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Topic #1998414
pooh5983 - what going on 0 Replies #1998414 8:10AM 26/07/2005
Feed one and two R is look at fish
Feed Three is on Kay in the hoh sleeping
Feed four is on the br everyone is still sleeping
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Topic #1998452
lacycatherine - Rachel cleaning the kitchen on F1 and 2 NT 0 Replies #1998452 8:18AM 26/07/2005
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Topic #1998472
lacycatherine - Eric and Rachel in the kitchen talking NT 0 Replies #1998472 8:22AM 26/07/2005
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Topic #1998475
amIsane - Rach to Er: "Did something happen between Iv and Jan the first week? Why do they hate each other so much?" 0 Replies #1998475 8:22AM 26/07/2005
Er started to talk and my feeds timed out (dang it!!) When I got back Er was saying "And she breaks up with her boyfriend on TV!!!!!"
Rach "Well, that has nothing to do with why Iv hates her"(ed. LOL)
Er has now gotten into trashing Jam a bit.
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Topic #1998489
listex - R: if james does something on Thursday night, don't take it personal. NT 0 Replies #1998489 8:26AM 26/07/2005
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Topic #1998492
listex - E: what is he planning to do? R: I don't know. (ed note: I never heard him say) NT 0 Replies #1998492 8:27AM 26/07/2005
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Topic #1998516
lacycatherine - Eric says that Howie and Janelle were 0 Replies #1998516 8:30AM 26/07/2005
working out till 1am. He says that someone woke him up and it was hard to get back to sleep.

E- itís been a crazy couple of days
R- yeah

He canít wait for it to be over. Feels like they are prolonging the inevitable.
He misses his family the more that he is there. He said he looked at it as a job that he had to do but now that he knows he is going home he is ready.

E- I know they cornered you last night and I feel bad about that.
E- Janelle hates my guts and Howie is going to go along with it.

Eric says he doesnít care less about James as long as he doesnít touch his stuff. He doesnít want him to get up when he leaves.

E- I have asked, and I would like to include you, that I would like to get up right away. I want the people that really gave a sh%t to be there right away.
I just donít need those (other) people in my life.

Eric talking about how after he leaves that people will be sitting in their bed not being able to sleep for what they have done but that he will be sleeping like a baby.

E- I know that Howie will go along with you. And I like how I doÖ I just have to for my self have to separate it for myself. He wore my hat, wore it backwards and he knows what that meant to me. How much more can you screw me (talking about James). I wear that hat with integrity and trust. I donít think he is much different out of this house than in. In some strange way he is hurt and he feels like he played a good game.

They start talking about Sarah and Jamesí relationship.

E- He canít even look at me. I maintain a relationship with you.
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Topic #1998525
luvthemfish - Producer calls to Eric (not BB recording) 0 Replies #1998525 8:32AM 26/07/2005
Do you mind coming in the diary room for a moment?
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Topic #1998526
Skipper - BB: Eric, sorry to interrupt, but could you come to the DR for just a minute? E: sure NT 0 Replies #1998526 8:32AM 26/07/2005
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Topic #1998530
amIsane - Er and Rach 0 Replies #1998530 8:32AM 26/07/2005
Rach: "You have so much time here, that sometimes you start over thinking things"
Er " Yea, and that is why I just want to go home, it is inevidable. We are just prolonging the inevidable right now"
Rach " They are just angry now"
Rach says something about Jam doing something thursday
Er says just so long he doesn't touch my stuff and he appreciates the heads up.
Er "There are some people in here that I just do not consider men in here, I consider them rats."
Er "Rachel, this is what I have said here, just do not let this game get you to do things..."
Er "What can he(james) do to me that he hasnt already done to me...I mean he wore my hat while he was trying to destroy me"
(ed. missed alot here)
Er " Look at him with Sarah. I mean Julie made me what I am. I am not saying that the core of me was not already a good person before I met her"
Er"I know they have you (Rach) caught between a rock and a hard place"(because of Howie)
Er is giving Rach advice on how she needs to play the game(lol) and he has told the crappy crowd a few suggestions on playing.
BB "Eric, sorry to interrupt, but can you please come to the diary room"
Eric "haha, you haven't had enough of me huh?"
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Topic #1998532
lacycatherine - Off camera guy asks Eric to go to the DR 0 Replies #1998532 8:33AM 26/07/2005
after saying he hates to interupt them.

E - you haven't had a enough of me?

Rachel and Eric hug and he leaves
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Topic #1998567
lacycatherine - Janelle is up and Eric is out of the DR. He is now in the SR. NT 0 Replies #1998567 8:40AM 26/07/2005
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Topic #1998569
lacycatherine - Rachel outside washing clothes NT 1 Replies #1998569 8:40AM 26/07/2005
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lacycatherine - Rachel brought a bunch of towels inside from the dryer and is folding them on the kitchen table. NT #1998574 8:42AM 26/07/2005
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Topic #1998593
Skipper - Janelle climbed back in bed with Howie NT 0 Replies #1998593 8:45AM 26/07/2005
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Topic #1998599
Jewel - rachel is folding towels and eric just sits and watches NT 0 Replies #1998599 8:47AM 26/07/2005
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Topic #1998630
Skipper - F1: Eric outside in a lawn chair NT 0 Replies #1998630 9:00AM 26/07/2005
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Topic #1998693
luvthemfish - Eric to Rachel: You couldn't experience more Highs and more lows than I have in the past two weeks NT 0 Replies #1998693 9:17AM 26/07/2005
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Topic #1998701
dizzy - Eric and Rachel outside 0 Replies #1998701 9:18AM 26/07/2005
Eric: This is a once in a lifetime experience, I've learned more about myself than I ever dreamed of and that's a gift.

I've experienced more highs and lows, except that I didn't win.

Rachel: We're all winners.

Eric: Oh, I was a winner when I walked in the door. I'm just glad I won HoH once.
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Topic #1998709
dizzy - E to Rach: You'll find happiness with a guy, just don't force it. NT 0 Replies #1998709 9:20AM 26/07/2005
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Topic #1998746
dizzy - Eric: It's so draining being here because you have to think so much LOL. 0 Replies #1998746 9:26AM 26/07/2005
I'm used to being around people with honor integrity, more than the average person because of the type of work they do, which is why this is so difficult and it's my fault because they use that to the best of their advantage.
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Topic #1998763
dizzy - Eric: people think this is part of the game and that's okay 0 Replies #1998763 9:28AM 26/07/2005
and I will never volunteer for anything again that will take me away from my family this long---I've missed a month of my kids lives. And I'm Julie's best friend and she doesn't have anyone to talk to and that's gotta be killing her. Rachel is mostly just listening.
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Topic #1998775
dizzy - Eric told Julie that she could have any man she wants and she 0 Replies #1998775 9:30AM 26/07/2005
said she's the lucky one and he says, no, he's the lucky one. We chose each other. I know I had to do something right in another life because of I got her, somebody upstairs is looking out for me.
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Topic #1998794
dizzy - Eric: Julie has a fear of death and he's not afraid of death because he's 0 Replies #1998794 9:32AM 26/07/2005
lived such a blessed life---he's not meant to die in a fire but to grow old with her. That's why you can walk into a burning building. (?)He's still pacing. Thank God I never thought I'd be on a reality tv show either.
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Topic #1998820
lacycatherine - Jennifer is up. Maggie outside talking to Eric NT 0 Replies #1998820 9:37AM 26/07/2005
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Topic #1998826
dizzy - Maggie: I woke up this morning, it's okay and then she looked 0 Replies #1998826 9:39AM 26/07/2005
around and f*ck, I'm still here!
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