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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
6:20 PM ET(DD Mar 23) 1:24:00 HGs try to lock Hope out - but the door is not locked. (End of Digital Dailies: March 23) -Scott3325
6:15 PM ET(DD Mar 23) 1:21:02 LR crew talking about Big Brother US. Shanaya: I think they go for 120 days. And I think they have a twentyish person cast. Claudia: It happens like ... somewhere warm.
Shanaya: It happens over the summer and the prize - I think it's a million dollars.
Shanaya is corrected that it is $750,000. Shanaya loves Zingbot. She describes Zingbot.
Some HGs are going on a voluntary healthy diet tomorrow - no snacks, etc. -Scott3325
6:03 PM ET(DD Mar 23) 1:19:00 Jon/ Vanessa convo in Flamingo BR. Jon: When we (Jon & John M) got handcuffed together I really got to know him. -Scott3325
5:59 PM ET(DD Mar 23) 1:16:14 Hope/ Santina convo outside. Hope says he hopes he plays in the POV. Santina says she hopes she plays in the POV too without being on the block! -Scott3325
5:54 PM ET(DD Mar 23) 55:09 Kuzie/ Ty in Circle K Room. Ty talking about his convo with Vanessa. Zach joins the speculation about the unknown eviction vote. Zach thinks it may have been Hope. -Scott3325
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