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Topic #1997696
sportsgrrl - Ahhh, now the talk turns to big college football games/rivalries 0 Replies #1997696 12:06AM 26/07/2005
my kind of talk
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Topic #1997716
sportsgrrl - All 4 cams fish NT 0 Replies #1997716 12:11AM 26/07/2005
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Topic #1997718
Panda4 - Janelle is exercising in BY and Howie talking with her. Fish keep coming 0 Replies #1997718 12:12AM 26/07/2005
on Feed 1 and 2 so I am not able to get the conversation.
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Topic #1997727
drummer_inblack - April's talking about her internship with the 'network' (CBS I believe) and she keeps getting interrupted by fish. NT 0 Replies #1997727 12:16AM 26/07/2005
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Topic #1997762
sportsgrrl - Feeds finally back. . . 0 Replies #1997762 12:26AM 26/07/2005
Howie Janelle, Beau, Ivette, Eric, and April in BY. Beau is making fart noises with his hand and his armpit.
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Topic #1997771
sportsgrrl - Talk about how black athletes are athletically superior to white athletes. .. didn't Jimmy the Greek get fired for this? 2 Replies #1997771 12:29AM 26/07/2005
All kidding aside, people bring up the fact that black athletes are superior in the major sports. Beau brings up the fact that there are no major NHL players, and he also points out the fact that black men are not stupid enough to get on skates on the ice
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Caribou - Ivette has to "give it to the Romanians for gymnastics. hands down, they are" the best "and the chinese" NT #1997781 12:33AM 26/07/2005
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Caribou - April said that african americans are in better shape because they come from different monkeys. Beau says "***** you April" NT #1997790 12:35AM 26/07/2005
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Topic #1997827
JnA - The Midget/Evilette/April/Beau convo ( a few minutes ago) 0 Replies #1997827 12:55AM 26/07/2005
The four poor sports sit around the table in the back yard. Ivette tell Eric she wants to eat a sandwich, and asks him if it is ok. Eric shakes his head and Ivette says not a good idea huh? Eric says no....

I- why is it that black guys are always so ripped?
E- its because of there black skin?
I- no, u know what i mean..well why is it that black guys are so u know (gestures hands to indicate muscular)
E-i dunno, if u want me to say its because they were running around the jungles over there, You're not gonna get me to say that.
(all at table laugh)
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Topic #1997860
JnA - April/Beau/ Ivette ***(adult content)*** 2 Replies #1997860 1:12AM 26/07/2005
Ivette and April are in seperate beds, head to head and Beau is standing over their beds in the barracks. They are whispering so i cant make out everything said but the gist is: The girls are encouraging Beau to go to Howie, who is in the WC, and offer to give Howie an, a-hem, HAND with relieving his sexual frustration, IF he agrees to vote to keep the evil midget in the house.

Beau grabs a bottle of something (lotion?) and goes to the WC. Howie is there talking with Janelle and getting ready to shower or go to bed. Beau realizes he cant proffer his bribe with Janelle there and he retreats back to the barracks.

He approaches the girls and they all giggle. They continue to encourage Beau. He comments, I dont think he'll get off, but he better vote to keep him ( Eric) in.

(ed: Remember, this the group that preaches about morals, values, and integrity)
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Anonymous - UNBELEIVABLE: April/Ivette were going to *pretend* to sleep while Beau jerks Howie off #1997894 1:35AM 26/07/2005
Beau tosses and turns in the bed waiting for Howie.

Ivette: Don't worry we have two more days - we'll get him!
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LazyMom - Transcript #1997951 4:00AM 26/07/2005
Ivette Beau & April laying down heads all close together. They were speaking in a serious tone (I had it on quad so it was very difficult to separate both conversational as times but the bulk is here, I recorded this and replayed it numerous times, but I have to get to bed

I: Jerk him
B: shut up
I: do it under the sheet and exploit him like a little bitch, yah
B: should I
A: that will shut his ass up
I: yah yah (whispering???)
B: Listen so in the morning he'll be like ???
I: so, listen to me listen Jerk um make him cum and be like now you ***** better give me the time of day.......what, what, yah, do it, jerk um, say what, jerk um, under the sheets ??????????
A: get him hot and bothered ????? and Eric ??? (ed note: I rewound this sooo many time trying to hear it sorry)

Howie and Janelle are in the Bathroom small talk but Howie does say boobies

I: just let him get in the bed with you, let him get in the bed with you, and see what he does

A: go talk to him and say ???
I: no, no listen wait for him to get into bed, then start ?? then when you get him hot and bothered, when you get him hot and bothered, then when you finish it off, be like LISTEN Motherfucker if you don't want me to talk about it, how I how I jerked you last night, you better ***** vote for him
B: what if he doesn't
A: he doesn't care ???? if anybody says anything
B; finish it finish it, I'm gonna need lotion tho???????????? loud laughing???
A: what are you doing? (ed note: April is brain-dead clueless)
I: he goes I need lotion (ivette is cracking up)
A: listen listen to me, he's been sleeping with Kaysar, that's where he's gonna go sleep, so you gotta go tell him?? action ?????????

Howie & Janelle small talkin bathroom (small talk hard to make out)

A; ??? look she's pickn a scab off
I: I think there's lotion there, in that corner, Get the lotion. grab the lotion, listen grab the bottle, grab the bottle of lotion (ed note: how many times does she repeat herself ) look at him in the shower and say "I'm in the bed" (they think he's in the shower but he's grooming at the mirror)
b: then watch
I: no, you just do it
A: were gonna act like were sleeping

Beau get up and goes to the bathroom

I: that will be great
A: do you think Howie will go thru with it? (ed note: she says this very serious lmao)
I; he's dying to cum, opps

A; tell him to act like he's sleeping
I: what
A: make sure he knows that he's sleeping?????

Beau is making gestures to Howie and says "come on hurry up"

small talk with Beau & Janelle about the sleeping bag

H: your not mad at me ??
B: no that's why I have lotion in the room

Beau leaves bathroom

H: he wants to jerk me off tonight
J: what
H: he wants to jerk me off
J: are you serious
H: ya
J: Howie
H: the only thing is my ???? and I'll start jerking it every night
J; ewwwww
H: I know
J: Howie

small talk

Ivette: Listen don't get him embarrassed, let him do what ever he wants to do, I think he'll totally get jerked by you, I don't think he cares, he needs a condom

B: but I think, I think ?? he's totally ???
I: listen he gets way to close to you,
B: I know we've talked about it already????if you are whatever, if your not your not whatever.??????

I: don't worry, we'll get him, we'll get him to the point we want to get him

B: I'll be surprised if he actually comes, here in this room
I; oh well, don't worry we've got 2 more nights until the game
B: ya ya ya tonight and tomorrow night
I: we'll get him, you cant even talk about sex because he gets a boner right away
B: I know
I: well whatever it's a good threat??,lets blackmail him
B: what
I: if he want and you jerk him every now and then he better start playing this game ????
B: we'll blackmail him
B:?????????you guys are going to hear it (B: makes noises)

I: by the time, buy the time?????? here's what you need to do
B: it's for the team ok
I: it's for the team, the team, we need to get him where we want him.

(ed note: go team! roflmao)
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Topic #1997881
Panda4 - Janelle has been reading the laxative bottle in the kitchen. (she has taken some). NT 0 Replies #1997881 1:26AM 26/07/2005
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Topic #1997882
Panda4 - Howie is taking a shower and Jennifer just up to use the bathroom. NT 0 Replies #1997882 1:26AM 26/07/2005
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Topic #1997890
Panda4 - Earlier: (before Howie's shower/after Janelle's shower.. 0 Replies #1997890 1:31AM 26/07/2005
Howie and Janelle agreed to sleep together. Janelle said he had to promise no farting and she would keep pillows between them. Howie said good because Mikey might be mad at me. Howie was pulling his nose hairs with a tweezer and Janelle lotioning her body after her shower while they had this discussion.
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Topic #1997897
Anonymous - Howie studying the house NT 0 Replies #1997897 1:40AM 26/07/2005
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Topic #1997900
Anonymous - Everyone sleeping NT 0 Replies #1997900 1:46AM 26/07/2005
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Topic #1997905
Panda4 - Howie finally crawls in bed w/Janelle, he says something to make her laugh. NT 1 Replies #1997905 1:50AM 26/07/2005
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tntaangela - she laughs because he has on cologne... she says it smells like he used a whole bottle NT #1997912 1:56AM 26/07/2005
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Topic #1997907
Panda4 - Feed 2 shows Kaysar asleep in HoH with the lights on brightly! NT 1 Replies #1997907 1:51AM 26/07/2005
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James00 - He is clothed, with his HOH robe on, and sleeping on top of the covers. The spyscreen remote is next to him. NT #1997908 1:53AM 26/07/2005
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Topic #1997920
Panda4 - Kaysar is awake in his bathroom now and preparing to pray in the HoH room, earlier 0 Replies #1997920 2:28AM 26/07/2005
he had a piece of bread while on his bed.
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Topic #1997924
Panda4 - Kaysar back in his HoH bed asleep. NT 0 Replies #1997924 2:40AM 26/07/2005
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Topic #1997943
straightdave - Kayser lay in bed awake holding his head up on one elbow, occationaly looking up toward the camera 0 Replies #1997943 3:48AM 26/07/2005
He did his compulsive hair twirling then layed back down. can't tell if he's still awake or not
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Topic #1997963
lacycatherine - Kaysar is up and walking around. He just went back into the HOH NT 1 Replies #1997963 4:18AM 26/07/2005
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lacycatherine - After much grooming in the bathroom #1997971 4:38AM 26/07/2005
Kaysar gets back into the bed and puts his earphones on.
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Topic #1997984
lacycatherine - Kaysar makes up the HOH bed NT 1 Replies #1997984 5:04AM 26/07/2005
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lacycatherine - Kaysar is back in the bathroom doing more grooming. #1997986 5:10AM 26/07/2005
He gets a black Tshirt out of his drawer and puts it on. He takes his prayer mat and heads downstairs to do his prayers. He goes outside today to do them.
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Topic #1997988
lacycatherine - Eric is up in the bathroom NT 1 Replies #1997988 5:18AM 26/07/2005
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lacycatherine - Eric washes his hands and goes back to bed NT #1997990 5:20AM 26/07/2005
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Topic #1997995
Anonymous - Kaysar praying outside NT 0 Replies #1997995 5:27AM 26/07/2005
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Topic #1998049
lacycatherine - Kaysar collects his mat and goes inside and up to the HOH room NT 2 Replies #1998049 5:51AM 26/07/2005
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lacycatherine - He lays sideways (up on his shoulders) on the bed still reading his Koran NT #1998052 5:52AM 26/07/2005
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lacycatherine - He is done reading and his now laying above the covers with the lights on NT #1998066 6:02AM 26/07/2005
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Topic #1998246
lacycatherine - Rachel is up and in the bathroom NT 1 Replies #1998246 7:12AM 26/07/2005
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lacycatherine - Rachel gets her workout clothes on. #1998275 7:24AM 26/07/2005
She sits in the bathroom floor and puts her socks and shoes on. She puts her hair up in a clip and heads to the exercise room and gets on the treadmill.
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Topic #1998312
lacycatherine - Rachel done with the treadmill and now in the kitchen NT 1 Replies #1998312 7:43AM 26/07/2005
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lacycatherine - Rachel outside eating her breakfast NT #1998349 7:56AM 26/07/2005
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