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April folding laundry. "Michael are these yours?" (holding up and item of clothing.) - joannie
2:18PM 20/07/2005
He says that he has some toilet paper she could have, tho. NT - Kat27
2:20PM 20/07/2005

Maggie is now at the washer and dryer with April. April says "to my knowledge that's not what the person said, - Disneyisme
2:21PM 20/07/2005

Eric comes into the kitchen. Female voice says, "Hi, Crabby!" - joannie
2:24PM 20/07/2005

In the kitchen now, Ivette walks by and says to Eric "hey crabby!" Howie starts to talk like he is talking to Erics kids - - Disneyisme
2:25PM 20/07/2005

M and Janie are in the pool kissing. NT - joannie
2:27PM 20/07/2005

Janelle is in the pool now with Mike, they are kissing here and there. Jan is on the raft now. NT - Disneyisme
2:28PM 20/07/2005

F1 close-up of Janelle's 'twin peaks' NT - joannie
2:31PM 20/07/2005

I only caught a blurb of the HG's inside talking about Mike and Jan - Disneyisme
2:38PM 20/07/2005
Talking about Janelle - DebbieInc
2:40PM 20/07/2005

Now Ivette is saying they are glad they have entertianment today, watching - Disneyisme
2:39PM 20/07/2005

The kitchen crew are eating some cookies that Ivette made using granola and other ingredients, everyone saying how good they are. NT - Disneyisme
2:40PM 20/07/2005

Inside April makes a comment about how insecurity is a bad, bad thing. Eric says - Disneyisme
2:42PM 20/07/2005
Eric and April are telling the others, "you're missing it! They are totally making out!" NT - Disneyisme
2:43PM 20/07/2005

BB: "HOH, please go to your room." The kitchen cult hoots and hollers. NT - joannie
2:43PM 20/07/2005

The kitchen crew says not to freak out because Rachel got called to her room too when she was HOH. NT - Disneyisme
2:44PM 20/07/2005

Eric in kitchen talking about Mike & Janelle - DebbieInc
2:44PM 20/07/2005
Eric gets HOH camera and takes pictures of Janelle and Mike NT - DebbieInc
2:45PM 20/07/2005

The feeds - CruiseCritic
2:45PM 20/07/2005

Eric comes out "it's picture time!" BB now put HG's outside on lockdown. NT - Disneyisme
2:45PM 20/07/2005

BB gives Eric the digital camera. He can't wait to run to the sliding glass door and take pics of - joannie
2:46PM 20/07/2005

Everyone ouside now - CruiseCritic
2:46PM 20/07/2005

Eric is taking a picture of Jan and Mike smiling pretty for the camera in the pool. NT - Disneyisme
2:46PM 20/07/2005

Mike and Janelle - CruiseCritic
2:49PM 20/07/2005

Misc Lockdown - CruiseCritic
2:51PM 20/07/2005

Feed 2 - - - the POOL - CruiseCritic
2:55PM 20/07/2005

Miek giving Janelle a foot massage in the pool NT - CruiseCritic
2:55PM 20/07/2005

Maggie and Jenn are getting tips on how to pose seductively with each other. - Disneyisme
2:57PM 20/07/2005

Mike and Jan now cuddling in pool...she is rubbing his shoulders NT - CruiseCritic
2:57PM 20/07/2005

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