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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
4:24 PMAlso earlier Sin asked Bru what he meant by wanting to work w/her bcz he never talks game w/herBrun said he did want to work w/her but she blew his game up when she told everyone about the CS. Sin said we can have a fresh start bcz I can help take Z out. He said but you want Bob out and he is part of my team. She said she can put her differences a side if Bob can. He said he would see what he could do but no promises.
4:21 PMWhat are you missing today, nt much! W and Bob talked earlier in bed rm about trusting Sa and getting Z or the couples out
12:34 PMsoar...ry Brit is OTB NT
12:09 PMBB has once again gone to Hush as Bru Brit Bob Sin W Ashleigh try to sleep Nap time warning given several times NT
11:40 AMwe have hush once again! Everyone is trying to sleep either hung over or just tired! NT
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