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Joker's Big Brother Chat
Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
12:47 PM PTHOH lockdown since 12:20pm (BB reruns) -WhyNotMe
11:58 AM PTTyler and Angela are packing. Kaycee is with them, putting some of her things away as well. JC packing up HOH room. -WhyNotMe
11:40 AM PTJC says that production told him he needs to leave the HOH room today. He says he really did think he would just be there for the rest of the season. Tyler said, I think the HOH will be locked for the season today then. -WhyNotMe
11:38 AM PTNow all final 4 in KT general chit chat. -WhyNotMe
11:20 AM PTTyler/Kaycee and Angela in KT reminiscing. They are explaining the surf board comp to Kaycee since she hadn't seen it. They realize that no one from the block comp is in the f4. All of them did the slime comp day one. -WhyNotMe
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