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Joker's Big Brother Chat
Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
1:52 PM PTKaycee asks Tyler if he puts lotion on his face, Tyler says he does. Kaycee says she uses jergens lotion, and face wash that has been helping her skin a lot. They talk about moisturizers. -delrayfan
1:51 PM PTTyler to KT where Kaycee is still studying the memory wall. -delrayfan
1:50 PM PTJC says the whole house smells like whatever Tyler put on. He asks if it is perfume and sings the line from the song. Tyler says he ran out of the other one. JC and Tyler laughing about how much Tyler sprays on him. -delrayfan
1:48 PM PTTyler in blue BR, dressing and rearranging his man bun. He puts on his black bandana. JC comes in and they hug. JC lays on his bed, Tyler leaves BR through mirrored door. -delrayfan
1:46 PM PTKaycee still at the kitchen table facing the Memory Wall, JC sitting nearby at the kitchen island, pleasantl chatting. Tyler's changing his socks in the Blue BR. -BBTalking
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