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Janelle comes out but the conversation continues - Quench
2:11PM 08/08/2005

OMG! Here it comes! Jenn's about to tell Maggie the plan! IDIOTS!!! NT - MilrGirl
2:12PM 08/08/2005

Maggie - my pubes are shaved but my pubic bone sticks up - everyone does - Quench
2:13PM 08/08/2005

Update - Maggie has no pubic hair. She wanted to let April know that it's a pubic bone sticking up not hair, everyone has it. (TMI!) NT - Anonymous
2:13PM 08/08/2005

Jen repeats last nights story. in more detail. NT - Quench
2:14PM 08/08/2005

Conco stops.......Beau is out there now NT - gymborebel
2:17PM 08/08/2005

Maggie says to Jen and April that you can't pass judgement on someone for playing the game. (ie. Ivette talking to James). - mountainmama
2:19PM 08/08/2005
Magg said "Since I lost my partner, I do not pass judgement on how people play the game" NT - amIsane
2:26PM 08/08/2005

3 empty rooms and Iv alone on treadmill........ NT - gymborebel
2:23PM 08/08/2005

Magg actually said to Beau "I have an abnormally large Pubic bone" Ap "She has a large vagina bone" NT - amIsane
2:25PM 08/08/2005

April is whispering in her MIC to call Beau to the DR..LOL NT - Anonymous
2:30PM 08/08/2005

FISH after Jen and April and Magie singing "All I want for christmas is my DOR" NT - gymborebel
2:32PM 08/08/2005

Maggie and Jen singing "All I Want for Christmas is My D-O-R" - Zazny
2:33PM 08/08/2005

Beau goes inside: Rachel must have been outside for abit cuase Maggie asks if Rachel is outside still - BHnoah
2:41PM 08/08/2005

FISH because Maggie is singing a modified Chipmunk song. NT - citanul
2:41PM 08/08/2005

Maggie says to Jen, April and Rachel that she can't find her slippers. She thinks someone threw them away. - Disneyisme
2:47PM 08/08/2005

April starts to sing "I hate PB & J" then FISH NT - Disneyisme
2:48PM 08/08/2005

Jenn busted. She said to Maggie that her and April never finished their chess game last night. - Mareenie
2:56PM 08/08/2005

Jen says "there is no reason for me to stay up late tonight. I want to go to bed early." - Disneyisme
2:56PM 08/08/2005

They are doing those same parodies again, April singing the DOR one and Jen - Disneyisme
2:58PM 08/08/2005

Sarah & James laying on their bed in the gold room playing chess. James tells her "you're great baby, you're awesome". NT - Nantucket
2:59PM 08/08/2005

The girls at the pool can hear Ivette talking loud to Howie outside, but - Disneyisme
2:59PM 08/08/2005

Sarah leaves to go to BR real quick. She says she hasn't been eating, only drinking lately. NT - Nantucket
3:01PM 08/08/2005

Feeds switch to Ivette & Howie talking outside at table. Ivette likes Howie's underwear. Now Howie - Nantucket
3:04PM 08/08/2005

Jen told Howie that he shouldn't want her or Janelle. That Janelle has Michael & - Nantucket
3:06PM 08/08/2005

Howie Gets Nasty Again - valentine
3:08PM 08/08/2005

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