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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
3:27 PMNow theyre discussing who Joel would take to the final 2 - (ok I'm out) -lvrofjetsnkirby
3:26 PMCass joins HOH and Tim tells Cass he's happier when she's scared -lvrofjetsnkirby
3:25 PMUnless Cass burns everyone equally -lvrofjetsnkirby
3:24 PMThey all think maybe they should all just since no one can get burnt anymore -lvrofjetsnkirby
3:24 PMPhil says ignoring the untrustworthiness was a defensive mechanism -lvrofjetsnkirby
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Important Dates
May 3 (Premiere) Below Deck Mediterranean
May 12 (Finale) Scandal
May 17 (Premiere) Coupled
May 17 (Premiere) Hotel Hell
May 18 (Premiere) Royal Pains