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Topic #2002693
joannie - Feeds 1 & 2 of BY impossible to hear because of FISH audio. NT 1 Replies #2002693 7:38PM 26/07/2005
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PinkPanther - Fish audio on all 4 cams NT #2002734 7:42PM 26/07/2005
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Topic #2002699
SassyPrncess - Maggie/Ivette discuss votes, "probably going to be 5-4" 0 Replies #2002699 7:38PM 26/07/2005
Maggie said she wants Eric to stay.

(Yes, I am lip reading)
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Topic #2002769
SassyPrncess - Eric & Maggie discuss game 0 Replies #2002769 7:45PM 26/07/2005
(Only have Eric's shot up, to try & lip read)

Eric is agreeing with Maggie on what I think is her nomination plan. (Kaysar & James) He says he is done, he wants James out ("that m-fer") and that he doesn't care anymore. It also looks like he is talking about how he wouldn't care about the game anymore if SHE were to leave. "I really don't, I really wouldn't care."

*(Sorry folks, doing my best, but he has a small mouth and a Bostona accent) LOL
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Topic #2002781
Anonymous - Sound is finally back.. NT 1 Replies #2002781 7:48PM 26/07/2005
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hoarsewhisperer - Just in time to hear Eric being flatulant. "That's f'in Rude" says Maggie and she appears serious. LOL NT #2002819 7:51PM 26/07/2005
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Topic #2002790
tttmt - yay audio back ...E and M in back yard 0 Replies #2002790 7:49PM 26/07/2005
They don't realize the problems they are going to cause....there are places you do not need to go in here. I'm telling you they are not prepared for it.

M: do you think Kayser is that big of a risk..(sound going in and out)
E burps...let em go one at a time then execute.

M: I don't want any bonds to be up there at all I want it to be a win win
E: you can only put a weaker player up...if you (sound went out)

E: only one of the four weaker 4 needs to stand up

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Topic #2002808
luvthemfish - Maggie and Eric in BY talking 'strategy' 0 Replies #2002808 7:50PM 26/07/2005
Maggie: I want them all out
Eric: you gotta pick em off one at a time.......you guys have to execute
Maggie: I don't want any pawns up there. I want it to be a win win no matter what
Eric: If you put them both up, only the weaker people can play for them
one of em is going home
BB: Maggie please put on your microphone
Eric: No matter what someone will be going home next thursday
Maggie: the strongest bonds
Eric: Howie........that's the one
M. not the first week
E. somebody out of that core group has to step up
M. I wonder what april would do
E. She'd go for James to get out. You want james out...tell her she's gotta put up kaysar with him, you guarantee that one of them goes home. You've gotta cut off one of the heads
M. Kaysar was kinda an idiot for playing all his cards in the first week
E. He thinks he's got three steps, that's how arrogant he is. He's just sitting in high heaven right now. But he is.......it's only a week, that's what he fails to understand. Next week, he could be down with the lowlifes. Imagine him coming back to the big bedroom.
M. I think he knows he's not safe. Here's the thing, they've got no friendships in their agreement. Do you think they'd put us up, instead of another strong player? Do you think James would........
E. He could put up Kaysar.
M. that's the difference in our groups
M. Yeah he wanted Rachel and Howie out
E. he talked to me about that before when we had our little thing
M. I think Rachel would put up James, howie would put up James. I think Kaysar would do it again. I think James would put up Kaysar. I may be able to get away with a couple more weeks of getting rid of other people.
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Topic #2002836
tttmt - Eric and Maggie 0 Replies #2002836 7:53PM 26/07/2005
m: I think rachel will put up james, I think howie would put up james, I think kayser would put up james, I just need a couple of other people (Eric farted Maggie's fanning it)
M: that's f------ rude. I feel a breeze. Blockhead
E: I might go to bed at a decent hour
M: That sounds good too.
E: Singing I'm going in the hottub hottub
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Topic #2002881
PinkPanther - Ivette and Beau in workout room, Iv. walking on treadmill bare feet NT 0 Replies #2002881 7:58PM 26/07/2005
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Topic #2002894
SassyPrncess - Maggie and Eric on strategy - (shows how clueless they really are)- Transcript 0 Replies #2002894 8:00PM 26/07/2005
Eric: You have to pick them off, one at a time. One at a time. You guys are going to have to f-ing execute.
Maggie: I don't want any pawns up. I want it to be a win-win no matter what.
E: If you put them both up (K&J) then only the weaker people can play for them. I mean, so what, if somebody comes off, that one is safe, the other one is going home. Somebody's goin home.

E: Somebody will be going home. Just like us. No matter what, somebody is going Thursday.
M: The strongest, the one's we need to break up...
E: Rachel. That's the one you need to break up. Rachel is calculating.
M: I know, but that can't be the first week. That's the problem.
E: No, but somebody from that group, the 3, maybe 4, somebody has to STEP UP for the next coupla weeks. (Crappy's Crew)
M: Yah. Yah. What do you think April would do?
E: She woulda voted for James.

E: That's what he fails to realize (Kaysar). All this planning and he can be back down in that big bedroom next week.
M: If there is no friendship in their agreement...
E: They are gonna split tail.
M: But here's the thing, do you think they would put us up instead of putting up another strong player? Do you think for one minute that if James got, which he may absolutely get it next week...
E: He could put up Kaysar
M: uh huh
M: That's the difference between our groups.
E: I have no reservations that he (James) would put up whoever he thinks is the strongest player - including from his own camp. Cuz he has no sense of loyalty.
M: Yah. Cuz he wanted Rachel and Howie out.
E: He's already talked to me about that before we had out little thing.
M: I know! I think that Rachel would put up James, I think Howie would put up James, I think Kaysar would do it again, I think James would put up Kaysar.I think I may- MAY- be able to get away with a coupla more weeks of gettin rid of other people. Maybe.
E: It's all going to depend on who the hell wins (HoH)

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Topic #2003003
luvthemfish - Hot tub group(Eric, Maggie, April, Jennifer, Rachel) 0 Replies #2003003 8:13PM 26/07/2005
Eric: slick, slick as oil
Jennifer gets up says: you all talk normally
Eric: Jen you hear me now, clear as day right??
Maggie: Mother effer, you can?
Jennifer: Holy shi*ola
(testing how far away could be heard from hot tub)
Maggie: Ok, ok, lesson learned
BB: Ivette, please put on your microphone

Ivette goes off, comes back
talk about movies, ivette is doing sit ups next to hot tub
Eric: women can't even fight in combat
Jennifer: SHUT UP
April splashes Eric
Ivette: I did a ten incline...burned 160 calories
Someone: you trying to make your calves bigger?
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Topic #2003051
Caribou - Hottub group just said Kaysar is sleeping in the hammock. April didn't even know he was out there. Eric said you watch, he'll be up at 10pm and be up 0 Replies #2003051 8:21PM 26/07/2005
all night. Eric assumes that's what "their" lives are like outside the house. Then Eric says "what does that tell ya?" attempting to imply there's something wrong people who are up late. Nobody bites though.

Rachel is at the hottub with them but she isn't speaking much and they aren't speaking to her or really looking at her either. Eric appears uncomfortable with her there and finally, after looking at a bit, says "what's your problem?". Rachel says "nothing. just in a daze" Eric has no reply to this but doesn't look happy.
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Topic #2003057
Caribou - F2: Howie, James, Sarah in LR. Guys playing coasters. Kaysar awake now and joined them for a bit NT 0 Replies #2003057 8:23PM 26/07/2005
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Topic #2003090
Caribou - Kaysar - "i sleep on the hammock and i've got glitter on me. What the hell's going on?!" and he laughs NT 0 Replies #2003090 8:30PM 26/07/2005
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Topic #2003111
TheBigSista - sarah watching james and howie play coasters 0 Replies #2003111 8:33PM 26/07/2005
she laughs and then does a little snort!!! (very amusing) kay is in the lounge with them. its a nice light hearted moment.
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Topic #2003117
Caribou - Camera briefly flashed on pool where Ivette and Maggie are in together and whispering. The hottub crowd remains - Rachel, Eric, Beau, April, Jenn NT 0 Replies #2003117 8:34PM 26/07/2005
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Topic #2003169
Caribou - Kaysar, james, Sarah in LR. Kaysar plans to clean the house tomorrow because he has nothing else to do he says. James reminded him that 0 Replies #2003169 8:45PM 26/07/2005
tomorrow is voting day (but Kay doesn't vote so...) Now they talk about James and Sarah being b/f and g/f. Just normal nice conversation. Joking around too.
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Topic #2003180
ShannanCGC - Jam - S - K 0 Replies #2003180 8:47PM 26/07/2005
Sarah says that if she gets fat James will break up with her, and he said that he would leave her at a McDonald's. She said if she got pregnant and got fat, she had three months to take off the weight. K says they are all reasonable things (I think he is kidding) and James says she gets a little leadway for being pregnant.
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Topic #2003182
Caribou - F3/F4: Hottub crowd moved to patio table, except Beau and Rachel who are non-game chitchatting in hottub NT 0 Replies #2003182 8:48PM 26/07/2005
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Topic #2003190
ihateeric - Kaysar said maybe he left the meat out himself.. 0 Replies #2003190 8:49PM 26/07/2005
he said he asked BB but they never got back to him
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Topic #2003191
ShannanCGC - K I guess I will go eat my ecoli (sp) burgers, and H or Jam asks if they got back to him about that... 0 Replies #2003191 8:49PM 26/07/2005
He says that maybe he left them out himself, and someone said really, and he said no they never got back to me on it.. (So if this isn't the reason for the 2 hours of fish, what was it)
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Topic #2003195
ihateeric - James/Sarah/Kaysar... We should stage a breakup 0 Replies #2003195 8:50PM 26/07/2005
James and Sarah should stage a breakup and send Sarah to the other side.
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Topic #2003356
luvthemfish - April asks howie what his degree is in 0 Replies #2003356 9:22PM 26/07/2005
Howie says "Right now?"
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Topic #2003368
ShannanCGC - H says he has an Ass. in ??? and A says well then I know for a fact you a lying and don't work in Pharm. sales, b/c you need a 4 year degree, NT 2 Replies #2003368 9:26PM 26/07/2005
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luvthemfish - Seriously think he said in Arts........ NT #2003376 9:28PM 26/07/2005
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Cheesechick - Yes, it's either Associate degree in Arts or Associate degree in Sciece. NT #2004011 11:50PM 26/07/2005
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Topic #2003440
ShannanCGC - BB: "HG you are not allowed to talk about your DR talks to other HG" NT 0 Replies #2003440 9:42PM 26/07/2005
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Topic #2003489
CougarSpy - About 10 minutes ago, Maggie and Eric where scheming about the game on F/F2. Rachel comes in and talk quickly shifts to general chit chat. 0 Replies #2003489 9:54PM 26/07/2005
Rachel says she is tired and going to bed. They comment about how Rachel’s face looks different since she entered the house – kind of drained. Rachel says her nail (toe) finally came off.

Ivette is in the room now. General chitchat continues. Eric says his family will like Ivette like family.
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