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Topic #1885807
valentine - Kaysar Joins Janelle in the HOH BR and Whisper 0 Replies #1885807 10:14AM 09/07/2005
Janelle is curling her hair and telling him that Michael is going to throw the HOH.

Kaysar takes it all in and says once he does it, there is no turning back. I think Kaysar asked Eric to play for him.

BB, in an extremely stern voice: Janelle! Put ON YOUR MICROPHONE!!!

She went downstairs to the Gold Room to find it. Kaysar begins his facial washing process in the HOH BR by himself.
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Topic #1885810
valentine - Janelle's Back, With Her Mic On 1 Replies #1885810 10:16AM 09/07/2005
She thinks Eric is going to go for it. Kaysar thinks he will use it if he wins it.

Janelle: Really?

Kaysar: I don't even know if I would use it. I don't know who they would put up in my place. That would suck for someone if I stayed and they left. I'm not sure what to do.

Janelle: There's no way he'd use it. He doesn't want anyone else to go up.
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valentine - Janelle: Kaysar, Ask Him Why #1885819 10:18AM 09/07/2005
he wants to do the veto comp. Ask him why he wants to do it and if he will use it.

Kaysar rinses his face. Janelle continues curling and playing with her hair.

Janelle: Why do you think he wants to do it? Nobody else wants to do it.

Kaysar: They don't?

Janelle: No, they don't want to have to use it.

She thinks that he believes he will go up if someone else wins and uses the veto. He wants to keep it like it is.

All 4 feeds on them right now.
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Topic #1885839
valentine - Janelle in Trouble Again 0 Replies #1885839 10:22AM 09/07/2005
with BB.

BB, sternly: Janelle!! Please CENTER your microphone!!

Janelle is annoyed: I'll just leave.

Kaysar: You're a mess.

But she stays and they go through each HG name to try to determine what he should do. She sees Eric talk to Beau and Ivette a lot (her rivals) and she is worried. Kaysar is trying to flip his bangs up straight.

Kaysar: I think I'll just try to focus on winning it. Then I'll make my decision later.

Janelle: That will be too late.
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Topic #1885865
valentine - Kaysar: Who Do You Want to Leave? 0 Replies #1885865 10:27AM 09/07/2005
Janelle: Eric!!! He's the strongest player here.

Kaysar: Just be careful. Don't say anything around here or you'll be a target.

She says again that Michael said he wouldn't use the veto. Kaysar just looks down and thinks.

Kaysar: I think you should play it cool.

Janelle: I will. What---did he say he was going to go after me next week?

I don't see the response, but Kaysar just stares at her with a little smile as she brushes her hair.

Kaysar: Things are getting ugly. I have a feeling that myself or Ashlea will be leaving. You should just focus on yourself.
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Topic #1885880
valentine - Kaysar: People Have Already Made Their Arrangements. 0 Replies #1885880 10:29AM 09/07/2005
They've already made their decisions. What's done is done.

After all that primping, Janelle puts her hair in a ponytail, albeit a big fluffy ponytail.

She wishes Kaysar luck, he thanks her and leaves the room.

Ed Note: There is palpable chemistry between Janelle and Kaysar.
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Topic #1885901
valentine - Oh Boy. Michael Goes Upstairs With Kaysar 0 Replies #1885901 10:33AM 09/07/2005
and they sit oddly in front of the skyline, against the railing, and whisper. They face each other and start hashing it out.

Michael feels that they will have a huge advantage in the house, especially if they get HOH next week.

Now they go into the HOH BR together and shut the door. Kaysar says he really has to go, so Michael leaves the room.

Michael: Dude, take a dump and we'll talk about it later.

Now Eric goes back downstairs with his coffee cup.
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Topic #1885926
valentine - Beau is Using a Lint Roller on His Izod 0 Replies #1885926 10:37AM 09/07/2005
and, yes, he has popped the collar. He feels up Michael's chest and advises him which muscles he should work on.

Michael heads back upstairs and sticks his head in the HOH WC.

Mike: Hey, Stinky. Let me know when you're done, cause I really need to go.

Now Kaysar comes out. He sprayed the WC and Michael goes in. Kaysar heads downstairs.
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Topic #1885933
valentine - Wow. Kaysar Does Pushups 0 Replies #1885933 10:39AM 09/07/2005
with his feet on the bed. Very fast pushups. So many, I've lost count. Looks like he's pumping himself up.

Kaysar TV on all 4 cams.

Now looks like he's ready for prayer.

Janelle is on knees, popping a pill. Kaysar is doing round #2 of pushups. Still in his jammy's.
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Topic #1885966
valentine - And NOW, Janelle Has Taken Down Her Ponytail 0 Replies #1885966 10:45AM 09/07/2005
and is using a flat iron on it! In the downstairs BR. April continues to fiddle with her hair and ask everyone how they feel about it.

Janelle is yelled at by BB two more times for microphone infractions. She can't seem to get it attached correctly.

Beau is applying eye cream AGAIN. And Ivette has been brushing her hair for a long time. She says she is very frustrated about something---probably her bowel issues.

Ed Note: At least this is more normal than the Four Horseman primping last year.
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Topic #1885991
valentine - It's Almost Go Time 0 Replies #1885991 10:51AM 09/07/2005
and they start gathering around the DR table, chattering and moving around.

They start talking about all of the blood that had to be destroyed after 9-11--there wasn't enough storage space. And there weren't enough survivors.

Eric: Each floor of the WTC has at least 50 or 60 offices. Think about how many phones, computers, copiers are in each office. The biggest piece of concrete they could find afterwards was about this big (he gestures a size of a Big Mac).

They talk about all of the fumes and fuel and toner that burnt everything up.

Michael is back on the scene with a lavender towel around his waist, near Janelle of course.

Howie: You should be illegal, Janelle, to look like that and not work out.

He goes on and on about it.

Janelle: Thank you Howie.

Now Michael blow dries his hair. Janelle continues to brush her hair and use the flat iron to straighten it.

Beau gives James a neck massage at the DR table.
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Topic #1885995
joannie - Hamsters figure out that this is day seven. 0 Replies #1885995 10:52AM 09/07/2005
Most HG are sitting at the round table waiting for the Veto Comp.
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Topic #1886017
Suzan - Janelle & April in the BR, Janelle has decided now to curl her hair. 0 Replies #1886017 10:58AM 09/07/2005
They are getting excited 3 minutes left. Loud, chatty with each other, teasing. They are wandering between the kitchen table and the bathroom.

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Topic #1886023
joannie - Janelle is curling her hair in the BR. "Kaysar doesn't look like he's ready to win it." 0 Replies #1886023 10:59AM 09/07/2005
Janelle: "He's all pimped out."
Kaysar: "They told me to get dressed."
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Topic #1886033
joannie - Howie: "Janelle needs to stop beautifying herself." 0 Replies #1886033 11:01AM 09/07/2005
"She looks like a candy bar that needs the wrapping ripped right off."
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Topic #1886035
Suzan - Howie's teasing Janelle that she has to stop working on her hair 0 Replies #1886035 11:01AM 09/07/2005
that it's getting serious now she's doing it so much. Then mentions what he's doing without in the house.

Maggie and April are in the BR as well with last minute touches. Howie's taking with them all about how good they look.

Kaysars getting his hair just right, putting on the cream, using his hands to accomplish the look he's after.

Ashlea talking to Kaysar, it's hard to hear because of the background talking.

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Topic #1886039
Suzan - Ashlea asking Kaysar who he picked for the comp. couldn't tell what he said but Ashlea didn't like it 0 Replies #1886039 11:02AM 09/07/2005
saying there was no chance for either of them. Kaysar commented that they didn't know what the competition was like.

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Topic #1886041
joannie - Kaysar tells Ashlea that he picked Eric to play for him. 0 Replies #1886041 11:03AM 09/07/2005
Ashlea: "Oh no! Then none of us have a chance of winning it!"
Kaysar: "We don't know what the competition is yet."
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Topic #1886045
Suzan - Kaysar - one last shave 0 Replies #1886045 11:03AM 09/07/2005
Ivette telling BB "your off schedule", then they joke that Julie's not up yet. And mocking how she'll sound, what she'll say. Ivette is acting as if she's Julie and starting the show.
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Topic #1886052
Suzan - The girls are talking about which boys they've seen naked or 1 Replies #1886052 11:06AM 09/07/2005
at least seen their manhood. Lot of discussion on who saw what, Ivette is giving Spanish lessons.
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Karenell - Sarah claims to have seen James nude after a shower. Said he's going to make some girl happy some day! NT #1886058 11:07AM 09/07/2005
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Topic #1886063
avichaiyl - HGs teasing Sarah because she saw James' manhood this morning 0 Replies #1886063 11:07AM 09/07/2005
he flashed it at her before closing the shower curtain.

She acts all embarrassed. She said she told him he would make some woman happy one day.

HGs conclude James will be part of the first hook up in the house.

<all funny because Sarah/James are a couple in RL>
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Topic #1886065
Suzan - Everyones out of the BR and are gathered in the Kitchen and at the table. Beau is giving 0 Replies #1886065 11:08AM 09/07/2005
Howie a back rub and Kaysar is massaging Rachel's lower back.

They are getting antsy, ready to start.

Maggie is brushing her fingers through April's hair who is sitting at the table.
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Topic #1886092
joannie - HG having discussions about favorite movies and actors. 0 Replies #1886092 11:17AM 09/07/2005
They like Edward Norton and Sean Penn. Mystic River was awesome.

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Topic #1886094
joannie - Howie: "If I win, hookers for everyone." HG are getting restless waiting for POV comp. NT 0 Replies #1886094 11:18AM 09/07/2005
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Topic #1886098
joannie - Conversation turns to dental dams. Howie: "I have one." 0 Replies #1886098 11:21AM 09/07/2005
Howie: "You just lay it down and go to work, and then you throw it away. The girl gets the whole effect."
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Topic #1886104
joannie - Mike: "Lets talk about UFO's" 0 Replies #1886104 11:23AM 09/07/2005
Now Mike is going on and on about UFOs in Peru.
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