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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
2:54 PM08/17 2:10pm BBT- @CBSBigBrother posted the feeds will be down until 9pm BBT Fri 08/18/2017 & their tweet states it will be worth it. -Tigrress
2:01 PM2:00 PM Fish....change to Kitties.... -Scott3325
2:00 PM200-Kitty Cam. -Tigrress
1:58 PM157-Fished. -Tigrress
1:50 PM1:41 PM Elena, at round table fixing cereal, is called to DR again. (She was just there.)Cody, at table, asks Elena if there is something missing or are they giving her a briefing.
Elena says they (BB) have lost some of her things or relocated them. That's what she's looking for.
Elena heads to DR & goes off cam.
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