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Jan and Kaysar Bathroom Talk - bennyb89
12:04AM 20/07/2005
Both are convinced that James dosent have a partner NT - bennyb89
12:06AM 20/07/2005

They are setting up the ground rules for the 'no sex' talk. - PlayinDead
12:05AM 20/07/2005
"We don't talk about that" repeated over 50 times now (mostly by Ivette, any surprise there?) NT - madmax131
12:09AM 20/07/2005

Beau in the hammock.. Mike in a recliner.. April comes out jumping on Beau. - PlayinDead
12:12AM 20/07/2005

April walking around.. looking for Ivette's charm?? - PlayinDead
12:15AM 20/07/2005
Michael was imitating BB - tntaangela
1:07AM 20/07/2005

Mike, Howie and Beau outside talking about height. Howie is six two and two hundred five pounds, Mike is six five and was two hundred five when he - Anonymous
12:19AM 20/07/2005
April was outside when he was saying this...in fact he was talking directly to her. NT - MOP
12:21AM 20/07/2005

Howie, Beau and Mike now head in. - PlayinDead
12:22AM 20/07/2005

Howie asked Beau what his honest opinion is of his sexuality... - callmejenn
12:23AM 20/07/2005

Howie about Janelle - PlayinDead
12:23AM 20/07/2005

Janelle has been taking off make-up, plucking eyebrows and now has some type of facial mask on - PlayinDead
12:28AM 20/07/2005

Mike stares at Janelle... - SouthernBelladonna
12:33AM 20/07/2005

hahaha Howie saying to Beau..I'll put a stop to this 'no sex' talk tomorrow..this is BB6, - PlayinDead
12:33AM 20/07/2005

Janelle popping/squeezing blackheads on her nose. - PlayinDead
12:35AM 20/07/2005

Howie/Jan/Kaysar and Mike in Kitchen - luvthemfish
12:51AM 20/07/2005

Howie: "I think I'm one of the most better looking Jedi Knights around" NT - Anonymous
1:11AM 20/07/2005

mike and jan outside - Anonymous
1:16AM 20/07/2005
janelle to mike> the real reason you were nominated was because of april and jenny NT - Hypnotoad
1:26AM 20/07/2005
<Mike to Janelle> Will you get rid of them for me? <Janelle to Mike> yes NT - James00
1:32AM 20/07/2005

Jan, Mike, Howie, Kay in kitchen - CruiseCritic
2:10AM 20/07/2005
Kaysar was helping with the dishes, Mike was on the floor. NT - Ahimsa
2:44AM 20/07/2005

Janelle and Mike in GR "Stupid Game" - DebbieInc
2:18AM 20/07/2005

Mike Janelle talk about Reality shows - DebbieInc
2:23AM 20/07/2005

Mike on the other HG's - DebbieInc
2:36AM 20/07/2005
Mike on Sarah: He said that she was very dependant and would be easily led by other's decisions. NT - Anonymous
2:46AM 20/07/2005

Mike on Kaysar & Howie - DebbieInc
2:40AM 20/07/2005

Mike On Janelle (to Janelle) - DebbieInc
2:43AM 20/07/2005
This was Jennifer ... NOT Janelle NT - Robnoxious
2:46AM 20/07/2005
No. It was indeed about Janelle. NT - Anonymous
2:48AM 20/07/2005

Mike on MIKE - DebbieInc
2:53AM 20/07/2005
When he goes on he says that Michael is a perfectionist in what he does and - Anonymous
3:00AM 20/07/2005
Mike also says: - Hypnotoad
2:58AM 20/07/2005
And wondered aloud if he had done this in vain (In context, I take this as ? his participation in this game. J said nothing. NT - Anonymous
3:03AM 20/07/2005

Lights out in GR Janelle & Mike - DebbieInc
3:16AM 20/07/2005

Kaysar laying up on his shoulders in bed in DEEP thought on F3 - lacycatherine
3:37AM 20/07/2005
He is looking at the wall. He counts, shakes his head, looks down and repeats these steps over and over. NT - lacycatherine
3:39AM 20/07/2005

Kaysar gets up - lacycatherine
3:44AM 20/07/2005
Kaysar examines it in the mirror - lacycatherine
3:48AM 20/07/2005

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