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Jen: We're partners. I can't win the million without you! NT - Rabbit
7:17PM 08/08/2005

Jennifer again going over why did April say that last night and April says she forgets she's on TV some times. April insisting that she said it in - Suzan
7:20PM 08/08/2005

Fish on and off because Jenn and April are talking about real life BJ's. NT - citanul
7:24PM 08/08/2005

H, R, Jan in HOH. H- if this blows up in our face (voting Iv out), we'll turn it on them (a&j) NT - ciaobella76
7:30PM 08/08/2005

H on A: She can barely walk up the stairs to the HoH & I am worried about her winning an event? NT - SassyPrncess
7:35PM 08/08/2005

R: If Eric does come back, I don't want to be wearing the Kaysar shirt NT - Zazny
7:39PM 08/08/2005

R/Jan/H on the plea videos - Zazny
7:41PM 08/08/2005

Beau to M: Hypothermic and hyperthermic are different, right? NT - SassyPrncess
7:46PM 08/08/2005

Iv: How long is a marathon Mag: 26 Iv: Miles? OMG (genuinely shocked) (ed note. Is she kidding?) NT - nojobny
7:49PM 08/08/2005

James to S: You had your chance to save her (S) & you didn't, you greedy.... - SassyPrncess
7:52PM 08/08/2005

james to sarah: "you never took chemistry?? no wonder your dumb" then "kidding, baby...kidding" NT - bbaddict2005
7:54PM 08/08/2005

sarah: i was on early dismissal james: oh - so you were one of the dumb kids on work study NT - bbaddict2005
7:54PM 08/08/2005

Sarah only did 3 classes in senior year and one was child development??? NT - anonymity
7:56PM 08/08/2005

fish, fish, fish... - southern_canuck
7:58PM 08/08/2005

A to Jan: Janie? Can I have your PB&J pass next week?...... - SassyPrncess
8:09PM 08/08/2005

Maggie: But I didn't breakk them up, they broke themselves up! (re: S6) NT - SassyPrncess
8:11PM 08/08/2005

the friendship is in the HT and james and sarah doing dishes - Anonymous
8:21PM 08/08/2005

F5 in hot tub....H&Jani come out & stand there, preventing a pow-wow from happening - SassyPrncess
8:22PM 08/08/2005

Beau, April, Ivette, Jenn and Maggie are all five together - mountainmama
8:22PM 08/08/2005

Jani in GR now w/Sarah. Howie stick right by Hot Tub. (LOL) NT - SassyPrncess
8:23PM 08/08/2005
April & Jenn move off to Hammock NT - SassyPrncess
8:26PM 08/08/2005

jen and april in hammock - Anonymous
8:30PM 08/08/2005

April to Jenn: If Kaysar came back we'd be in a better vote. NT - SassyPrncess
8:31PM 08/08/2005

April: They are going to be p*ssed when we go up there are tell them we're not - SassyPrncess
8:32PM 08/08/2005

more jen and april - Anonymous
8:32PM 08/08/2005

Plan to get rid of Ivette: off....for now (A&J discussing how to break the news to H/R/Jan) NT - Zazny
8:33PM 08/08/2005

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