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News & Announcements
BB19 feeds are down until Friday night around 9pm PT/11 CST,
Battle Back Showdown episode airs Friday 8/7 CST
Joker's Chat - BB19
Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
10:00 AMBB Live Feeds scrolling text message:"The feeds are down until tonight around 9pm PST, but it will be worth it! Tune in to CBS tonight at 8/7c for a Battle Back Showdown." -SleepyBee
7:02 PMAs show is closing Paul, Josh, Jason, Kevin & Alex in Green BR and Paul stating that Jessica definitely has the temptation. Paulsaid he asked Jessica if she had the temptation and she said "I'm not saying anything" 2x -NoleJP
7:01 PMCBS live show has ended. Special Battle Back episode tomorrow night @ 8pm EST. -NoleJP
7:00 PMJulie confirmed that because Jessica accepted the hex she unleashed a new consequence that will change the game for everyone. Find out what it is next Thursday, July 27 -NoleJP
6:59 PMBefore break, Julie says "Last summer the first 4 evictees competed against each other and worked their way, battled their way,back into the game. But we like to shake things up in here and it's not exactly how it will be. -NoleJP
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Big Brother 19
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