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Topic #1952055
Caribou - Maggie and Eric left the patio after that convo with Janelle. Camera switched just as they were leaving GR 0 Replies #1952055 9:30PM 20/07/2005
Maggie - i can't worry about that conversation
Eric - no don't just walk away when they start ***** like that

Now they say they have to win HOH. Janelle is next to go. Maggie says she can't put her up because she gave her a vote today. Eric tells Maggie not to talk about votes.

Maggie tells Eric it's smarter to keep Janelle. Eric says no because she's strong. Maggie thought Jan promised to keep Eric safe. Eric says she didn't promise ***** to him. Maggie says ok.
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Topic #1952060
Anonymous - jan confronts maggie about the fake lips convo earlier 0 Replies #1952060 9:31PM 20/07/2005
Jam: Georgetown? American Univ?
Iv: no, she may not be in washington dc for sure.
iv: i figured three years goes so fast, ya know. jam: yah.
can see jans cigarette in the middle of the window.
iv: ijust want to shower i want to get on clothes.
jam looks unhappy.

jam: what did you get all dressed up for janelle?
jan: i just wanted to put on makeup, this is not all dressed up. hello i might be kicked out of this house do yo think i want to be looking like a complete...

jan to the girls; you dont think i get all done up do you? s: no i think you need natural. but i dont know what all done up is for you.

jan asking maggie who told you i got my lips done. that really hurt my feeelings because they are not fakethey are real. mag: i did not mean to hurt my feelings. if that hurt your feelings imsorry. jan: just like arnold said,its stupid.

how: ok lets clear the air, the only thing fake on janie is her boobies her fakecans. her tummy is real, her little neckline is real, her cheeks...

maggie got up and left and went inside. eric got up 15 secs later and followed.

jan goes back to the topic, whoever is saying that its stupid. its not anyone here, someone went to maggie and said that.

cam switches to eric and maggie. mag: i cant worry about that converstation. eric: just walkaway from that. mag: i gave her my vote today. eric: you what? i dont want to know aboutvotes. you cant talk aobut votes. she can do wahtever the f she wants. mag: i dont feel like we need to win this week. eric: yes we do.

eric saying she is the next to go up (jan). mag saying it would be smart to keep her. eric saying no, she is the strongest of ...

by ferretkiss....mods my password?

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Topic #1952067
Caribou - Eric - if I get put up some people might think that's the time to get me out cuz i'm a strong player NT 0 Replies #1952067 9:32PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1952104
Anonymous - eric not letting jan talk to maggie 0 Replies #1952104 9:38PM 20/07/2005
jan has come in to maggie stilltrying to talk about her hurt feelings about thel ips comment.

maggie doesnt get to talk because eric is taking over the conversation, first telling her she is not going home, janelle have a lesson learned thru me, i personalized something i shouldnt have personalized, that was wrong,i apologized for it, dont let somethig personal get to you.

jan keeps trying to ignoreeric and talk to maggie but eric keeps talking.
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Topic #1952140
Justin - Eric Talks To Ivette In The Shower. (Ivette The One In Shower) (Eric Outside The Shower) NT 0 Replies #1952140 9:42PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1952158
Caribou - Janelle and Rachel vow to play tomorrow (chess). Jennifer sitting there and says that 0 Replies #1952158 9:44PM 20/07/2005
Jan taught her how to play chess. Jan says no she didn't. Jenn says yes when you were playing Ashlea. Janelle is surprised at this. Then jennifer says "an ex-boyfriend tried to teach me but i learn better when someone beautiful is teaching me"
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Topic #1952163
Caribou - Eric telling Ivette that Janelle is next on his list and Mike dug his own grave. NT 0 Replies #1952163 9:44PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1952169
Anonymous - eric getting all loud and riled up again. 0 Replies #1952169 9:45PM 20/07/2005
eric getting riled up again, how much has he been drinking? he is in the bathroom talking to ivette in the shower.

er: if he would have tried that the first day he wuold not have been put up. if he would have just listened to me. janelle will be going home.
he dug his own fing grave. he buried himself. didnt shake my hand ornothing, you watch the tapes. i appreciate the fact that he shook my hand, he is goig to make amends with me. but i wont forget what he did to you, never.
iv: he doesnt know what to do with me.
er: same thing with kayser he doesnt know what to do with you. he is lost like a s*it house in the fog.
iv: there is not enough days for a second chance.
er: i said i help up my end of the bargain (talking about what he said to jan.)

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Topic #1952178
Caribou - James talking to Beau (Beau in bed with lights out). James says Kaysar is done because of what he did to Ivette AND because 0 Replies #1952178 9:47PM 20/07/2005
Kaysar is still hanging out with Mike and Janelle.
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Topic #1952203
Caribou - James convinced Maggie is gay. Beau agrees. James says Maggie doesn't want people to know 0 Replies #1952203 9:49PM 20/07/2005
because she doesn't want to be THE LESBIAN. They talk about how she never crosses her legs, sits with her legs spread wide open.

They both think she's completely shady. They don't think Maggie is partnered with April.
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Topic #1952242
Caribou - eric, beau and james in barracks ripping on mike 0 Replies #1952242 9:55PM 20/07/2005
Eric is pissed that Mike dares to socialize on this his last night. If he'd have listened to Eric a week ago...yada yada

Eric and James saying Mike is a f*** P***y

Eric says the fight wasn't right but the end result was good. Mike hasn't given anyone stink eye or hit on girls. So Eric feels justified. Eric says he was the only man, he went up and apologized, he's better than Mike basically. James says Mike's mind is out in left field whereas everyone else exists in reality.

Eric has had 5 beers tonight - says HE earned them. James was mad at Mike thinking he took a lot of beer in GR and wanted to go look. Eric told james he got his share. So James not upset now.
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Topic #1952247
Anonymous - beau in bed, talk with james and eric 0 Replies #1952247 9:56PM 20/07/2005
beau in bed in the dark talking to james. was some strategy talk about one guy who would be dying a slow death it will take 2 weeks but i dont know who.

someone has interrupted temporarily.

now back to talk...
jam: sits with her legs open all the time, no feminine posture.. [talking about one of the girls but who??]
beau: she probably doesnt want to be outed because people would think her and beau have an alliance.
jam: i know she is with someonebut i just need a couple days to figure it out. their personalities just rub wrong because april being the very materialistic girl and maggie covers up at the pool, i dont see them having anything to do with each other.

iv interrupting again.

eric talking about drinking his share of the beers that he earned, this is his 4th or 5th. beau laughing.

eric: he is toast michael has xx twice tonight that f'in pu**y. first time i talked to him a week and a half ago... [didnt notice eric was in there earlier...] eric keep repeating he is toast he is in la la land.

i wasnt supposed to talk about this its no big deal, but im not saying what i did was the right thing but the results have been effective, he has not given anyone the stinkeye, he has not licked a girl. but james was right, he won that night, he won. but of course i was the man who had to walk up and apologize. beau: of course you are the bigger man. eric: he doesnt have the ba**s.

now sarah is there and talk turns to who has had how much to drink.

by ferretkiss...my password mods?
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Topic #1952279
luvthemfish - Michael: 'if is has a big mouth and a fat A**, shoot it' (about Ivette) NT 0 Replies #1952279 10:02PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1952287
Caribou - Mike and jan on patio smoking and eating. Mike says Ivette is vile person. 0 Replies #1952287 10:03PM 20/07/2005
Now onto April. Mike says April is sick. Said he said something very pungent to April tonight and he'll let Janelle know what it was later.

Mike planning tomorrow night to go out to 10 (a bar?) with the guys and get ***** faced and have such a good time.
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Topic #1952302
SassyPrncess - Mike: Howie? Isn't there a bench you can press? 0 Replies #1952302 10:06PM 20/07/2005
(Wanting to be alone with Janelle) LOL
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Topic #1952306
Caribou - Mike and Janelle kissing on patio while Howie watches and listens. Howie gives commentary about wanting Jan badly. 10 mins this went on at least NT 0 Replies #1952306 10:08PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1952313
Caribou - Mike - jennifer is a **** fat sasquatch with very bad breath. Howie agrees her breath is really bad. So does Jan. NT 0 Replies #1952313 10:09PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1952315
Anonymous - Feed 1 - classic Howie making comments trying to disrupt Janelle & Mike while they are making out... 0 Replies #1952315 10:09PM 20/07/2005
oh just give me one of those kisses...

M: what are you going to do, jerk off?

H: yeah!
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Topic #1952326
Caribou - Mike to Howie - do you like watching us kiss? Howie - yea. wish i could see around the hair tho. i can hearing the (slurping) noises NT 0 Replies #1952326 10:10PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1952342
Caribou - Howie really wants everyone out except Mike, Jan, Kaysar. Howie really fears James 0 Replies #1952342 10:12PM 20/07/2005
Janelle really pissed at the "texas whores" as she calls them.

Janelle wants to make a backup plan in case Maggie gets HOH.

Jan and Mike back to kissing while Howie watches. Howie grabbed Jan's ass because he wanted to be involved.
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Topic #1952356
Caribou - Janelle - oh April you whore, shut up. She's looking across here because we're looking at her. 0 Replies #1952356 10:14PM 20/07/2005
Janelle really wants Jennifer and April out NOW. Howie telling her not to personalize it and to be strategic.

BB: Mike, please stop singing!

Janelle telling Howie she's not personalizing. Her argument is weak. Howie still counselling her to be strategic and not emotional. Howie brings up Ciara and Roddy etc. from past seasons. Janelle really pissed about the texas women!
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Topic #1952364
Caribou - Mike - Ivette is a fat disgusting slob who... Janelle - should be cleaning my floors in Miami NT 0 Replies #1952364 10:14PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1952378
Caribou - Mike to Janelle - you want to lay on the hammock with me? 0 Replies #1952378 10:16PM 20/07/2005
Mike tells Howie to stay there.

Mike and Jan walk over to hammock. Mike asks if she really likes him and how much. Jan says yes and alot more than normal, she doesn't like most people.

Now they're on the hammock swinging. Hammock creaks reallllllllly loudly.
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Topic #1952383
gymborebel - April is telling Invette NT 0 Replies #1952383 10:16PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1952388
Anonymous - april telling iv privately about what mike said to her earlier NT 0 Replies #1952388 10:17PM 20/07/2005
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