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Topic #1888198
Tyburn - James is "starting to think other people are couples too!" NT 0 Replies #1888198 7:12PM 09/07/2005
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Topic #1888203
Aeropostale676 - James and Sarah finally talking strategy...asking her who she would like to keep around NT 0 Replies #1888203 7:13PM 09/07/2005
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Topic #1888216
Caribou - James and Sarah on hammock 1 Replies #1888216 7:15PM 09/07/2005
James says "today has been so hard for some reason"
Sarah "why"
James "just is. camera's spinning aroudn to us isn't it" How are you doing? You like you're going to cry. I'm really glad you're here. I think they're other pairs in the house. Are you making friends? Who do we like? Who should we keep? Come on beautiful.
Sarah - don't be nice to me now.
James - don't play this game with me (something) bear
Sarah - dont' be nice to me now. i just feel stupid
James - why
Sarah - nothing because youre' right because the money is the most important thing right now.
James - you realize if people know we're together we go home

They discuss pretending to just hook up now. As if they just met. James isn't for it.

James - when you went to grab my leg in the living room..in front of everyone
Sarah - you came and sat between Jennifer and I

Sarah says she didn't do it but Jen did. James said Sarah rubbed his leg.

Sarah says she's cranky now, she's just cranky. Says she was cuddling with Mike earlier.

james asked if Mike got voted 2nd best looking guy in here because Jan told him that. This is news to Sarah.

james - they're all evil you know that right

Now they discuss who goes next week. Sarah wants Jenn. James agrees because he says Jan's alliance goes this week.

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Toni - sarah says when she first saw janelle she thought that she was a drag queen. NT #1888228 7:18PM 09/07/2005
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Topic #1888229
Tyburn - Sarah: When we first met, I thought Janelle was a drag queen. NT 0 Replies #1888229 7:18PM 09/07/2005
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Topic #1888230
Mltv - Sarah thought janelle was a drag queen at first. NT 0 Replies #1888230 7:18PM 09/07/2005
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Topic #1888235
Alby - Sarah says that when she first saw Janelle she thought she was a drag queen. NT 0 Replies #1888235 7:18PM 09/07/2005
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Topic #1888237
Caribou - James to Sarah - we need to work on separate people 0 Replies #1888237 7:19PM 09/07/2005
Sarah - i'm throwing it
Now they both say they don't know if they're going to throw it.

James - we need to split up howie and rachel
Sarah - eric said he's protecting you. he didn't say anything about mike or kaysar. he said he gave you his word.
Sarah - how much do you love me
James - i love you more than you know

James telling Sarah what Kaysar said earlier about Sarah being the best girl their.

Sarah when she first saw Janelle she thought she was (a tranny??)

James tells Sarah he and Kay feel she's the best looking, cutesy, down to earth.
Sarah thinks Kaysar would keep her around. Sarah wants Rachel to go. She's threatened by her. Sarah trusts April. James says April is dirty. Sarah thinks RAchel is dirty.

James thinks April is dirty because she doesn't like Kaysar jsut because he's Iraqi. This is news to Sarah.

James thinks April and Jenn are a couple. They discuss it.
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Topic #1888245
Caribou - Feed sound splits between Sarah & James on hammock and Janelle with April smoking at table. Hard to hear. NT 0 Replies #1888245 7:20PM 09/07/2005
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Topic #1888251
Caribou - BB: April, please go the diary room. James yells out "busted!" 0 Replies #1888251 7:20PM 09/07/2005
April says she's not saying anything bad.
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Topic #1888255
Caribou - Janelle walks over to James and Sarah; sits on grass as they lay on hammock NT 0 Replies #1888255 7:21PM 09/07/2005
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Topic #1888261
Caribou - Janelle leaves to go inside. Sarah and James get up to go inside 0 Replies #1888261 7:23PM 09/07/2005
Sarah and James talk about making things up after the show ends. Something about lots of sex, sparkly shiny stuff like at tiffany's...lol

Now they're all inside
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Topic #1888280
Caribou - Big group at dining table. They put a sandal on the lazy susan centre of the table. They're spinning it. Some sort of game 1 Replies #1888280 7:25PM 09/07/2005
Group includes Beau, Sarah, James, Janelle, Howie, eric, Maggie

Jenn stands aside watching.
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Sunflake - They spin it to determine who gets to sleep in the Gold room each night. Howie and James won tonight. NT #1888291 7:27PM 09/07/2005
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Topic #1888301
Caribou - Feeds switch to outside. James and Sarah back on hammock outside. Rachel comes outside 1 Replies #1888301 7:29PM 09/07/2005
James to Sarah - shiny things from tiffany's huh?
Sarah - they have this necklace (goes on describing it)
James - your cuteness that you're working on people i'm not falling for it
Sarah - am i being different?
james - no that's why everyone loves you
james - i'm good at what i do. *****
sarah - how about me being from orlando? i'm a bad liar
James - it's working. i know (she's a bad liar)

Sarah was talking with some of the girls last night. One of them kept rolling her eyes at her. James says "ah ***** her"

Jennifer comes out and throws herself across both of them on the hammock

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Anonymous - It was Maggie she said was rolling her eyes NT #1888310 7:31PM 09/07/2005
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Topic #1888313
Caribou - Jenn walks in circles in the grass for a bit. Says she's bored, then leaves. 0 Replies #1888313 7:32PM 09/07/2005
Back to James and Sarah in hammock. Chit chat.

James keeps checking in with her to see how she's feeling and doing. They share info about what others have said about them.

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Topic #1888324
Caribou - James to Sarah - i really think there might be 7 couples 0 Replies #1888324 7:34PM 09/07/2005
They discuss it. They're thinking every couple is a romantic couple. Not considering they're just friends or whatever. But definitely onto everyone having someone in the game.

They talk about who scares each of them. Both like Eric a lot.

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Topic #1888342
Caribou - James - Janelle told me Day 2 it was guys vs. girls 0 Replies #1888342 7:38PM 09/07/2005
He's explaining how he and Janelle got close.

James and Sarah discussing how they earned people's trust. What bonds they have with others.

James - Kaysar says that Jenny's too much of a slut
Sarah - I don't understand why people think she's sweet. She's too needy. She touches you all the time. I swear I'm going to break her arm.
James - you talk to the lady. you and mike are getting close
Sarah - i know. you said you were jealous
james - i was a bit jealous

Beau outside so James whistles at him and says "nice shorts Beau"

Sarah asks James if they can get a hammock when the game ends. It's so comfortable. James says they don't have a yard though. They talk about the future. Sarah wants a yard, a horse - no kids, just a horse.

Sarah wants James to promise there won't be any girls in his bed tonight. James agrees.

James saw Sarah sleeping with her fingers crossed. He was staring at her. Sarah doesn't believe him.

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Topic #1888350
Tambo - James and Sarah conversation 0 Replies #1888350 7:40PM 09/07/2005
James said something about some things he'd like to do to Sarah.

Sarah: "Shut up, my Dad is watching!"
James: "Oh yeah"
Sarah (singing): "Yooooouuuuu love meeeee!" She is fiddling with the front of her pants.
James: "Keep your pants on...Daddy's watching!"
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Topic #1888356
Caribou - F1 F2: Hottub people. F3 F4: James and Sarah in hammock. James leaves. "love you beautiful" "Love you" NT 0 Replies #1888356 7:41PM 09/07/2005
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Topic #1888373
Caribou - F1 F2: hottub people F3 F4: Howie James Sarah Janelle in kitchen 0 Replies #1888373 7:46PM 09/07/2005
Howie giving advice about advances toward women and how women should handle it. Howie thinks if women ignore him, they like him. No one understands this. (me included)

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Topic #1888382
Tambo - House Guests discuss veto comp 0 Replies #1888382 7:50PM 09/07/2005
Talking about how many bruises they have and how hard it was.

It seems they had to untangle a rope somehow.
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Topic #1888396
Caribou - F2: Kaysar and Rachel on lounges side by side, near hottub. In hottub is Beau, 0 Replies #1888396 7:53PM 09/07/2005
Maggie, April, Eric.
Ashlea on a lounger beside hottub.

They're all discussing the POV comp. How they each approached it and how they held on - seems it was very tiring for everyone.

Eric - I just kept hearing "i'm having an asthma attack" and I thought "just keep going"

Separate convo with Rach and Kay - Kay can't believe he's even here. RAchel talking about internet people watching.

April asked for cards and BB said they don't know. They said it's ok, they can play drinking games. Seems a frisbee appeared from BB.

Eric is going to cook a firehouse breakfast the first day they can have real food. He said prepare for a "carbohydrate coma". Kay looking forward to it.

April yakking about high heels during the week or something. She's talking over people mostly.

Now they talk about the next comp and the possibility of it involving eating weird stuff.

Eric has a huge strange bruise on his back. Seems he got it during POV comp. April says "it's huge, oh my god! "

Sarah arrives in her bathing suit (she went in to change). Gets in hottub.

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Topic #1888404
Caribou - HT people discuss James. Say he's a freak. Weird kind of teacher. lol NT 0 Replies #1888404 7:55PM 09/07/2005
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Topic #1888409
BBfanatic - Sarah was changing in the shower 0 Replies #1888409 7:56PM 09/07/2005
James was in the bathroom and Jan was waiting to go next.

James came out and him and Sarah were alone and they went at it hardcore. LoL they are going to get caught.
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Topic #1888411
Caribou - Earlier, Sarah and James shared a huge kiss in the bathroom while everyone outside NT 0 Replies #1888411 7:56PM 09/07/2005
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Topic #1888414
Caribou - Mike strangely absent from everything. At least he hasn't been on feeds in quite a while. NT 0 Replies #1888414 7:57PM 09/07/2005
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