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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
2:42 AMBronte & Natalie talking. Bronte says Jozea was sure he had Zakiyah, Day's votes and the other side of the house didn't evenlet them know that the majority was voting Jozea out. Bronte says had she known which way Zakiyah and Day were voting, she and Natalie might have voted Jozea out too. -cher
2:39 AMCorey talking about how good Bronte is at comps, said she's fast, he could barely catch her today. -cher
2:37 AMCorey telling them some of what Paul was saying, being loyal, etc. Corey says he was thinking to himself for Paul to just shut up, that he wasn't gonna get out of going on the block. -cher
2:35 AMCorey, Nicole, Day, James in bathroom. James worried Paulie might flip since Paul's been in HOH so long. Corey doesn't think so.Nicole says when people talk a lot to the HOH weird things can happen. James thinks it would be too stupid for Paulie to flip on "all of us" -cher
2:28 AMPaul tries to side step being a pawn. Talk stops when Tiffany comes in to use HOH bathroom and Paulie asks her if she wants to chill so she sits down in the bed. Boys sitting in chairs. Corey says goodnight and goes. Small talk between Paul, Tiffany, Paulie. -cher
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