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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
8:09 PMNatalie tells Nicole she 100% wants the truth about whether Victor actually asked her out on a date. -HumblePie (Long Post, Read More...)
8:05 PMTiffany tells Jozea when asked that she is voting with the house and the house looks like he is staying (lie). She digs for info onwho he is targeting next week. Jozea says he is targeting 4 people. She said 'vets?', he said not really. But she is not someone he is targeting.

Victor and Paul are in this convo too.
8:04 PMJozea and Victor asked Tiffany about her vote. Jozea said to Tiffany he wants her to take more of a leadership role in coming weeks. -jfung79
7:58 PMFrank & Natalie talking in the KT about James saying that Victor asked Nicole out on a date. Bridgette is cooking. (Long) -HumblePie (Long Post, Read More...)
7:52 PMJozea: Day was voted out second by Caucasians. She's not going to side with them again. This is now a color game. -PowerofVito
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