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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
5:47 PMPaulie says Frank is gonna come after Paul in his speech tomorrow. Corey reports Victor mentioned having a wet dream that Nicole and another girl were in. Corey and Paulie say that's creepy and Victor has no filter. -CassieM
5:45 PMCorey overheard Frank say regarding someone "eat s*** and die." They both say that's pretty harsh. -CassieM
5:44 PMCorey is whispering to Paulie about Frank wanting to call someone out-he assumes Paul but not sure. -CassieM
5:41 PMVictor and Paul joking about Frank and Bridgette watching the sunrise last night. He jokes he's so bored he's looking for clues that aren't there. -CassieM
5:39 PMVictor reporting he ate the questionable turkey meat. DaVonne-That's what I smelled! She noticed the scent earlier. -CassieM
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