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kamzer Ryan in shower talking about tonight will be a night he never forgets NT 0 9:13PM 23/04/2008
kamzer boys talking about great DR session they just had NT 0 9:14PM 23/04/2008
kamzer they're talking about the DR bringing out the campaign machine in Sheila right when she was ready for bed and accepted the fact she was leaving 0 9:14PM 23/04/2008
kamzer saying Sheila was campaigning every minute of the day NT 0 9:15PM 23/04/2008
kamzer they're saying Sheila was good with campaigning but she won't make all stars because she had no game NT 0 9:16PM 23/04/2008
kamzer they say she's mentally ***** from all the drugs she did in the 80's NT 0 9:17PM 23/04/2008
saskwatch Horrid Sheila bashing... NT 0 9:17PM 23/04/2008
kamzer Adam talking about someone sliding they're pu$$ in his face (didn't catch who it was) NT 0 9:18PM 23/04/2008
kamzer they're saying she was a pro talking about all the things she did to butter them up called her a wh*re NT 0 9:19PM 23/04/2008
saskwatch Boys are now saying Sheila is a pro whoore. NT 0 9:20PM 23/04/2008
kamzer they say she is a prostitute NT 0 9:20PM 23/04/2008
saskwatch Adam knows he had her scared when they were shackled and he was tossing her around. He's laffing. NT 0 9:20PM 23/04/2008
BB9Blinded Bros bash Sheila 0 9:22PM 23/04/2008
BB9Blinded Bros chillin (funny) 0 9:27PM 23/04/2008
BB9Blinded Bro talk about how they think time in game will pan out 0 9:30PM 23/04/2008
saskwatch Ry: jen's got the biggest mouth in the world. She's a flucking idiot. Love ya baby! NT 0 9:33PM 23/04/2008
Janine33 Ryan: Jen called tons of people when she found out she was cast. NT 0 9:40PM 23/04/2008
LilKsweezy trivia NT 0 10:07PM 23/04/2008
Roadkill23 Ryan wonders how Sharon got to the SH so quickly (thinking she was going to NY) NT 0 10:15PM 23/04/2008
Ashleee Adam thinks Julie Chen has a crush on him NT 1 10:15PM 23/04/2008
Roadkill23 Ryan says Sheila's speach to him at eviction did nothing for him. He says he is ruthless NT 0 10:17PM 23/04/2008
Roadkill23 Ryan and Adam ranting about Sheila again NT 0 10:17PM 23/04/2008
Roadkill23 Adam says he has no idea how the votes will go, but worst case is you win $50,000 NT 0 10:18PM 23/04/2008
Ashleee Ryan and Adam talking nasty sheila sex talk. NT 0 10:24PM 23/04/2008
Ashleee Adam called Sharon a lieing C*** for throwing that HOH house box comp. NT 0 10:26PM 23/04/2008
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