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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
7:04 PMfor those who want to watch the Fallout - all cams 2;08 NT
2:53 PMThe competition for contestants to come back in has to do with holding onto a rope.They all agree that Patricia will be the first to go since she is so tall. Most think the person coming back in will be immune this week. They speculate that a double eviction will be next week. They say the person coming in has to be evicted right away.
2:37 PMThey are talking about about competition to get back in- they got to see a bit of competitionThere are saying it has to be a girl who will win. Some say Sindy or Naeha have it and were solid. Others are saying they will not last long at all- whoever comes back in.
12:22 PMTalk turns to mardi gras in the HOH. Meanwhile, in the KT Bruno/JP are blowing smoke up each other's bums. (Long Post, Read More...)
12:17 PMKevin brought up the BB15 fight between Candice/GM, says GM was so vicious. Willow says that cast was mean. Sarah loved Candice NT
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