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Big Brother USA
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Big Brother Canada
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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
9:10 PMBros won 7-2. (Jared and Raul voted for Kelsey to win) -BBFan1995
8:18 PMBrothers won HOH part 1. Kelsey won HOH part 2. Kelsey won HOH and sent Tim to jury. -M3gabyt3
5:06 PMMessage now says: "Stay Tuned! Don't miss the final week of big brother Canada. Tune in on May 12th to find out who wins" -M3gabyt3
5:00 PMFeeds go to temporary locked down screen again -M3gabyt3
4:59 PMIn less than 1 hour, one more of them will be leaving the BB CAN Grand. Welcome to a surprise eviction. -M3gabyt3
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Jul 31 (Special) Sharknado: The 4th Awakens
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