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Maggie and Eric left the patio after that convo with Janelle. Camera switched just as they were leaving GR - Caribou
9:30PM 20/07/2005

jan confronts maggie about the fake lips convo earlier - Anonymous
9:31PM 20/07/2005

Eric - if I get put up some people might think that's the time to get me out cuz i'm a strong player NT - Caribou
9:32PM 20/07/2005

eric not letting jan talk to maggie - Anonymous
9:38PM 20/07/2005

Eric Talks To Ivette In The Shower. (Ivette The One In Shower) (Eric Outside The Shower) NT - Justin
9:42PM 20/07/2005

Janelle and Rachel vow to play tomorrow (chess). Jennifer sitting there and says that - Caribou
9:44PM 20/07/2005

Eric telling Ivette that Janelle is next on his list and Mike dug his own grave. NT - Caribou
9:44PM 20/07/2005

eric getting all loud and riled up again. - Anonymous
9:45PM 20/07/2005

James talking to Beau (Beau in bed with lights out). James says Kaysar is done because of what he did to Ivette AND because - Caribou
9:47PM 20/07/2005

James convinced Maggie is gay. Beau agrees. James says Maggie doesn't want people to know - Caribou
9:49PM 20/07/2005

eric, beau and james in barracks ripping on mike - Caribou
9:55PM 20/07/2005

beau in bed, talk with james and eric - Anonymous
9:56PM 20/07/2005

Michael: 'if is has a big mouth and a fat A**, shoot it' (about Ivette) NT - luvthemfish
10:02PM 20/07/2005

Mike and jan on patio smoking and eating. Mike says Ivette is vile person. - Caribou
10:03PM 20/07/2005

Mike: Howie? Isn't there a bench you can press? - SassyPrncess
10:06PM 20/07/2005

Mike and Janelle kissing on patio while Howie watches and listens. Howie gives commentary about wanting Jan badly. 10 mins this went on at least NT - Caribou
10:08PM 20/07/2005

Mike - jennifer is a **** fat sasquatch with very bad breath. Howie agrees her breath is really bad. So does Jan. NT - Caribou
10:09PM 20/07/2005

Feed 1 - classic Howie making comments trying to disrupt Janelle & Mike while they are making out... - Anonymous
10:09PM 20/07/2005

Mike to Howie - do you like watching us kiss? Howie - yea. wish i could see around the hair tho. i can hearing the (slurping) noises NT - Caribou
10:10PM 20/07/2005

Howie really wants everyone out except Mike, Jan, Kaysar. Howie really fears James - Caribou
10:12PM 20/07/2005

Janelle - oh April you whore, shut up. She's looking across here because we're looking at her. - Caribou
10:14PM 20/07/2005

Mike - Ivette is a fat disgusting slob who... Janelle - should be cleaning my floors in Miami NT - Caribou
10:14PM 20/07/2005

Mike to Janelle - you want to lay on the hammock with me? - Caribou
10:16PM 20/07/2005

April is telling Invette NT - gymborebel
10:16PM 20/07/2005

april telling iv privately about what mike said to her earlier NT - Anonymous
10:17PM 20/07/2005

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