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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
7:57 PM ET(TV) Arisa ends show explaining again the season cancellation and the last episode Wed April 1 - all HG's have made it home safely as of today -northwellguy
7:56 PM ET(TV) VETO meeting - Hira does not use VETO -northwellguy
7:49 PM ET(TV) (March 21, 11:00amEST) BB informs HG's about Covid-19 cases, deaths, countries, Canada, closing borders, and staying connected to families especially Susanne's in Italy - BB answers specific questions -northwellguy
7:43 PM ET(TV) Susanne leading the charge to vote out Minh-Ly and then Carol can self-evict, feels the house is being "held-hostage" but Brooke 100% against it -northwellguy
7:40 PM ET(TV) Vanessa announces Canada's Vote "Skip The Dishes" - John Luke wins and skips slop and gets a special dinner -northwellguy
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Big Brother USA News
Posts in BB News & Rumors (MORE)
3/26/20Coronavirus: TV Shows That Have Halted Or Delayed Production Amid Outbreak (Big Brother not listed)
3/18/20According to Entertainment Tonight, Big Brother has been cancelled due to coronavirus~
3/10/20All open casting calls for bb22 in the upcoming weeks have been cancelled.
2/27/20First set of BB22 open casting calls posted - CA, IL, FL, LA, ME, MO, NC, NY, PA, SD, TX
2/18/20Why Any Big Brother US Fans Should Watch Big Brother Canada 8
2/08/20'Big Brother 21' Nick Maccarone Revealed He Regrets His Behavior in the House Because It 'Ruined Relationships'
1/27/20Hottest ‘Big Brother’ Villains Ranked Worst To Best
1/18/20Big Brother’s Jackson Michie and Holly Allen Move in Together in L.A.: We’re
1/17/20Julie Chen and CBS tease 20th Anniversary Big Brother Season
1/16/20Tweet from Robyn listing suggestions she gets from fans. This is legit funny.
Posts in BB Media (MORE)
11/30/19Kathryn Dunn: How Well Do Me And Nick Know Each Other?? 1 Wrong Answer = 1 Pie To The Face
11/19/19BB21's Jack and Sis SPLIT + Celebrity Big Brother CANCELED
11/14/19Austin Mattelson aka Luchasaurus makes his AEW national television debut on TNT!
Posts in BB Highlights (MORE)
9/25/19Jackson won BB21 by a vote of 6-3. Nicole won America's Favorite Houseguest NT
9/25/19Jackson won Pt 3 and is the final HOH. He chose to evict Nicole NT
9/21/19Holly won Part 2 of the final HOH NT
Posts in BB Alumni (MORE)
3/17/20Derrick Levasseur: Almost 6 years later, and BB16 cast is still having group chats. Love my second fam.
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Mar 30 (Finale) The Good Doctor
Mar 31 (Special) Special Report: Coronavirus Pandemic
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