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Feeds 1 & 2 Kitchen and Dining room, 3 & 4 James and Sarah. Sarah trying to make - Suzan
10:16PM 08/08/2005
Well maybe it's a meeting of just the five of them. Maggie saying they need to ask them if they are all - Suzan
10:18PM 08/08/2005

Now Ivette things April just made a huge scene yesterday as a ploy to get her to put herself up so they could vote her out. Maggie telling her that's - Suzan
10:21PM 08/08/2005

Maggie & Ivette still alone in Bedroom waiting for Beau - Here they come - Suzan
10:22PM 08/08/2005

Beau, Ivette, Maggie, Jennifer & April going into the Gold Room NT - Suzan
10:22PM 08/08/2005
I'll keep up best I can - Suzan
10:30PM 08/08/2005

beau telling ivette that he is 90% sure that april and jen have made a pact with "them" (how/jan/rach) - ferretkiss
10:24PM 08/08/2005
He originally said a high %, but then dropped it down to 60% NT - Cali2Jax
10:40PM 08/08/2005

More - Maggie saying they can find a way to talk, Ivette saying it's about hangin out - Suzan
10:36PM 08/08/2005

Beau - we're still on the same page right - I am, Ivette says a lot of damage has been - Suzan
10:38PM 08/08/2005

Jenn, April, Beau, Maggie, and Ivette in gold room together: - ejj1955
10:38PM 08/08/2005

A and J lying through their teeth NT - Anonymous
10:40PM 08/08/2005

April lying her a$$ off, "when I went to the HOH room it was just to get my shoes." NT - ejj1955
10:40PM 08/08/2005

Maggot going on and on about the friendshit... NT - Anonymous
10:45PM 08/08/2005

Ivette saying the actions of everyone today making her question things. - Suzan
10:48PM 08/08/2005

some of the "meeting" - ferretkiss
10:48PM 08/08/2005

Romper room now trying to get the kids to stop their fight and kiss and make up NT - Suzan
10:48PM 08/08/2005

Ivette about April & I fight last night about April going up/Ivette and why she volunteered - BHnoah
10:48PM 08/08/2005

Ivette and April are hashing out the details and their voices are getting louder, Maggie shushes them. - Suzan
10:52PM 08/08/2005

Ivette telling the group again she'd keep her promise as long at the five of them - Suzan
10:55PM 08/08/2005

Ivette is sitting on the bed with a very pouting face. April telling her side again. Ivette telling April that she has changed a lot and it's very - Suzan
10:59PM 08/08/2005

They're going over points of when they've questioned each other during the game NT - Suzan
11:00PM 08/08/2005

April: Ivette I would have never voted for you to be evicted, that was never thought of NT - Suzan
11:01PM 08/08/2005

James and Sarah are on their way to the GR, Maggie turns out the lights and see's Sarah, now she's trying to come in NT - Suzan
11:03PM 08/08/2005
Sarah opens the door and they ask if they can have 5 seconds NT - Suzan
11:04PM 08/08/2005

April claiming she was willing to go on the block: [Long] - ejj1955
11:05PM 08/08/2005

They are rehashing what they thought about different things during the game, who said what, who trusted - Suzan
11:07PM 08/08/2005

Beau is asking for a group hug over and over and Ivette won't let the stuff go! NT - Anonymous
11:09PM 08/08/2005

Maggie says game is set up so they continuously question each other NT - Anonymous
11:10PM 08/08/2005

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