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April and Ivette in kitchen. April saying Rachel really wants to win this thing. - CougarSpy
9:40AM 20/07/2005

Jennifer drempt that she signed up for the - mosiegirl4
9:44AM 20/07/2005
Ooops.. my error.. it was his wife Julie - mosiegirl4
9:56AM 20/07/2005
Not Julie Chen...His wife Julie NT - Anonymous
9:49AM 20/07/2005

Ivette says that Beau - mosiegirl4
9:47AM 20/07/2005

Ivette getting picky about napkins - mosiegirl4
9:55AM 20/07/2005

Ivette talking about her brother - lacycatherine
9:56AM 20/07/2005

F3/4 - Eric/Ivette/James/Sarah in kitchen - CougarSpy
9:57AM 20/07/2005

Bug in Jennifer's hair and they all freak out NT - lacycatherine
10:01AM 20/07/2005

April putting on war paint and fixing her hair. NT - Anonymous
10:01AM 20/07/2005

Sarah is telling about a dream she had last night .. - lacycatherine
10:05AM 20/07/2005

BB voice, “Rachel, please go to the diary room.” Rachel yells, “First up.” NT - CougarSpy
10:10AM 20/07/2005

Girls getting ready for the day, hair and makeup. James in the shower..... - bubbles6moose
10:47AM 20/07/2005
After Howie got up and walked into the WC, the girls were saying he did a great job cleaning the house. Howie said it was Kaysar. One of them talked - CougarSpy
10:57AM 20/07/2005

Howie uses the WC..... - bubbles6moose
10:52AM 20/07/2005

Now HG's walking around saying "love it" "fabulous" just like beau taught howie NT - bubbles6moose
10:53AM 20/07/2005

Howie rubbing Janelle's neck outside on F1 and 2 NT - lacycatherine
10:59AM 20/07/2005
Howie is outside with Janelle. He is massaging her shoulders and talking about what CBS probably showed last night. He said definitely the fight and - CougarSpy
11:28AM 20/07/2005
talking strategy, getting rid of ivette, and how james has been sucked up by eric's alliance (howie is actually playing this game?) NT - madmax131
11:05AM 20/07/2005

Janie and Howie talk strategy- put up eric and james - Anonymous
11:04AM 20/07/2005

Rachel talking to Janelle and Kaysar in the BY about Colorado and Scotsdale AZ NT - bubbles6moose
11:21AM 20/07/2005
Rachel and Janelle were also talking about similarities between them. Their parents divorced when they were both young (one at 4 and the other at 11) - CougarSpy
11:27AM 20/07/2005

kaysar to m: would u be offended if i didnt vote for you - Anonymous
11:40AM 20/07/2005
2 minutes later, J to M: Maybe you're moody since Howie and Kaysar were both "Would you mind if we didnt vote for you?" NT - Tyburn
11:45AM 20/07/2005

janie to m: they are going to keep me in - Anonymous
11:41AM 20/07/2005

Looking into each other's eyes, Mike whispers to Janelle: How do you feel about me? Janelle: I really like you. NT - Augustkm
11:46AM 20/07/2005

LR - FISH - LR - FISH - Kitchen - FISH - Kitchen - FISH. And so on... (No, not a joke, that's what's happening...) NT - John_DK_
12:00PM 20/07/2005
They keep talking about celebrities and movies and music and various other copyrighted materials. NT - Tyburn
12:17PM 20/07/2005

Eric and Ivette (there were others there. Not sure who) talking in the LR... - bubbles6moose
12:00PM 20/07/2005

Howie is asking Jann if she likes it when men - Anonymous
12:01PM 20/07/2005

Janelle is giving Rachel a makeover. - PlayinDead
12:22PM 20/07/2005

Michael has now joined the group. - PlayinDead
12:30PM 20/07/2005

Michael talking about how he has never done a lot ot drugs... maybe a little pot... - PlayinDead
12:34PM 20/07/2005

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