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HookedOnBB Sheila back in bed, she must have went to the WR but I didn't see her on the feed. NT 0 1:33AM 23/04/2008
HookedOnBB All hg's trying to sleep, no talking but all seem restless NT 0 1:46AM 23/04/2008
cannotsleep Ryan gets up, Adam says where are you going? Ryan says to the bathroom NT 0 1:50AM 23/04/2008
cannotsleep Ryan is back in bed, everyone is still awake NT 0 1:52AM 23/04/2008
cannotsleep Adam makes a noise, Ryan says what? Adam says I can't sleep. Ryan can't either. Sheila is tossing & turning as well NT 0 2:00AM 23/04/2008
cannotsleep Adam, Ryan and Sheila have all been sleeping for quite awhile, tossing and turning occasionally NT 0 4:28AM 23/04/2008
WVpdles FLAMES NT 0 8:25AM 23/04/2008
WVpdles Lights are on but Adam/Ryan still in bed, complaining about being told to go to bed and be quiet(last night), they can't remember last time they were 1 8:42AM 23/04/2008
saskwatch Adam wonders how many hours of sleep Sheila got last night? 2? NT 0 8:47AM 23/04/2008
saskwatch Ry: Are we gonna get a workout session before we see Bot? NT 0 8:49AM 23/04/2008
saskwatch Adam says he wonders what it's like in sequester right now. Ryan says they are talking about us. Adam " that the pullouts are f'n closed?" flames NT 0 8:51AM 23/04/2008
saskwatch BB told Adam to shut his mouth and stop talking last night. He says 'Jesus, can you be more rude?" NT 0 8:52AM 23/04/2008
saskwatch Adam has straight nightmares when he sleeps with patch on. 0 8:54AM 23/04/2008
saskwatch Ryan dreamt about dead horses and cows.. a maze of them that he got lost in. NT 0 8:55AM 23/04/2008
saskwatch Ryan hasn't had Jen in one of his dreams.. he's always looking for her, but can never find her NT 0 8:56AM 23/04/2008
saskwatch All 4 cams on the bros. NT 0 8:56AM 23/04/2008
saskwatch Adam says Sharon is a brutal biotch.. Ryan making comments about Sharon's legs. NT 1 9:00AM 23/04/2008
saskwatch Adam says "rollerderby chick" flames again NT 0 9:01AM 23/04/2008
saskwatch Ryan says, "Wratched Snatch" (Sharon?) NT 0 9:01AM 23/04/2008
saskwatch Adam says, "She's vicious bro; Did you call it yesterday?" Ryan laffs says biotch NT 0 9:03AM 23/04/2008
saskwatch Ryan says She's prolly going to be pizzed off at both of us. Adam says you can tell by how she's walking already... those flips are flopping. She 0 9:04AM 23/04/2008
saskwatch Ryan says he hears Sharon... he just heard her! Ry says she runs the show back there. NT 1 9:05AM 23/04/2008
saskwatch Adam says She runs shiit NT 0 9:06AM 23/04/2008
saskwatch More Bro talk 0 9:10AM 23/04/2008
saskwatch Adam says it's not his problem that she couldn't sleep. Says they are going to hear it many times that she couldn't sleep. NT 0 9:12AM 23/04/2008
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