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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
5:11 PMClay says his loyalty to Jeff is now up in the air. Shelli says the power now is more with the Outside, and once the Inside startsdwindling, he'll come over to them without them even having to discuss it.

Shelli tells Clay to discount anything Audrey says about Becky. Clay says they need to be very careful about listening to anything Audrey says.
5:09 PMClay talking about whether someone on the "inside" or the "outside" wins HOH and how they have to play it by ear. Shelli thinks (Long Post, Read More...)
5:05 PMF3/4: Clay/Shelli debrief about what Audrey was saying earlier. Clay agrees James could go before others, but the only reason he (Long Post, Read More...)
4:58 PMAudrey tells Clay that his chest hair looks like the Bat Signal. Clay saunters over to Steve and asks if he wants to touch it. NT
4:45 PMMeg, Jason, JMac counting votes. Jason says Meg knows she doesn't have his: "I hate this ho!" Meg laughs & says James has been theworst with teasing her about the vote.

Steve sticks his head in and announces there's fresh slop in the kitchen!
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Big Brother USA News
Posts in BB Highlights (More)
7/07/15Chaos Erupts as The Twin Twist Secret Hits the Mainstream #BB17
7/06/15BB Takeover last laugh phone twist took place...Da'Vonne confirms with John she picked 7th call.
7/06/15This afternoon (3:23pm) Da'Vonne tells Jason she thinks Liz is a twin and they discuss the differences with her face (wide vs slim).
7/06/15Jason and Meg Dish the Dirt and Talk About Production Spoilers
Posts in BB News & Rumors (More)
7/07/15Big Brother 17: 5 Questions With Jace
7/06/15Big Brother - Episode 7 Preview - There are head games, scandals, lies, secrets, scheming, and skin on Big Brother, airing Wednesday at 8/7c!
7/06/15Big Brother Live Chat with Jace Agolli? Hosted by Jeff Schroeder - Fri, Jul 10 3:00pm ET/12:00pm PT
Posts in BB HG Info (More)
7/07/15Johnny Mac playing guitar!!! This rock star dentist has a future!
6/30/15Steve may be a Geek but the boys got pipes! see inside...
6/29/15Some great pics of Julia. She's absolutely stunning! See inside.
Posts in BB Media (More)
7/07/15AM 2 PM Episode 3 - Andrew and Pete talk about Jace, Audrey, Da'Vonne and Superfans.
7/07/15I haven't see anyone posting Big Brother in 2 Minutes here's the newest one (even though it's old).
7/06/15Big Brother - Train Wreck - Becky has a secret to tell the group
Posts in BB Alumni (More)
7/07/15zach_swerdzewski: Day 2 of 14 no drinks, no beer, no fast food, no crap! New focus , new body, positivity, hard workouts!
7/04/15BB Aftershow with Zach Rance (BB16), Ashley Iocco (BB14), Jen Johnson (BB8)
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