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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
12:06 PM PT11:10 AM Joey & Ryan start doing pushups in BR. BB asks Joey to put on his mic. Joey starts doing one legged pushups & tells Ryan to also. Ryan: I can't.(Do pushups with one leg off floor.) Jon joins workout - says he doesn't want to be left out. -Scott3325
11:59 AM PT11:00 AM Tam, Jon, Lolo, Ricky in BR. Ricky talking about his life from years ago when he was traveling in SE Asia. He saw an NFL game on TV & thought that was a sign & returned to the US. Jon then talks about getting acupuncture and the convo shifts. -Scott3325
11:39 AM PT11:15 AM In BA, Tony explains to Dina that dry cleaning is by special request and not on a regular schedule, while laundry is on a schedule. -Scott3325
11:26 AM PT11:02 AM Nat/Kato in Gym. Kato says they (the two of them) can't talk shop. Kato thinks they're going to have a busy week - really involved. Nat agrees. -Scott3325
11:18 AM PT11:15 AM Live Feeds sneak peek ends. Countdown clock is at 1 day, 9 hours, 45 minutes. -Scott3325
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