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Topic #1886864
Anonymous - FISH again NT 0 Replies #1886864 2:36PM 09/07/2005
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Topic #1886886
Anonymous - April Thinks there is a show tonight and maybe the eviction will be pre-recorded and aired Thursday. 0 Replies #1886886 2:41PM 09/07/2005
She is getting on people's nerves.
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Topic #1886887
nojobny - Kay seems really worn out after POV. He may have a sight limp. The camera was focused on him sitting at the table holding his head. NT 0 Replies #1886887 2:41PM 09/07/2005
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Topic #1886888
Suzan - Houseguests are all over the house. Kaysar is sitting at the 0 Replies #1886888 2:42PM 09/07/2005
table and looks upset. He must have cut himself, Maggie got out the first aid box and was telling him she needs to put the antibiotic ointment on it after he showers.

Ivette, April, Howie, Beau & Jennifer are in the LR on the sofa. Still talking about the comp., a lot of discussion about knots and being confused.

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Topic #1886899
JoeyBoston - The game 0 Replies #1886899 2:44PM 09/07/2005
had something to do with crawling on the grass, using ropes, and touching metal objects. Howie is bi*ching, it seems he went in. He says if it wasn't that hot he would have won.
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Topic #1886903
Anonymous - Houseguests are talking about 0 Replies #1886903 2:45PM 09/07/2005
Having to be on thier knees alot in the pov comp....something about a rope?
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Topic #1886908
Suzan - Everyone in the LR is contributing to the conversation. Someone said "I wouldn't have given up". 0 Replies #1886908 2:46PM 09/07/2005
Ivette is talking to Howie about how he felt during the comp. She said your knees and hands are hurting now, but were they slowing you down while you were in the middle of it. Howie's talking about coming out of a box and the rope was stuck.

Howie was wishing Jennie had scissors for him to use, they are all laughing. Sarah joined them on the sofa.

Mike, Maggie and Kaysar are in the kitchen. Janelle walked off earlier to the BR area, she does not look like she is in a good mood. She was not speaking to anyone.

Rachel just came down from upstairs and sat at the kitchen counter and Mike has joined the group in the LR.

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Topic #1886911
joannie - Apparently Rachel picked Maggie to play for her. They were an "awesome" team. NT 0 Replies #1886911 2:46PM 09/07/2005
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Topic #1886913
Anonymous - Someone is 0 Replies #1886913 2:47PM 09/07/2005
having corndogs! With mustard! Yum!
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Topic #1886920
joannie - Janelle and Ashlea go into the Gold Room. "So, what do we do now?" NT 1 Replies #1886920 2:49PM 09/07/2005
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Mltv - Janelle kinda infers that ashlea will lose against kaysar. Ashlea says "Who said so?" Jan says nobody. NT #1886925 2:50PM 09/07/2005
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Topic #1886933
joannie - Ash: |What about Jennifer? Jenifer's shady. She goes from group to group." NT 0 Replies #1886933 2:52PM 09/07/2005
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Topic #1886936
Quench - Janelle suggesting that she ask Rachel to put her up so Kaysar will go home 0 Replies #1886936 2:52PM 09/07/2005
Ashlea and her are talking about how Janelle need to plan this.

Janelle saying what about Jennifer. Ashlea saying that she moves from group to group

They did say that once they get out of here they would go have pedicures together.

Janelle saying Eric said Kaysar had enough votes to stay.
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Topic #1886946
joannie - Jan: "Kaysar's gonna wonder why I voted for you to stay." 0 Replies #1886946 2:54PM 09/07/2005
Jan files her nails while the whispering continues.

Ash: "I thought I heard someone at the door." They stop talking for a moment, then continue whispering.
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Topic #1886966
joannie - Beau enters the Gold Room. Janelle: "Hi, Beau. I'm just putting on lotion." NT 0 Replies #1886966 2:58PM 09/07/2005
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Topic #1886976
Hypnotoad - Janelle and Ashlea talk about upcomming events. Kaysar and Michael talk about pov (long) 0 Replies #1886976 3:00PM 09/07/2005
jane> what are u going to do now?
ash> ii dunno
jane> u want me to ask rachel to nominate me to go on the chopping block
ash> why?
jane> ill ask her to
ash> i would have no problem going before you
jane> i still might have more votes than kaysar
ash> i wouldnt risk that
jane> the votes are kind of like kaysar is staying
ash> who said so far?
jane> it just seems like it
commentary> damnit woman stop that
jane> what u think?
ash> cross your fingers
jane> if u get sent home im going home in 2 weeks
ash> atleast when we go home we will finaly get pedicures
jane> *****
jane> unless we can get her to nominate someone else
ash> i cant get her to do that
jane> i know it seems like her and ivette are working together
ash> u think????
jane> ivette told her all that stuff
ash> just hope for the best
ash> if its just down to you and kaysar...or u someone else. Would you ratehr have ashlea and kaysar? they would probably vote kaysar
jane> what about jennifer would she vote for you?
ash> jen is shady, buy not the shadiest. Ivette stays away but jennifer goes from group to group thats kind of sketchy
---talk about lotion---
ash> i know eric was trying to get the veto to use it on kaysar
jenne> no he wasnt he has erics word???
ash> i think we lost michael, michael was like why would i put my neck on the line. He was like i dont want to cuase waves in the beginning.
ash> i dont care to win about the money i just do it to mess with everyone *laugh*
jane> he will ask why i didnt vote for him to stay
ash> i think howie would vote for me to stay
jane> i dunno, i have to remember that rachel is really pissed she heard )word?) from ivette
-- nail filing and mic feedback---
ash> how do you know rachel was really pissed?
jane> she was upset when i said i wouldnt use the veto, ivette sold our asses out bitch
ash> shes not getting anywhere in miami
ash> atleast i get to sleep in this room tonight, going to stay with me---last night?
jane> sucks im just going to be here by myself
ash> eric and ivette ar egoing to to use this as an excuse to put me up
4er that was jane
ash> how long is the agreement for
jane> right now for two weeks
jane> if they get it were *****
switching to f1 kaysar and michael
kaysar> i didnt want to seem like i was going to give up and rely on them
mike> i thought you were going to win
switching back
ash> when i going im going to make sure i say ivette and bo have an alliance so i can break it up
jane> you want me to switch places with you?
ash> no dont switch places
---- mike> im surprsied the challanges are hard, kay> season 5 they stepped it up, mike> its hard but i like it
beau enters gold room interrupting ash and jan
kay> i could have torn through it but in the middle i ran out of energy and started hyper ventilating
mike> tommarow im going to eat good my friend. The biggest dam steak in my life.
kay> im going to eat....
jennefier enters
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Topic #1886992
Quench - Beau saying there are 14 ppl and they are in the house for 11 weeks 0 Replies #1886992 3:01PM 09/07/2005
So Janelle, Ashlea and Beau are speculating about if there will be a double eviction along the way
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Topic #1887005
joannie - Kay, Mike, and Jen in the bathroom. Jen puts lipstick on Kaysar. NT 0 Replies #1887005 3:04PM 09/07/2005
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Topic #1887051
smashedskittles - Ivette, Michael, Sarah talking about how Jennifer has tried out for BB 4 times... 0 Replies #1887051 3:14PM 09/07/2005
...BB 3, 4, 5 and 6. Michael tried out cuz he "needed a change" and Sarah tried out because she had just broken up with a boyfriend of 4 and a half years and a girlfriend talked her into it.
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Topic #1887060
Rabbit - Michael, Sarah & Ivette talking about the other HGs: 0 Replies #1887060 3:17PM 09/07/2005
Ivette is complaining about the people in the house that want to be here just to be on TV. mainly complaining about Ashlea.

S: Jennifer applied for BB 3, 4 & 5

M: It's obvious janelle is trying to be Miss Playboy Playmate

I: I don't mean to be such a b*tch, but i've never seen so many empty girls here.

M: To be honest, i like everyone here.

I&S: I don't (ivette can't stand ashlea)

S: I will not lie, i will not go back on a promise.

M: Will you steal though?

Sarah laughs and says if you have Tiffany jewellery she'd all be over it.


More complaining about Ashlea being bored.

I: what did you think it would be like in the house.

S: I want to win but i'd be sad if i went home this early since i'm having so much fun

I: I want to make it to the jury so i can go to Mexico.

S: there are people i feel close with but others i don't. I was having a conversation with Maggie the other day and she keeps everything inside.

I: No one has an alliance yet. Everyone just has a common understanding of who we want out. Don't think for a second though that if we see you sitting and talking with (janelle?) that we're going to think you're in an alliance with her.

more b*thing about people going around badmouthing each other.
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Topic #1887068
valentine - Michael: Janelle Obviously Wants to Be the Next Playboy Playmate 0 Replies #1887068 3:19PM 09/07/2005
Ivette: Oh, totallly.

They discuss who just wants to be on TV. They guess Janelle, Ashlea, and Howie. They don't think they care at all about the game. Michael said in the outside world he would never give Ashlea a second look at all.

Ivette: I've never met more empty girls.

Meanwhile, Janelle is trying to tell James and Jennifer that Ivette and Beau know each other.

Janelle: Remember, when they said a long time ago that they should have brought their drums from home?

James: Yeah, how did they learn to drum so good together?
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Topic #1887078
Quench - Janelle Jen, and James talking about Beau and someone (think Ivette) 0 Replies #1887078 3:21PM 09/07/2005
How would they know how to drum together.

They were talking about how they should have brought their drums from home here.

Now they are talking about Beau lives in Pembroke Pines but he talked about staying at the Icon.

Two different places in Florida

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Topic #1887086
valentine - Janelle Dishes on Beau 0 Replies #1887086 3:23PM 09/07/2005
She is telling James and Jennifer that Beau has told so many stories, it just doesn't make sense.

* He is a personal shopper for wealthy people but the area he lives in doesn't fit the picture.

* He says he lives with his Mom and sister. Doesn't sound like he has any money at all, and he says he is very successful.

* He said his Dad pays for his car insurance.
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Topic #1887090
Toni - BB housequest lockdown is over NT 0 Replies #1887090 3:23PM 09/07/2005
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Topic #1887099
valentine - Graphic Instructions from James 0 Replies #1887099 3:25PM 09/07/2005
on how to do the "altoids trick" during oral sex. The girls object and say it sounds like it hurts, but he says, "trust me, just try it".

The lockdown is over now, but no one moves.
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Topic #1887103
Rabbit - Ivette tells Sarah that the HGs are going to throw the HOH game so she can have it and have the luxury of 0 Replies #1887103 3:26PM 09/07/2005
being able to nominate Janelle herself. She named off Michael, Beau, Maggie, Eric and one other that will throw the game to give it to Ivette. Sarah agreed to throw it as well.
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