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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
5:21 AMAustin & Liz both stir. Austin moves his head onto the chair of Liz. Puts his hand under her blanket.Liz shifts to her side and faces away from Austin. -Scott3325
4:30 AMAll HGs sleeping -MadVelvet
3:29 AMHN Room: Austin returns, they discuss where sunglasses tomorrow and lay in HOH bed listening to music (to sleep) -MadVelvet
3:24 AMAppears all HG's settling in for the night. Cam 1/2 on twins in dark HN room. Cams 3/4 on dark HOH James sleeping -MadVelvet
3:23 AMHN Room: Austin leaves, twins I think (hard to hear) discuss Austin being all over Liz. -MadVelvet
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