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Topic #8843108
BBFanChelle - Xtreme close up of Sheila putting mascara on. NT 0 Replies #8843108 12:38PM 18/04/2008
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Topic #8843111
Katherine1 - adam and shelia talking about kids NT 0 Replies #8843111 12:38PM 18/04/2008
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Topic #8843117
Katherine1 - shelia talk about her son have a big heart and she happy to have him NT 0 Replies #8843117 12:39PM 18/04/2008
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