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Topic #1949635
joannie - April folding laundry. "Michael are these yours?" (holding up and item of clothing.) 1 Replies #1949635 2:18PM 20/07/2005
April: "If you leave can I have them?"

Michael: "No, my sister wants them."

April: "Well, I washed them. I'll remember that."
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Kat27 - He says that he has some toilet paper she could have, tho. NT #1949646 2:20PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1949651
Disneyisme - Maggie is now at the washer and dryer with April. April says "to my knowledge that's not what the person said, 0 Replies #1949651 2:21PM 20/07/2005
maybe it was something else." This conversation is hard to hear and understand, but basically April is telling Maggie a certain conversation didn't pertain to her and Maggie made a relieved sound.
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Topic #1949665
joannie - Eric comes into the kitchen. Female voice says, "Hi, Crabby!" 0 Replies #1949665 2:24PM 20/07/2005
Eric: "I'M crabby?!"
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Topic #1949669
Disneyisme - In the kitchen now, Ivette walks by and says to Eric "hey crabby!" Howie starts to talk like he is talking to Erics kids - 0 Replies #1949669 2:25PM 20/07/2005
"So Danielle and Joseph, did you really think your daddy was going to jump over lawn furniture and chase somebody down in the BB household?" (he is laughing) Eric says "he'd say yea, when somebody chases 'me' down."
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Topic #1949671
joannie - M and Janie are in the pool kissing. NT 0 Replies #1949671 2:27PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1949675
Disneyisme - Janelle is in the pool now with Mike, they are kissing here and there. Jan is on the raft now. NT 0 Replies #1949675 2:28PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1949686
joannie - F1 close-up of Janelle's 'twin peaks' NT 0 Replies #1949686 2:31PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1949706
Disneyisme - I only caught a blurb of the HG's inside talking about Mike and Jan 1 Replies #1949706 2:38PM 20/07/2005
making out and Ivette yells (to the kitchen crew) "I hope he doesn't burp while your making out with him."
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DebbieInc - Talking about Janelle #1949711 2:40PM 20/07/2005
Ivette: " She;s kissing the one, while wearing the bracelet from the other one." " C'mon Janelle..ur representing all money hungry waitress ho's everywhere."
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Topic #1949708
Disneyisme - Now Ivette is saying they are glad they have entertianment today, watching 0 Replies #1949708 2:39PM 20/07/2005
them out in the pool from the inside. Ivette says "hey if she likes man boobies, by all means..." then FISH
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Topic #1949712
Disneyisme - The kitchen crew are eating some cookies that Ivette made using granola and other ingredients, everyone saying how good they are. NT 0 Replies #1949712 2:40PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1949718
Disneyisme - Inside April makes a comment about how insecurity is a bad, bad thing. Eric says 1 Replies #1949718 2:42PM 20/07/2005
"isn't it? Especially when there is someone here to pray on it." They are all at the kitchen window totally watching Jan and Mike in the pool, like they are watching a porno.
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Disneyisme - Eric and April are telling the others, "you're missing it! They are totally making out!" NT #1949724 2:43PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1949722
joannie - BB: "HOH, please go to your room." The kitchen cult hoots and hollers. NT 0 Replies #1949722 2:43PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1949730
Disneyisme - The kitchen crew says not to freak out because Rachel got called to her room too when she was HOH. NT 0 Replies #1949730 2:44PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1949733
DebbieInc - Eric in kitchen talking about Mike & Janelle 1 Replies #1949733 2:44PM 20/07/2005
" He thinks he's something because he got her". "Chicks like that come a dime a dozen."

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DebbieInc - Eric gets HOH camera and takes pictures of Janelle and Mike NT #1949741 2:45PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1949739
CruiseCritic - The feeds 0 Replies #1949739 2:45PM 20/07/2005
F1 & F2 Mike and Jan haging on raft facing eachother with sunglasses on....look very serious.
F3 & 4 Kitchen and now shot of eric coming donwstairs.
Lockdown - OUTISE. please go outside and lock sliding glass doors
FISH on 3
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Topic #1949740
Disneyisme - Eric comes out "it's picture time!" BB now put HG's outside on lockdown. NT 0 Replies #1949740 2:45PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1949748
joannie - BB gives Eric the digital camera. He can't wait to run to the sliding glass door and take pics of 0 Replies #1949748 2:46PM 20/07/2005
M and J making out in the pool.
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Topic #1949749
CruiseCritic - Everyone ouside now 0 Replies #1949749 2:46PM 20/07/2005
Mike and Janelle just had a pretty nice kiss on F1
All other HG are around table and Eric took a picture.
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Topic #1949753
Disneyisme - Eric is taking a picture of Jan and Mike smiling pretty for the camera in the pool. NT 0 Replies #1949753 2:46PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1949764
CruiseCritic - Mike and Janelle 0 Replies #1949764 2:49PM 20/07/2005
are acting totally in love - glaring into eachothers eyes and cuddling in the pool on F1 and F2
Fish on three
Backyard looking at pics that Eric took....they are posing for shots now in BY//B is on Howies shoulders..Great photo. Miek and Jan now holding onto green raft in pool and watching. Janelle just waved to someone Eric just gave the camera to someone (Beau) and is posing fot a pic with Jennifer.....
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Topic #1949771
CruiseCritic - Misc Lockdown 0 Replies #1949771 2:51PM 20/07/2005
April took a picture of Rachael with Eric...
Eric has camera back and taking a shot of B and A. E just showed S the picture on the camera. M and J still in pool on F1 and F2
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Topic #1949786
CruiseCritic - Feed 2 - - - the POOL 0 Replies #1949786 2:55PM 20/07/2005
Mike and Janelle in pool - they are talking to eachother but can only hear the other HGS talking....No microphones in the pool. Can hear her coice, but dont know what she is saying. looks like she may hop out of pool....Mike just came closer and gave her a kiss on the cheek. she is smiling..sunglasse4s now on her head. She just asked him "what are you doing" couldnt hear his reply. But Janelle said that felt good.

They seem pretty intense...but happy
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Topic #1949792
CruiseCritic - Miek giving Janelle a foot massage in the pool NT 0 Replies #1949792 2:55PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1949797
Disneyisme - Maggie and Jenn are getting tips on how to pose seductively with each other. 0 Replies #1949797 2:57PM 20/07/2005
Some of the guys saying for them to do a lesbian pose. They are standing facing each other, Jenn has her leg wrapped around Maggie and she has both arms around Mag with one hand on her butt.
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Topic #1949798
CruiseCritic - Mike and Jan now cuddling in pool...she is rubbing his shoulders NT 0 Replies #1949798 2:57PM 20/07/2005
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