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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
1:37 PM PT1:27 PM Azah, cuddling with X on the LR couch, is called to the DR. She is quickly up & into the DR, leaving X by himself on the LR couch. -Scott3325
1:33 PM PT1:21 PM Azah, lying on the LR couch, says she is cold. She asks X if he wants to cuddle with her. X says I'm down here if you want to come down here. Azah joins X on the LR couch. Azah says her feet are cold. Big D retires to his Yacht BR bed. -Scott3325
1:24 PM PT1:18 PM Big D and X talking about questions they may get from Jury. If Ky asks him a question, Big D says he will ask Ky back "Where's my ring?" -Scott3325
1:14 PM PT1:09 PM Big D in the SR checking out the refrigerator. He moves some items from the refrigerator section to the freezer section. -Scott3325
1:08 PM PT1:05 PM Azah has left the boys to continue their card playing at the dining table and is lying on the LR couch resting her eyes. -Scott3325
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Big Brother USA News
BB News & Rumors Posts
Sep 24Gold Derby Exit Interviews - moeopoly
Sep 24GlobalTV: Kyland: ‘I Was Acknowledging The Truth’ - WillRulz
Sep 24[Parade:] Kyland Talks His Post-Eviction Confrontation with Xavier and His 'Beat the Best' Motto - moeopoly
Sep 24[] Kyland Young reacts to his Big Brother blowup with Xavier - Blockhead
Sep 24[US] Big Brother 23’s Kyland Doesn’t Regret Comments to Xavier During Eviction: ‘Objectively, They Were True’ - Blockhead
Sep 24Big Brother Thursday Ratings Drop, Lowest Rated Eviction Show Of The Season - WillRulz
Sep 24First Phase Of Final HoH Decided, Xavier Fires Back At Kyland - WillRulz
Sep 23Evictee Forces A Live Confrontation - WillRulz
Sep 23How To Vote For America's Favorite Houseguest - moeopoly
Sep 23Big Brother Wednesday Suffers Huge Ratings Drop, Loses A Million-plus viewers - WillRulz
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BB Highlights Posts
Sep 23Xavier won part 1 of the final HOH. (NT) - M3gabyt3
Sep 23Kyland was evicted by Derek F. The Final 3 are X, Azah and DF (NT) - binkie94
Sep 23X chose not to use the Veto (NT) - binkie94
Sep 22Dolffie's Alliance Map for Week 11, Day 78 - Dolffie
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BB HG Info Posts
Sep 4Highlights from Xavier Prather 2012 first 10 games Gull Lake High School. - CougarSpy
Aug 18Ok how the hell did I get here? ValentinaVibes posted a video of SB doing her Cafe Maid thing as Sunny so I posted that and a few more I found of her as a character named Calina. 1st vid she's at 2:37 - Bobbo2
Jul 27Tiffany's business in Michigan. Check out her reviews. - hawaiiannative
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BB Media Posts
Sep 24[ET Canada:] Kyland Reacts To Explosive Eviction - moeopoly
Sep 24[Heavy:] Kyland Exit Interview - Defends Bringing Up Xavier’s Family - moeopoly
Sep 24[Us Weekly:] Kyland Does Not Regret Xavier Incident & Comments About His Family - moeopoly
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BB Alumni Posts
Sep 21Big Brother’s Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson Share the 1st Look at Their Home Build - WillRulz
Sep 16Video of a Horse named PEC-TACULAR finishing 2nd at Del Mar Raceway in California. Hearing the call is hysterical. - Flapjack
Sep 15Swaggy's new educational academy released today, $199 including mobile app. also hiring for five positions in Dallas. their architect finalized plans in dallas for a 29,000 sq foot house. crazy - aj401
Sep 3Big Brother Star sets record for Gorilla-Pressing a Guy in the air and holding him up above his head for 23+ Seconds - Flapjack
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BB Canada discussion forum...

September 24, 11:03:25 to 11:05:25 AM (Cam 1/2/3/4) Friday
Xavier helps Big D look for his ring.
September 23, 9:18:57 to 9:20:23 AM (Cam 3/4) Thursday
Azah to Big Brother when asked to change her battery: "You all don't like me."
September 22, 4:35:45 to 4:36:20 PM (Cam 1/2) Wednesday
Xavier tells Kyland he is "good".
September 22, 11:43:15 to 11:44:15 AM (Cam 3/4) Wednesday
Xavier gives a geography lesson to Kyland.
September 20, 12:46:23PM (convo started turning at 12:29:50PM, goes to 1:09PM (All Cams) Monday
Azah and Big D gameplay argument / Azah then vents to X, and Big D vents to Ky about it
September 20, 1:32:35 to 2:01:25 PM (Cam 1/2) Monday
Kyland and the Refrigerator
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