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Iv knows Apr is upstairs in HOH. Beau goes to check it out and see where Magg is NT - amIsane
12:21PM 08/08/2005

They were checking where ppl are - Ivette said April is in the HOH - Quench
12:21PM 08/08/2005

April now out of HOH (just in time) Beau now in HOH talking about exercising with Howie NT - Quench
12:23PM 08/08/2005

IV in Gold Room now with James and Sarah NT - gymborebel
12:24PM 08/08/2005
Beau now in there too NT - gymborebel
12:24PM 08/08/2005

Maggie and Jenn workin g out. jenn tells maggie about plan to vote out ivette. NT - Toni
12:26PM 08/08/2005

Mag and Jenn in workout room - Anonymous
12:27PM 08/08/2005

Ivette now in GR talking to Sarah and James. "sarah sarah sarah " - Quench
12:28PM 08/08/2005

Beau and IV both in DR NT - gymborebel
12:28PM 08/08/2005

Iv and Beau tell their suspicions to Jam/Sar in GR - amIsane
12:31PM 08/08/2005

Sarah and James predict 6-1 vote against her NT - Zazny
12:32PM 08/08/2005

j/s Sarah speculates that maybe plan all along was to get rid of Ivette but H didn't tell them so they'd - carly
12:32PM 08/08/2005

April telling everyone in backyard that I & B are in... - Anonymous
12:44PM 08/08/2005

April's gonna spy - amIsane
12:45PM 08/08/2005

Jenn told April not to say anything to Maggie (evicting Ivette), she'll take care of it. April agreed. NT - Sunflake
12:46PM 08/08/2005

Jenn tell Ap she told Magg - amIsane
12:47PM 08/08/2005

Earlier Jen with Maggie - Jen says about H says I'd rather have people in front of my face than stabbin me in my back cause I don't - pittsburgh24
12:56PM 08/08/2005

Jenn and Rach in the BR - amIsane
12:58PM 08/08/2005

Jen: Rachel pulled me aside, and I'm getting suspicious because nobody's ever pulled me aside for strategy - Zazny
12:58PM 08/08/2005
and they're having this conversation in the gym in front of Maggie who's running. NT - Sunflake
12:59PM 08/08/2005
possible they are doing this for maggie to hear? unless its too noisy in there - Anonymous
1:02PM 08/08/2005
working out in weightroom maggie, jennifer - Anonymous
1:04PM 08/08/2005
Jen says to april "Maggie can not hear us right now" NT - Mltv
1:00PM 08/08/2005

Ap and Jenn. Jenn is suspicious of Rach talk - amIsane
1:03PM 08/08/2005

Beau standing in the WOR(workout rm) - amIsane
1:06PM 08/08/2005

Iv seems to have mentioned to How her nervousness - amIsane
1:08PM 08/08/2005
Iv "It is just that everyone speads like cockroaches makes you think. I think even Beau feels like that" - amIsane
1:13PM 08/08/2005

Iv "Plus you can not get rid of me, I came up with the plan"(she joked) :0!!! NT - amIsane
1:15PM 08/08/2005

Iv going to eat How "Thanks Ivettey, thanks Beau Beau" - amIsane
1:19PM 08/08/2005

How and Jenn - amIsane
1:22PM 08/08/2005

F1-Howie looking into the house from patio door/F2 Howie now with Rach at washing machine/F3 Jan and Beau - CruiseCritic
1:24PM 08/08/2005

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