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Big Brother Canada
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Houseguest Details

Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
6:30 AMAll house guests sleeping. -satx1
5:40 AMSteve pours more juice, heads to BA and does a little dance while brushing teeth, splashes water on face, takes empty glass back to KT, back to BA for more brushing and dancing, splashes water on his face again, and back to bed. -Scott3325
5:31 AMSteve to BA, mouthwash, to WC, splashes water on face, finishes mouthwash, to KT for cereal, to SR and looks in refrigerator for milk (doesn't find any), runs back to KT and looks at camera to see if it is following him, pours juice, starts eating dry cereal and looks at camera to see if it is pointed at him. -Scott3325
5:09 AMSteve again is counting with his fingers. -Scott3325
5:08 AMSteve lies down and pulls covers up. -Scott3325
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Sep 24 (Premiere) Heroes Reborn
Aug 25 (Premiere) Below Deck