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Ashleee Adam discussing maybe having Josh's vote b/c he consoled him when he was crying over pizza. 0 10:30PM 23/04/2008
Ashleee Ryan asks if James talked ***** to his face, Adam says that he said it all to your face NT 0 10:37PM 23/04/2008
Ashleee Ryan and Adam @ memory wall looking @ photo's 0 10:49PM 23/04/2008
DanaRose HUGE DR leak, Ryan goes in and asks, adamantly for smokes, says whats the deal here, Im a grown man here...(more) 0 11:05PM 23/04/2008
DanaRose Ryan also said in DR he was gonna keep asking them all night long NT 0 11:07PM 23/04/2008
DanaRose Adam and Ryan at KT table talking about votes they will get. Ryan says he'd never hand over 500g's to Sheila, she didnt win sh!t NT 0 11:09PM 23/04/2008
DanaRose Ryan bashing Sheila, saying he feels bad for the man in her life, shes crazy, etc NT 0 11:10PM 23/04/2008
DanaRose Ryan looking at mem wall pic of Alli, saying look at her, she looks like a weirdo...(more) 0 11:15PM 23/04/2008
DanaRose Adam/Ryan get in their beds, they say they each drank their own bottle of champagne, R says 0 11:30PM 23/04/2008
DanaRose LOL Ryan says he had a crush on Dani Donato, she had 0 11:32PM 23/04/2008
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