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Topic #2102893
HollyMouse - Howie talking about the dark side of Star Wars NT 0 Replies #2102893 1:29AM 07/08/2005
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Topic #2102901
HollyMouse - Howie tells Jannie she is not drinking any next week during the competitions NT 0 Replies #2102901 1:30AM 07/08/2005
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Topic #2102902
Caribou - Howie proves he's a straight up player. He admits to Janelle yea maybe they made a mistake. But maybe not. 0 Replies #2102902 1:30AM 07/08/2005
Howie trusts his gut and he's sticking to that. He's telling Janelle not to be swayed by James talk, he always talks like that to play people. Janelle agrees.

Howie and Janelle agree to work out together tomorrow. Howie tells her not to drink on nights before comps next week etc. She agrees.
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Topic #2102926
HollyMouse - Howie just said he's a fat digusting slob LOL He doesnt deserve not wearing a shirt lol Gunna wear his HoH robe all week NT 0 Replies #2102926 1:32AM 07/08/2005
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Topic #2102941
HollyMouse - Howie joking to Jannie he didn't trust Micheal and that he would probably rob him NT 0 Replies #2102941 1:33AM 07/08/2005
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Topic #2102945
Caribou - Howie and Janie going to bed in HOH NT 0 Replies #2102945 1:33AM 07/08/2005
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Topic #2102963
HollyMouse - Howie and Jannie getting ready for bed in HoH room... Howie surfing his spy T.V NT 0 Replies #2102963 1:35AM 07/08/2005
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Topic #2102980
HollyMouse - Jannie asking Howie if he thinks Maggie is a decietful person.. Howie says everyone has lied in this game.. But Janelle thinks Maggie is also telling 0 Replies #2102980 1:37AM 07/08/2005
the truth.. James and Sarah are not on the same page Howie says they don't have there story straight...
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Topic #2102996
HollyMouse - Howie tells Jannie not to follow into James and Sarahs sad story 0 Replies #2102996 1:39AM 07/08/2005
everybody in the house has second guessed him.. Better to be safe than sorry... Jannie says Howie is always right and appologizes
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Topic #2103001
Caribou - Janelle - do you think Maggie's a deceitful person? 0 Replies #2103001 1:39AM 07/08/2005
Howie says who knows, we get out of this game we'll find out. Howie believes them (maggie et al) - they're all on the same page. Whereas Sarah/James are not on the same page and doesn't seem to have her story straight.

Janelle brings up Sarah continually saying James was nom'd because he's a strong player (ignoring that it's about James' backstabbing).

Howie again tells Janelle they'll worry about it when the games over. Don't fall for the sad story they gave them tonight. Don't let that ***** affect you. You and Rachel made a decision with me. Everyone second guessed him from day one. Why? Has he given them a reason not to? (No.)

Janelle and Howie agree. Janelle going downstairs to shower. Howie going to shower in HOH bathroom.

They joked about wanting Janie and Howie dolls too. lol
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Topic #2103014
HollyMouse - Jannie,April and Jenn in the bathroom April asking what James and Sarah 0 Replies #2103014 1:41AM 07/08/2005
were saying to them outside. April saying what were they saying, what were they saying.. What does Howie say about it. If anyone believes them talking about James and Sarah theyre idiots..
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Topic #2103021
HollyMouse - April saying they got caught leave it alone.. And ask if James is trying to get 0 Replies #2103021 1:42AM 07/08/2005
Sarah to stay.. April know's she is the pawn, but wants to talk to Ivette because he will pull crap if April is on the block
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Topic #2103028
HollyMouse - April whispering to Jenn saying she has a feeling that Jannie belives Sarah and James NT 0 Replies #2103028 1:43AM 07/08/2005
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Topic #2103029
LazyMom - April & Jen in bed and A says it will be 7 days that I quit smoking 0 Replies #2103029 1:43AM 07/08/2005
it's the longest I have ever quit, then she says again but she's not a smoker, she Never smokes in her house, but she goes a day or two without (yah right) Jen at one point say's "but I thought your not a smoker"
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Topic #2103045
HollyMouse - Ivette just came out of the bathroom.. Wonder if Jannie , Ape, and Jenn were aware of that NT 0 Replies #2103045 1:45AM 07/08/2005
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Topic #2103059
HollyMouse - April and Jen whispering can't make out too much but they will target Sarah not April, and April saying James will start sh** 0 Replies #2103059 1:46AM 07/08/2005
if she goes up with Sarah.. But Jen doesn't think that anyone will believe him
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Topic #2103066
HollyMouse - Jen telling April not to push it and try to convince other's to go on the block 0 Replies #2103066 1:47AM 07/08/2005
next to Sarah besides her because people will get fishy about it
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Topic #2103095
HollyMouse - Jannie showering, Howie messing around in his room and James get's up to go into the bathroom NT 0 Replies #2103095 1:51AM 07/08/2005
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Topic #2103109
HollyMouse - Looks like theyre pretty much all settled in for the night.. Howie and Jannie only ones up but getting ready for bed still NT 0 Replies #2103109 1:53AM 07/08/2005
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Topic #2103122
HollyMouse - Sarah telling James she was having bad dreams about the same stuff earlier whis was 0 Replies #2103122 1:54AM 07/08/2005
her being left there and the whole house picking on her
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Topic #2103165
Caribou - Janelle and Howie back in HOH. Janelle has a mask on her face 0 Replies #2103165 2:20AM 07/08/2005
Janelle said James/Sarah very good actors. Howie says yes and explains that they are much better than Maggie et al. That's one reason he's sticking to his gut instincts etc.
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Topic #2103185
Caribou - Howie - I have buddies that lie like him. And they'll stay with that lie even if you show them irrefutable evidence 0 Replies #2103185 2:24AM 07/08/2005
Howie uses murderers as example but says he knows that's extreme analogy but still, liars like that will never admit. He's playing anyone he can and he'll continue to do that. He knows he's taking a loss this week so he's fighting. He needs someone else to do his dirty work, he needs you at his side now because you can't do it on your own here. Too many people, too many breaks. It shows in his actions the last couple days. What's his reasoning everyday for asking me if I'm gonna put him up? Why is he questioning my faith in him? Does he have a reason? He was questioning me everyday. But he wants to get my feedback. Even last week, are you gonna put me up anytime soon HOwie. Why is he interrogating me? For what reason? Because he's caught, completely Janelle. You're smarter than me but I got wisdom on you.

Janie laughs - yea by a few years
Howie - two!
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Topic #2103206
Caribou - Janelle thanks Howie. He's flossing sitting on the bed. Janie on a chair. In HOH. 0 Replies #2103206 2:29AM 07/08/2005
They both agree the game is crazy. Howie says he's no genius but he thinks he made the right call on this one, due to the risk of Maggie sending the whole house after him if he didn't follow through with his deal. Add in that he can't trust James and those two threats together ... that's why Howie had to put James/Sarah up.
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Topic #2103216
Caribou - Howie - I love Rachel. She's my great friend. I don't like the look on her face everyday in here. She looks sad and lost. 0 Replies #2103216 2:30AM 07/08/2005
Howie and janelle have a compatible time schedule but she's different. The house is hard on her. Howie regrets putting Rachel through this.
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Topic #2103219
Caribou - Janelle believes James really does want Howie/Rachel/Jan to win. Howie says maybe, maybe more than Maggie at least. Who knows NT 0 Replies #2103219 2:31AM 07/08/2005
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