Suvivor VS. Big Brother—Déjà vu?

I can’t be certain that this situation was the first involving Survivors and BB folks. If not, it was pretty damn close. How do I know?

I was there. How could I not be when that situation occurred in my home? Anyone remember the Reality Convention (mumble) years ago? And the whopper of a Jokerfest party on that Friday night?

Allow me to set the scene. I threw a whopper of a party (catered, thank you very much) for a bunch of Joker folk and many Big Brother people. My den gives onto a patio: it was summer, so I had the French doors wide open. People could hang out in the den or the chairs outside set up by Joker folks who flew in early, bless them. Mind you, the cats and the dog were stuffed into my bedroom upstairs.

The party was just taking off. You can imagine the amount of booze being imbibed. Someone yelled at me to answer the front door (upstairs.) I wound up talking for maybe ten minutes. TEN MINUTES I tell you!

Then I went back to the stairs, and woah. I’d left a good-sized party just taking off. All of a sudden, there was a shitload of people packed into the den like those long pickles in a jar. I thought of doing a dive over the crowd like a moron on stage but every soul there would have stepped backwards.

Making my way through the crowd, I hear this stentorian voice roar, “Jokerette!”
As I’m height-challenged, I had no idea who it was—until he’d bulled his way to me, picked me up, and planted a large, moist kiss right on my lips. “Hey baby! Lookin’ good!” Jonny Fairplay yelled.

Now wait a damn moment… Survivor? Oh yeah. My Big Brother folks had met up with a ton of Survivors and brought them right along! I’m not exactly known for my brilliant name memory, and aside from Hot Lips, I didn’t know who was who.
Which leads me to a conversation I had on the patio with a super-hot chick full of tattoos. Subject matter: who has it worse? Survivors or Big Brother people? She’s saying no BB person could make it for a day on Survivor. I of course shot back that no Survivor could make it for a week in Big Brother! And OMG it was on.

Of course I was talking to Flicka from Survivor: who knew? (Hey, Flicka! Remember what Jonny Fairplay got caught in the elevator doors at the hotel?)
And hey Jonny, you old devil! I hope all of you guys are in great shape and lit when you read this.

/Cat Ledevic (AKA Jokerette)