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Now they are thinking that Ivette and James know each other outside of the house - BHnoah
3:27AM 08/08/2005

april/jen/Janelle/howie continue talking and start counting how many votes they have NT - buffalojill
3:28AM 08/08/2005

Howie: How many votes do we have 3(A,J &jannie) and rachel 4 let's do it NT - BHnoah
3:28AM 08/08/2005

they are trying to convince april, april scared maggie might come after her NT - buffalojill
3:31AM 08/08/2005

H: You can keep better track of James & Sarah, Ivette you never know where she is at-- She's gotta go NT - BHnoah
3:50AM 08/08/2005

The plan is to take out Ivette now, and next week to nominate James and Sarah again. - smileycute
3:54AM 08/08/2005

The pairs split up - Jen and April now having second thoughts about evicting Ivette. NT - carly
4:09AM 08/08/2005

Paranoid A&J talk in the bathroom - Jen thinks Howie & Jan took to the voting of I out way too quickly and won't be swayed. They are - augie
4:10AM 08/08/2005

Jenn wants to know why H&J were so adamant in voting I off. April being wishy-washy as usual going back and forth - augie
4:12AM 08/08/2005

Janelle and Howie Lounge in the HOH Suite - valentine
4:13AM 08/08/2005

Jenn: We always know where Sarah stands, that is she is only playing and thinking for James. - smileycute
4:17AM 08/08/2005

April: I Always Play Dumb......Always!! - valentine
4:23AM 08/08/2005

Jenn: all I want is to be sequestered and if we make it to the final that is great - smileycute
4:24AM 08/08/2005

And the Friendship Splinters - valentine
4:28AM 08/08/2005

April is contemplating discussing this with Maggie. And Jenn does not seem to agree. She ask - smileycute
4:30AM 08/08/2005

Janelle Moisturizes and Then Gets Back in the HOH Bed - valentine
4:31AM 08/08/2005

We Almost Saw Brief Nudity - valentine
4:42AM 08/08/2005

All still asleep. NT - Chunga
7:20AM 08/08/2005

Still sleeping...Are we missing audio? NT - aahend
7:57AM 08/08/2005
Audio - Anonymous
8:04AM 08/08/2005

Rach up doing her morning routine NT - terrybelle
8:45AM 08/08/2005

Rach on treadmill NT - ihateeric
8:50AM 08/08/2005
Rachel disinfected the treadmill handhold before using. NT - Anonymous
9:48AM 08/08/2005

Rach doing situps by gumball machine. Everyone else still asleep. NT - ihateeric
9:07AM 08/08/2005
Rach..went to SR to get the days supplies, washes dishes(as she grumps to herself) and now feeds fish NT - amIsane
9:17AM 08/08/2005

Rachel is now doing the dishes as usual. NT - mountainmama
9:16AM 08/08/2005

Rach outside eating. NT - ihateeric
9:28AM 08/08/2005

Rachel outside eating breakfast. Appears deep in thought. NT - rockabye
9:28AM 08/08/2005

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