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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
12:11 PM PTJanelle, Tyler and Kevin has VIPs. They have to pick a Plus One to play according to Janelle. She's worried about that part. -ChillTownChick
12:10 PM PT12:05 PM Kevin wearing a VIP pass -Scott3325
12:09 PM PTChristmas, Tyler, Bay wonder how Cody's noms will work. It appears they were told about the VIP twist. They re asking each other if they are "going to play."
It sounds like each HG can choose to play. Christmas says it's too soon to play. Bay wants to talk to Cody, leaves. -SouthernBelladonna
12:08 PM PT12:05 PM Tyler wearing: TYLER / SAFETY Suite / VIP -Scott3325
12:04 PM PTTyler and Bay are discussing their past and agreeing they are ok now. Tyler suggesting they let others think they still don't get along. -SouthernBelladonna
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Big Brother USA News
Posts in BB News & Rumors (MORE)
8/06/20Small town Michigan woman revealed as ‘Big Brother All-Stars’ player: Could win $500,000 for second time
8/06/20Big Brother All-Stars Kicks Off Live with Unfair Challenge, Technical Problems
8/06/20All-Star Pair Already On High Alert
8/06/20'Big Brother' Fans Have Strong Thoughts About the Season 22 House Makeover BB in 2020 is already full of surprises!
8/06/20Small town Michigan woman revealed as ‘Big Brother All-Stars’ player: Could win $500,000 for second time
8/05/20Big Brother All-Stars Brings The Suite Life
8/05/20Big Brother Canada Vets Weigh In On All-Stars
8/05/20Big Brother: All-Stars exclusive: Julie Chen reveals the new house front stage -
8/05/20Big Brother: All-Stars Returns With Multiplatform Programming
8/05/20Julie Chen says she was 'terrible' when Big Brother began ~ "Let's just say what everyone knows," the host says. "I was the Chenbot. I deserved that name because I was robotic."
Posts in BB Media (MORE)
8/06/20They’re Back! Jason and Danielle Reyes have their Secret Alliance podcast second episode up.
8/06/20Taran's Morning Feeds update Aug 6th
8/05/20Post-show RHAP @11:15pm ish
Posts in BB Highlights (MORE)
8/05/20Cody won the first HOH. Ian, Nicole A, Kevin, and Memphis are the first have nots. Christmas won $5K. NT
8/03/20We Should All Just Admit That We Now Know That We Don't Know Anything
9/25/19Jackson won BB21 by a vote of 6-3. Nicole won America's Favorite Houseguest NT
Posts in BB Alumni (MORE)
8/05/20Big Changes For Big Brother’s Howie Gordon
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