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Joker's Big Brother Chat
Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
3:19 PM PT(2:54) Scottie/Rachel in the SR. They says they see Kaitlyn as more of the one that flops from one guy to another. Scottie says he's always had a good relationship with Haleigh. Scottie thinks all the duos are getting broken up each week. Now this duo is. -moeopoly
3:18 PM PTJC and Brett vs Kaycee and Tyler I. Foosball. JC and Brett won and they all goof around. -ChillTownChick
3:16 PM PT(2:53) Faysal and Rockstar now in lounge alone. Faysal speculates that maybe there's a couples twist, and Haleigh/Brett are one. RS says that's where her head went, becuz Haleigh's the only one she told her thoughts on Brett to. But says what if she's not, and we're just hurting the girl.. she doesn't know... but says Kaitlyn hasn't acted very trustworthy for a while. -moeopoly
3:14 PM PTRachel: I respect all the women on SNL, I love strong comedick women. I dreamed of being on All That. Rockstar: Me too. -PowerofVito
3:12 PM PT(2:43) In the KT Bayleigh tells Faysal that that next week is their week - after Faysal says he'll probably be the next up. He says okay but she's got to quit getting mad at him and explain things to him. She says she didn't get mad, she got cranky.Bay said to just know that they are good, even when their bad and upset, they're good. -moeopoly
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