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Topic #1948264
CougarSpy - April and Ivette in kitchen. April saying Rachel really wants to win this thing. 0 Replies #1948264 9:40AM 20/07/2005
A - When we were on the surfboard, she wanted to win this thing.
I – What did she say?
A - Not having a job when she gets out.
A – She talked Howie into jumping off.

J, M, S, okay with not having it. Got to Rachel and said she said nothing. Got to me and Ashlea…

Conversation interrupted by Eric and James. Everyone is saying Howie did the cleaning. James speaks up and says he told Kaysar last night if they found anything in back yard, they were going to put dishes in the gold room.

April is bitching about Michael telling her to go on a diet to gain weight. Eric says what does he know? April says her hubby likes the way she is.

M – What did he say?
I - Told her she was to skinny and had to start eating.
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Topic #1948292
mosiegirl4 - Jennifer drempt that she signed up for the 2 Replies #1948292 9:44AM 20/07/2005
Farting competition.. Then Eric says he had a dream about him and Julie Chen and how he was getting down and dirty doing the nasty !
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mosiegirl4 - Ooops.. my error.. it was his wife Julie #1948373 9:56AM 20/07/2005
I guess when i heard him say Julie, the first one that came to my mind was Julie Chen... sorry about that.
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Anonymous - Not Julie Chen...His wife Julie NT #1948327 9:49AM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1948310
mosiegirl4 - Ivette says that Beau 0 Replies #1948310 9:47AM 20/07/2005
Was totally obnoxious last night.

One of the girls says he sprayed the bedroom with RightGuard.

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Topic #1948361
mosiegirl4 - Ivette getting picky about napkins 0 Replies #1948361 9:55AM 20/07/2005
She is talking about restaurants that only give you one napkin and about how she hates the dispensers at McD's.

Now they are talking about those tiny little stir spoons that McD's used to have.

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Topic #1948370
lacycatherine - Ivette talking about her brother 0 Replies #1948370 9:56AM 20/07/2005
I – he is a guy guy but he is very anal and very clean.

She demonstrates some of the things he does. Like the way he closes the fridge.

Then they start talking about how annoyed they get when restaurants give them too napkins and the different types of napkins dispensers they have.

In the Kitchen on F 3 and 4 are Ivette, Jennifer, Rachel, Sarah, Maggie, Eric, April and James. All of the rest appear to be sleeping on F1 and 2.

Then FISH when Ivette starts singing

I- I bet you get on to your kids about being sloppy
E - Joseph is a slob
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Topic #1948375
CougarSpy - F3/4 - Eric/Ivette/James/Sarah in kitchen 0 Replies #1948375 9:57AM 20/07/2005
Eric – I had a dream about Julie…oh, my god.
I - ???
E – I was getting down and dirty, it was on…
E – I woke up and go no more thoughts.
I – here comes Sarah…???
I - Did she get lost?
Did you wake up happy? Are you ready to go.

Eric was talking about tuna. Someone says it was in the storage room. Cappy brings some out. Ivette asks if he is going to eat tuna this early. Eric comments he’s been up since 6:30.

James saying Beau wouldn’t get off his bed last night.

Sarah asking about sugar. Eric and Ivette chime it’s in storage.

James talks about how he can’t eat tuna anymore. Said he smelled Jenny’s yesterday. [I didn’t hear reason why.]

Ivette saying didn’t you hear the announcement this morning. [I believe it was that voting would begin in an hour.]

Ivette going on about Eric getting the smallest bowl to put the tuna in to make his tuna mixture. Eric is making a miss trying to stir the mayo in it. She is talking about how Eric thinks he’s cleaning with napkins.

I – Here my little Jew.
E – If Julie is watching this, she is probably pissing her pants.

James talking about apple-cinnamon.

[Most of conversation is boring…I missed parts, but that was some of it.]

Maggie and Jennifer in kitchen now…

Ivette going on about her brother…that he’s a guy guy….but he is very clean and very anal. Ivette showing Eric how to get a napkin with “his little numbs” [her words].

More restaurants, Ivette complaining that most restaurants only give you one. Annoying McDonalds’ dispenser.

Maggie’s going on about cup dispensers. Eric talking about spoons and how drug addicts use them.

James throws in many people don’t think the Holocaust existed…


They are back with more idle chatter…time for me to switch feeds for something better…
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Topic #1948397
lacycatherine - Bug in Jennifer's hair and they all freak out NT 0 Replies #1948397 10:01AM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1948398
Anonymous - April putting on war paint and fixing her hair. NT 0 Replies #1948398 10:01AM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1948405
lacycatherine - Sarah is telling about a dream she had last night .. 0 Replies #1948405 10:05AM 20/07/2005
She said that it combines her work and being on big brother. She hires all new people and they get voted off until there is one. Then she said that Ashlea came back. The camera was on Maggie's face and her eye's got really big.
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Topic #1948421
CougarSpy - BB voice, “Rachel, please go to the diary room.” Rachel yells, “First up.” NT 0 Replies #1948421 10:10AM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1948588
bubbles6moose - Girls getting ready for the day, hair and makeup. James in the shower..... 1 Replies #1948588 10:47AM 20/07/2005
BB: April please go to the diary room.
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CougarSpy - After Howie got up and walked into the WC, the girls were saying he did a great job cleaning the house. Howie said it was Kaysar. One of them talked #1948640 10:57AM 20/07/2005
about how the ashtrays were washed and very clean too. Howie joked about how Kaysar lives in a Palace and has lots of maids. He picked up his spotless cleaning by watching them.

Howie called Jennifer his “little Mexican-American cheerleader.”
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Topic #1948614
bubbles6moose - Howie uses the WC..... 0 Replies #1948614 10:52AM 20/07/2005
Then Janelle goes in and finds an open condem in there. and Howie is trying to figure out who had the open condiment (his words!!) which the girls all beleive that Howie planted it there.
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Topic #1948620
bubbles6moose - Now HG's walking around saying "love it" "fabulous" just like beau taught howie NT 0 Replies #1948620 10:53AM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1948650
lacycatherine - Howie rubbing Janelle's neck outside on F1 and 2 NT 2 Replies #1948650 10:59AM 20/07/2005
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CougarSpy - Howie is outside with Janelle. He is massaging her shoulders and talking about what CBS probably showed last night. He said definitely the fight and #1948779 11:28AM 20/07/2005
probably Janelle and Michael’s romance. He goes on and on in his Howie speak about Janelle and Michael and CBS showing their romance.
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madmax131 - talking strategy, getting rid of ivette, and how james has been sucked up by eric's alliance (howie is actually playing this game?) NT #1948672 11:05AM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1948668
Anonymous - Janie and Howie talk strategy- put up eric and james 0 Replies #1948668 11:04AM 20/07/2005
Janie says she will put up eric and james instead of ivette so they cant compete for each other

howie says his days are numbered too
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Topic #1948748
bubbles6moose - Rachel talking to Janelle and Kaysar in the BY about Colorado and Scotsdale AZ NT 1 Replies #1948748 11:21AM 20/07/2005
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CougarSpy - Rachel and Janelle were also talking about similarities between them. Their parents divorced when they were both young (one at 4 and the other at 11) #1948776 11:27AM 20/07/2005
They comment too about similar complexions and having birth marks. Kaysar asks if they are cousins. They don’t think so. Rachel made a comment about Janelle is younger and has longer legs.

The three of them talk about Denver, Arizona. Janelle asks if Denver has the cleanest air. Rachel says no. Kaysar comments that Norway (Denmark) is very clean and beautiful.

[It was a very pleasant and enjoyable conversation.]
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Topic #1948816
Anonymous - kaysar to m: would u be offended if i didnt vote for you 1 Replies #1948816 11:40AM 20/07/2005
janie: you cant even give him one vote?

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Tyburn - 2 minutes later, J to M: Maybe you're moody since Howie and Kaysar were both "Would you mind if we didnt vote for you?" NT #1948836 11:45AM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1948819
Anonymous - janie to m: they are going to keep me in 0 Replies #1948819 11:41AM 20/07/2005
mike: you dont have to explain to me, baby, i cant wait to get out of this place
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Topic #1948842
Augustkm - Looking into each other's eyes, Mike whispers to Janelle: How do you feel about me? Janelle: I really like you. NT 0 Replies #1948842 11:46AM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1948923
John_DK_ - LR - FISH - LR - FISH - Kitchen - FISH - Kitchen - FISH. And so on... (No, not a joke, that's what's happening...) NT 1 Replies #1948923 12:00PM 20/07/2005
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Tyburn - They keep talking about celebrities and movies and music and various other copyrighted materials. NT #1949007 12:17PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1948926
bubbles6moose - Eric and Ivette (there were others there. Not sure who) talking in the LR... 0 Replies #1948926 12:00PM 20/07/2005
about Mirah Carey and her wonderful singing ability. then on and off fish
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Topic #1948933
Anonymous - Howie is asking Jann if she likes it when men 0 Replies #1948933 12:01PM 20/07/2005
go down on her, and she and Mike are having a conversation and shes ignoring *perverted* Howie
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Topic #1949029
PlayinDead - Janelle is giving Rachel a makeover. 0 Replies #1949029 12:22PM 20/07/2005
Jennifer and Kaysar are watching.
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Topic #1949070
PlayinDead - Michael has now joined the group. 0 Replies #1949070 12:30PM 20/07/2005
Kaysar is REALLY interested in the process.
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Topic #1949089
PlayinDead - Michael talking about how he has never done a lot ot drugs... maybe a little pot... 0 Replies #1949089 12:34PM 20/07/2005
and about of friend one time in Berkley and we get FISH.
We come back and he is finishing his story... saying he will never do it again.
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