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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
10:27 PMThe Bros sit out at the hot tub "Think of all the Canadians who waited in lines at the mall to get a chance to be on this show and we're gonna let a past BB winner from Australia come into our home and win? No chance, no f'n way" -colleenag
9:07 PMPhil to Kelsey/Nick- I have a gut feeling Joel is going to keep Jared. He will see too much benefit -ckay11
4:38 PMNow Kelsey and Jared tell Phil what was said. Tempers calm and topic changes to chit chat -colleenag
4:36 PMKelsey tells CAss don't tell me we wanted to get Tim out last week. WE wanted maddy out. Jared joins them. Cass confronts them about targeting Tim last week and Jared says he talked to other about making the right d ecision regarding getting Tim out. Now Phil joins and Cass tells him she wants to talk to Jared alone and leaves. Phil gets mad that Cass doesn't want to talk to him.

Cass leaves and says if Jared and Kelsey want to talk they can. And she leaves.
4:34 PMCass follows Kelsey and the fight ing continues. Kelsey says Cass made them feels uncomfortable. Kelsey says Cass tells everyone -colleenag (Long Post, Read More...)
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