As a professional romance author, I happen to find this season right up my quivering alley. I might even frequently refer to the ‘nether region,’ although I fear that term is badly outdated. Certain other terms come to mind, none of which I need to share with you!

That POV–-something about cocks crowing, clucking it up, and getting laid—or was it ‘laying eggs?’ Regardless, it spoke to my soul on a deeper level than Red’s accent, which comes and goes, as it were.

It certainly wasn’t moi whose descriptive genius included such utter romance whilst dreaming up BB 25 (I do have a warm and fuzzy feeling regarding the creator of such a notion, don’t think for a moment that I don’t!) Just the thought of your voice brings flowing tears to my nether region.

I melted at the loveliness of a summer day beneath the benign skies of the CBS set. Who can resist the sassiness of Blue curled up to our handsome dork-hero in the infamous hammock? But then, as always, the antagonist appears. Eyes narrowed, lips thinned as Cirie burns at the sight of those ill-fated lovers.

Will her deadly warning against this forbidden relationship prevail, or will our lovers leap the sacred walls to find ecstasy in their own HEA? (Happily Ever After, for those of you into romance, thrillers, sci-fi, or the Discovery Channel.)

Being a bit behind in the series, I must wait with bated breath for the next episode. As must you, for the next article in this “BB 25: The Romance of It All!” article series.

Jokerette (whose favorite romance author is “Piper Duvall,” particularly her ‘Billionaire’ novel (first in the Ben’s Creek series.) Do a ‘read within’ or whatever it says on Amazon; that first line might give away “Piper’s” true identity.) Snort!

/Cat LeDevic (AKA Jokerette)