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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
7:03 AM PTCliff is restless in bed. Been up to the restroom twice, and at one point while in bed exclaimed an expletive in his frustration at not being able to get and stay asleep. -BBTalking
6:47 AM PTCliff gets up to use restroom then back to bed says "Oh F***. Back to sleep!" -ssupersarah
5:56 AM PTLooks & sounds like all the HGs may be snuggled in their beds snoozing. -BBTalking
5:54 AM PTJackson tops off his bedtime routine by taking a swig of mouthwash for gargling following brushing his teeth. -BBTalking
4:54 AM PTFinally alone in his HoH BR, Cliff puts on his headphones and dances to the music holding his wife's letter. Then plops down on his bed and then up again for more dancing. -BBTalking
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