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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
2:09 AM1:20am D.R leak of Sabrina getting requested meds.Back in the kitchen she struggles to open a jar of jam...finally she pops off the lid andmakes herself a warm English muffin with butter and jam.

Throwing on her $200.00+ hat & grabbing a bunch of BB flannels she takes a seat in her usual spot in the hotub area.After sitting quietly for 15 minutes she heads back to bed.
1:46 AM1:15am Sabrina up and into Dr for something for her stomach ache NT
1:38 AM11:40pm the lights start to dim in the main bedroom and the Gremlins attempt to sleep. NT
1:36 AM11:30pm Back upstairs in bed Rachelle/Sabrina chat about what Rachelle's friends do on a night out back home..future plans etc. NT
1:33 AM11:17pm Sabrina complains of an upset stomach so Ro makes her a tea.The girls chat about some friend of Rachelle's makinga comment on a instagram photo that she doesn't look good in glasses.Sabrina tells her she looks beautiful.The chat continues about how many likes they get on photos,both commenting if they don't get a lot of likes for a picture they take the photo down.
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