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Topic #1946996
bennyb89 - Jan and Kaysar Bathroom Talk 1 Replies #1946996 12:04AM 20/07/2005
Janelle swears she dosent know anyone in the house. Kaysar beleives her.
She does a good job of explaining why she dosent have a pair.

Apparently Beau has been sucking up to Jan, in case she wins HOH, so she wont put him up. She dosent buy it for a second.
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bennyb89 - Both are convinced that James dosent have a partner NT #1947008 12:06AM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1947002
PlayinDead - They are setting up the ground rules for the 'no sex' talk. 1 Replies #1947002 12:05AM 20/07/2005
Kissing on the lips is OK, no tongue, no cooters, no panties or boobies. Howie wants to nominate anyone who voted for this.
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madmax131 - "We don't talk about that" repeated over 50 times now (mostly by Ivette, any surprise there?) NT #1947022 12:09AM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1947029
PlayinDead - Beau in the hammock.. Mike in a recliner.. April comes out jumping on Beau. 0 Replies #1947029 12:12AM 20/07/2005
Beau is laughing about Howie's reaction to the 'no sex talk'
"It's only been 15 minutes and already he's going crazy"
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Topic #1947040
PlayinDead - April walking around.. looking for Ivette's charm?? 1 Replies #1947040 12:15AM 20/07/2005
BB:April..put on your microphone... so she won't talk to anyone.
Mike trying to talk with a Texas accent.. sounding really dumb.
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tntaangela - Michael was imitating BB #1947136 1:07AM 20/07/2005
BB had already told April to put on her mike, but she didn't want to wake the others doing it... so she wasn't replying to Mike's question about if his imitation of a Texas accent was good or not... then he repeated BB telling her to put on her mike and saying "oh, that's why she won't talk to anyone"... sort of answering himself about why she wasn't talking all the sudden.
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Topic #1947051
Anonymous - Mike, Howie and Beau outside talking about height. Howie is six two and two hundred five pounds, Mike is six five and was two hundred five when he 1 Replies #1947051 12:19AM 20/07/2005
came into the house. I'm sure he said six five. He said he was three inches taller than Howie. Mike was also trying out his southern texas drawl and kept yelling for April to tell him if he was doing it right. I didn't see April outside, so I think he was making fun of her drawl.
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MOP - April was outside when he was saying this...in fact he was talking directly to her. NT #1947062 12:21AM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1947065
PlayinDead - Howie, Beau and Mike now head in. 0 Replies #1947065 12:22AM 20/07/2005
Howie asked Beau what sexuality he thought Howie was... Beau replied Bi... definately Bi-curious. Howie says he will process that.
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Topic #1947070
callmejenn - Howie asked Beau what his honest opinion is of his sexuality... 0 Replies #1947070 12:23AM 20/07/2005
Beau says that he thinks that Howie is bi-sexual...or at least bi-curious.

Howie says he will take that into consideration.

Beau is really hyper, tiptoeing around the common bedroom and is now telling Ivette what Howie just said.
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Topic #1947073
PlayinDead - Howie about Janelle 0 Replies #1947073 12:23AM 20/07/2005
He could make out and finger bang her for hours.
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Topic #1947085
PlayinDead - Janelle has been taking off make-up, plucking eyebrows and now has some type of facial mask on 0 Replies #1947085 12:28AM 20/07/2005
Very at ease with Mike and Kaysar seeing her with this on. This process has been going on for about 20 minutes.
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Topic #1947093
SouthernBelladonna - Mike stares at Janelle... 0 Replies #1947093 12:33AM 20/07/2005
...very intensly.

(ed. the room crackles with sexual tension!)

He whispers, "I like looking at you."

J:I like looking at you too, Michael.
J:Because you're beautiful
M:So are you.
J No I'm not.

Mike makes a muscle "for her" They laugh.

Mike says he has to say his prayers. To help with the bad thoughts. Jan leaves the bathroom. Mike kneels and prays for a couple minutes.
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Topic #1947096
PlayinDead - hahaha Howie saying to Beau..I'll put a stop to this 'no sex' talk tomorrow..this is BB6, 0 Replies #1947096 12:33AM 20/07/2005
We'll talk about whatever we want. if i don't get any boobies...i'm gonna talk about them.
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Topic #1947102
PlayinDead - Janelle popping/squeezing blackheads on her nose. 0 Replies #1947102 12:35AM 20/07/2005
The cameraman zeroing right in for a close up.
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Topic #1947125
luvthemfish - Howie/Jan/Kaysar and Mike in Kitchen 0 Replies #1947125 12:51AM 20/07/2005
Howie is whining at Janie for conditioning her boobies in front of him.....Kaysar says it's her armpits.
Kaysar has some lotion on his hands, can't hold his glass now he says.
Kaysar left the kitchen
Janelle tells them she's done a mens magazine, can't tell them which one.
She says she will be in Maxim in Germany this summer (shot at Miami last fall)
H. Did you get good money for it
J. It was like 900 dollars, I just do it for extra money
Discuss that Janelle wants to do real estate.
She doesn't want to do commercials, not the coolest job in the world.
Mike is making a snack in the microwave.

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Topic #1947141
Anonymous - Howie: "I think I'm one of the most better looking Jedi Knights around" NT 0 Replies #1947141 1:11AM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1947147
Anonymous - mike and jan outside 2 Replies #1947147 1:16AM 20/07/2005
Howie did a few bowflex, bored, gets up. Kayser in the shower., washing. Everyone else is in bed or off camera (think mike and jan still up.). Now Howie and mike fake boxing. Kay has shower off and fixing hairin the shower and drying off in the shower. how walking around house. kay making faces in shower as he dries off. how doing bowflex again. kay putting on shorts.

kay out of shower, how in there. talking about jedi, howie doing jedi things in the mirror and making sounds. mike and jan outside, jan smoking. jan says yes i like you a lot. smiling at mike.

mike:lets not speak with the cameras on, we willspeak with them off. tell me about miami. jan: its really fun, it can be what you want it to be. i lived in la. i like miami so much more, i really like it. mike peppering her with questions about miami.

jan: miami beach is the place to go. i live in south beach. mike: so if i take a boat to the bahamas where do i leave from. jan: you can leave from a lot of places. jan: i live on 395 its right where the cruise ships take off. sometimes i run by there and its all lit up and its beautiful.

mike: i went on one when i was a kid, 7 years old, i went all alone. (now kidding, i went with my family.)

jan: what else, most of the art deco district is beautiful. its relaxing, everyone knows everyone. its an island. mike: how do you get to the mainland? jan: by the bridges they built. mike: how far away is the mainland? jan: about 3 minutes.

jan: im tellng you in the winter its the best season. the water is warm, its so warm, its like bathwater. its fun, but sometimes in the winter there are a lot of people, tourits.

mike: miami, its a spanish word but i dont know what it means. [actually its native american.]

jan: my neighbor she is like 83, so i help her out. she needs redecorating tips. her apartment smells like old lady. mike peppers her with questions again. she lives by herself, her husband died 9 years ago, he was in the navy, he died of a heart attack.

etc. etc. etc.

by ferretkiss

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Hypnotoad - janelle to mike> the real reason you were nominated was because of april and jenny NT #1947154 1:26AM 20/07/2005
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James00 - <Mike to Janelle> Will you get rid of them for me? <Janelle to Mike> yes NT #1947162 1:32AM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1947189
CruiseCritic - Jan, Mike, Howie, Kay in kitchen 1 Replies #1947189 2:10AM 20/07/2005
Janelle just finished the dishes with help from Mike. Kaysar sitting on kitchen floor. Howie and Mike drying dishes and putting them away. Janelle just went out of kitchen. Howie told Mike that he is lucky that he is laying with Janelle.
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Ahimsa - Kaysar was helping with the dishes, Mike was on the floor. NT #1947209 2:44AM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1947191
DebbieInc - Janelle and Mike in GR "Stupid Game" 0 Replies #1947191 2:18AM 20/07/2005
Mike and Janelle laying on bed. Mike saying that on national TV..embarassing when vote is 12-1 to evict him. Janelle says that Kaysar and Howie will vote for him to stay. Mike calls it a "stupid game"...

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Topic #1947193
DebbieInc - Mike Janelle talk about Reality shows 0 Replies #1947193 2:23AM 20/07/2005
Mike feeling regret that he hadn't watched enough BB to know the game. Said his 'friend' ( i'm assuming Kaysar) kept telling him "You gotta do it..you gotta do it". Says he wished he had went on Amazing Race instead, since it sounds more his speed.
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Topic #1947201
DebbieInc - Mike on the other HG's 1 Replies #1947201 2:36AM 20/07/2005
Mike on Sarah: Comes from a normal family. Suburban lifestyle. Probably some junior college. Very independent. Yet extraordinarily indecisive.
Mike On Beau: Tries to sound more wordly than is. Loves being gay and flaunts it. A bit sneaky..But means well. Really likes superficial friendships.
Mike on Ivette: Feels that her family has been targeted all her life. Comes from troubled background. That bothers her. Horrible resentment towards others. Very jealous of others. Beleives she's strong, but is very weak.
Mike on Eric: Struggled whole life for being little. Took steroids to feel better. Not good enough to bodybuild as a pro. Looking for any type of comfort zone and security from ppl. Hence him being a firefighter. Cant think for himself.
Mike on James: Raised in stern family. No love. Parents strict. Feels as if he's fought for opinions. Knows useless info to back up all his 'facts'. Sore loser.
M on Maggi\e: Goodhearted. Blessed background. Secure and strong. Astute, bright and sweet. Likes yto help ppl
Mike on Rachel: Book smart. Sharp. Good reader. Outdoorsy type person. open range type. Lonely, w/ few friends. Not a risk-taker.
April: Likes to say she's the 'good girl' . But is really a nympho. Is jealous if not center of attention. Quick to reprimand others. Bitter. Fairly sweet from time to time.
Jennifer: Extremely insecure. Untrustworthy. Has cheated on BF many times. Meandering thru life w/ no direction. Hoping for a Prince Charming. Will settle for anyone. Is close to parents. Has a few screws loose. Probably has some psychological disorders in family.
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Anonymous - Mike on Sarah: He said that she was very dependant and would be easily led by other's decisions. NT #1947212 2:46AM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1947204
DebbieInc - Mike on Kaysar & Howie 0 Replies #1947204 2:40AM 20/07/2005
He's probably brightest person in house. Strong set of morals and values. Truthful and trustworthy. Comes from very different background. Can do anthing in life.

On Howie: Has no shame. Mischievous child "Dennis the Menace". Has balls of steel. Quite difficult as a child, but has gotten past that. Personality shows what a great guy he is. Loves life. Never truly unhappy.
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Topic #1947206
DebbieInc - Mike On Janelle (to Janelle) 2 Replies #1947206 2:43AM 20/07/2005
Has always been beautiful. Has taken this as an opportunity to get what she wants. Knows how to control ppl (in a good way). Uses beauty, although is very bright even without looks. Never stays in one occupation more than a year. Likes to expand and try different things.

After this , Janelle tells Mike.."NO"..you're wrong". Mike attempts to re-evaluate her.
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Robnoxious - This was Jennifer ... NOT Janelle NT #1947214 2:46AM 20/07/2005
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Anonymous - No. It was indeed about Janelle. NT #1947217 2:48AM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1947222
DebbieInc - Mike on MIKE 3 Replies #1947222 2:53AM 20/07/2005
Michael : Tremendous temper. Has ability to grow . Can take negative experiences and make positive. Extremely unusual childhood. Knows everybody, but is alone in the world. Always searching to improve himself. Has tried numerous different ventures.

Mike stops and says " Janelle, I can't. This is so bizarre talking about myself". She asks that he continue. He obliges. Goes on a minute, but never really says much.

Mike: " I shouldn't have done that one. That was terrible".
Janelle: " It was not terrible".

They kiss...and stare at the ceiling.

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Anonymous - When he goes on he says that Michael is a perfectionist in what he does and #1947230 3:00AM 20/07/2005
that Michael is an old man--in his eighties sitting with a cup of tea watching a fire in his big house alone, thinking about how he used up so much of his life doing things for people. After he says this part, he says, "That was terrible." He says he shouldn't have done "that one" (meaning that characer analysis). Janelle says that she liked it. He is under a cover, and she has a leg thrown over his abdomen and legs and an arm across his chest. She kisses him a few times. I think she really enjoyed this analysis stuff. She respects the intelligence that his thoughtful descriptions reveal. He managed to do very well reasoned descriptions without rancor and without looking solely from the perspective of his unpleasant experiences in the houses.
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Hypnotoad - Mike also says: #1947228 2:58AM 20/07/2005
He sees himself old and alone in his home looking at the fireplace while having a drink.

After saying that he feels "terrible"
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Anonymous - And wondered aloud if he had done this in vain (In context, I take this as ? his participation in this game. J said nothing. NT #1947233 3:03AM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1947238
DebbieInc - Lights out in GR Janelle & Mike 0 Replies #1947238 3:16AM 20/07/2005
Janelle gives Michael a very relaxing backrub- Straddling him- She gets up and finally turns off the lights in the Gold Room. They get under the covers. Micheal appears to be almost asleep. Howie comes in, and says they're such a cute couple. Howie asks where Kaysar is. Janelle doesn't know. Howie goes to look for him. Micheal is dead to the world, while Janelle spoons him.
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Topic #1947242
lacycatherine - Kaysar laying up on his shoulders in bed in DEEP thought on F3 1 Replies #1947242 3:37AM 20/07/2005
using his fingers to count.
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lacycatherine - He is looking at the wall. He counts, shakes his head, looks down and repeats these steps over and over. NT #1947243 3:39AM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1947244
lacycatherine - Kaysar gets up 1 Replies #1947244 3:44AM 20/07/2005
and goes into the living room. He then walks into the dining room and to the kitchen. He looks at the gum ball machine. He walks to the exercise room. He stands at the wall of pictures looking at it. He walks back through the living room by the fish tank looking at something on the table. He looks at it a couple of times. He picks it up. It looks like the same thing that helped Rachel find the gold room.
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lacycatherine - Kaysar examines it in the mirror #1947248 3:48AM 20/07/2005
to see if he can read anything on it. He does this a couple of times (like to see if itís backwards). He looks like he is trying to pick something off of it. He takes the item with him and sits on the couch in the living room. He is looking at it from every angle.
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