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Topic #2178209
Pig32 - Maggie: I can't control Jennifer. She's not an open book - NT 0 Replies #2178209 9:39PM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2178220
Caribou - James - next time you go to GR just listen at the door. Jen - you can only do that for so long before the camera sounds as it moves 0 Replies #2178220 9:40PM 14/08/2005
Jen - Kaysar saw me doing that second week. I dont' hide *****, i'm very honest and blunt.

James back to saying again how Rachel is the most dangerous player.

April - does Rachel like Janelle
James - i don't know if it's strategy or reality
Jen - i don't know either

Jen says she's not letting them know they can come in to talk to her (Kaysar etc.) because they just want to bust up this convo. Jen won't let them she says.

James - until you've been there you don't understand the tenacity and just...
April - they're out for blood
James - they would eat your children
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Topic #2178224
Pig32 - Maggie: All of us will know tomorrow - NT 0 Replies #2178224 9:41PM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2178237
Caribou - Jen tells James he can leave but not to hold the door open to let them in. 0 Replies #2178237 9:42PM 14/08/2005
James wants to play chess with Ivette.

Jen is going to get Maggie to tell her to come up to HOH.

James - as much as the game is over for me I enjoy the fact they are going to be shitting themselves up until I walk out the door.

James wants to talk to each person personally. When he's evicted he'll say goodbye and a couple last words and then walk out. He wants his goodbyes to be personal and that's when he can let personal in.
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Topic #2178254
Pig32 - Rachel and Janelle join Maggie/Kaysar. J/R quiet. K/M whispering - NT 0 Replies #2178254 9:44PM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2178253
memyselfandi - Maggie tells Kaysar he has to ask other people what they're thinking. 0 Replies #2178253 9:44PM 14/08/2005
K still talking to Maggie in the barracks.

M says she doesn't know and doesn't care what his group's discussions are in the gold room with James and doesn't think it's fair of K to ask what her group's discussions are.

M says nothing has changed in her book. She says she has not gone back on her word in this game and K says that's why he came to her, because she keeps her word in the game.

K says I'm not here to question you I'm here for peace of mind and reassurance.

K says he feels Jen is driven by other motives. "I don't know if she wants to put James up. That's my gut feeling."

M says "I think you're just having jitters."

K: "Maybe. I hope so."

M: "All I can assure you is I want him gone. So unf, I can't tell you anything about anyone else."

K: Rachel's going to take herself off and I could be leaving just as soon as I came back.

M: What makes you think the plan is off? Asks if something she did made him thinks he's unsafe?

K says each day I just feel more and more comfortable talking to you.

M: I understand how you feel right now and I'm sorry you feel that way but I don't think it's anyone's intention to make people feel that way. I think it's just Jen is very secretive.

K: Here's the deal. All she did was she told me what would you do (if you were HOH).

Now Janie is with Kaysar talking to Maggie.
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Topic #2178261
Caribou - James plans to take 5-10 minutes in GR to talk to everyone individually and say what he wants to each of them. 0 Replies #2178261 9:44PM 14/08/2005
Jen - if you stay, you have to stop f'n picking those nails.
James - if I stay, there's gonna be a lot less nervousness for me.

April - if you stay, jen and I are going up
James - you're not, as long as I'm here do you not see the threat they feel by that?
Jen - they're already trying to get you in their group
James - they're not.
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Topic #2178265
Pig32 - Magige covering for her "team" by claiming no knowledge - NT 0 Replies #2178265 9:45PM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2178279
memyselfandi - Janelle thinks Jennifer is being unfair if she's not keeping James deal. 0 Replies #2178279 9:46PM 14/08/2005
Kaysar seems to believe that Maggie really is in the dark as much as she is telling him.

Janelle says she doesn't care about being on the block she just wants James gone.

M: My hatred goes way way back to the first week so I don't think anyone should question how I feel about him.

R asks if they really want to live with James in the sequester house.

Janelle says it was a House decision to eliminate James/Sarah.
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Topic #2178290
Pig32 - M/K/R/Jan starting to talk in normal voice. Saying that Jen won't talk to them and maybe Maggie can provide insight- NT 0 Replies #2178290 9:47PM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2178294
Caribou - James telling April/Jen a warning about when they see the tapes...certain things might have been said... 0 Replies #2178294 9:47PM 14/08/2005
Jen/April claim not to care about the tapes, editing won't make them truthful.

James wants to know ahead of time if he's going to be evicted so that he can do his 5-10 minute personal talks in the GR. Jen hasn't said he's being evicted yet and he's asked this a couple of times. So by omission, she's told him he's safe from eviction this week.
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Topic #2178330
Caribou - Howie arrives in HOH 0 Replies #2178330 9:50PM 14/08/2005
James telling Howie about his wanting 5-10 minutes in GR on eviction day. HOwie says how do you know you're going? You're not on the block. Howie playing dumb. Jen letting it be known James knows of the backdoor plan.

Howie - i'm not too convinced that you're the one that's leaving
James - regardless, i said it to rachel earlier so now i'll say it to you. i'm not dumb i knew the moment i got my key what's going on
Howie not biting. James leaves.

Howie in serious tone says he wants to ask questions. Jen left room so April says wait for her to return.

James telling Ivette what Howie said and Jen saying howie is so stupid.

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Topic #2178333
Pig32 - Jen arrives to collect Maggie. - NT 0 Replies #2178333 9:51PM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2178339
memyselfandi - R/J/K still talking to Maggie 0 Replies #2178339 9:51PM 14/08/2005
Maggie telling them not to worry about Rachel not getting congrats after winning POV this week because that upset Ivette too last week.

M says she hasn't heard anyone campaigning against Janelle. She says she doesn't believe James campaigning about anything but he has every right too.

K: I trust you.

M: You have no reason to trust me.

K: But I still do.

Beau comes back in to interrupt game talk.

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Topic #2178345
Caribou - Jen in barracks telling Kaysar etc. that James wants goodbye time on Thursday. 0 Replies #2178345 9:52PM 14/08/2005
Jen claiming to Kaysar that Howie/James acting stupid.

Janelle arrives in HOH to join Howie and April.

Jen avoiding returning to HOH by delaying and hanging in barracks.
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Topic #2178363
Caribou - Kaysar pulled Jen into GR to talk to her alone. 0 Replies #2178363 9:54PM 14/08/2005
K - give me some assurance that everything is going according to plan
Jen - uh huh. unless you totally piss me off before tomorrow morning.

K - I just wanted to touch base with you
J - nobody's talked to me about anything. people have been going after April a lot
K- i can't speak for them i can only speak for myself. i was like...should i talk to her or..... well we already talked about it. i didn't want to be tugging on your sleeve...we already talked about it.
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Topic #2178367
Pig32 - Jenn / Kaysar in Gold Room 0 Replies #2178367 9:54PM 14/08/2005
Kaysar: I'd like your assurance that things are still going to plan.

Jenn: Yup.

Jenn: no one's talked to me about anything.

K: my thing was, should I talk to her about it or respect her space. We're adults and don't need to talk...

(timed out)
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Topic #2178417
Pig32 - K: The reason I'm so tense is we've been trying to get rid of this guy for the longest time 0 Replies #2178417 9:57PM 14/08/2005
Jenn lies to Kaysar and says she told James he has no chance to stay.

J: James is pissed and broken hearted about losing Sarah and having false hope of saving her.

J: We don't trust him. April is questioning him about being in here a little while ago (james told them he was going to GR to talk to them)

Jennifer basically lying through her teeth to Kaysar.
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Topic #2178421
Caribou - Kaysar told Jen he's been arguing with himself about asking her for reassurance. 0 Replies #2178421 9:57PM 14/08/2005
She makes a joke about Kaysar needing couples counselling for him and his other personalities.

Jen outright lies to kaysar and says James not talking to them much. Jen claims she gave James zero to negative hope that he would stay. Jen claims she told James it would only be by miracle of god that James stays.

Jen says james was devastated by your group last week causing him to lose sarah twice.

Kaysar - i know there was drama last week. but the objective is just to.. i think i know the entire house feels like he should go.
Jen - we don't trust him
Kaysar - he gets caught in so many lies
Jen - April was questioning him about being in here a bit ago and I said I could care less what he's talking about because I don't trust him
Kaysar - everytime he's up in HOH we worry too

Jen leading Kaysar to believe both groups are over-analysing and worrying about james and what he's up to.
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Topic #2178435
Caribou - April arrives in GR to tell them Howie/Janelle are in HOH waiting on you two. 0 Replies #2178435 9:58PM 14/08/2005
Jen says Kaysar can relay what they're saying later. Kaysar agrees.
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Topic #2178448
memyselfandi - Kaysar and Jennifer talking in gold room 0 Replies #2178448 9:59PM 14/08/2005
K says I don't want to question what you're doing...

J: but you're going to.

K says he wants reassurance that everything is going to go according to plan.

J jokes "it will as long as you don't piss me off before tomorrow morning."

J asks why no one is talking to her since the nomination thing if they want to know what's going on.

K says he can't speak for his group, but he wasn't sure if whether he should talk to her.

K: But it's fine right?

J: You already asked me that.

Jenny doesn't like the gold room and the pictures of past evicted houseguests weird her out.

J: Obviously he (james) talks to me about things and I listen but there is zero to negative hope that he is going to stay.

Jenny says James is devastated by losing Sarah in the first place but then devastated again by K's group last week by them lying and giving them false hope that Ivette would be sent home instead.

J and K agree that both of them are overanalyzing about what James is up to.

K: I just want to let you know that we really want James gone.

*my feed timed out*

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Topic #2178489
memyselfandi - More of Jen and Kay talking 0 Replies #2178489 10:02PM 14/08/2005
J: The only thing that bothers me, this is kind of a personal thing, that nobody wants to hang out with us unless James is with us.

K: But that was just one time.

J: I feel like everytime James comes, you all come.

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Topic #2178496
Caribou - Jen - Sarah told james he should try pairing up with Maggie but I told him there's no chance in hell for that 0 Replies #2178496 10:03PM 14/08/2005
Kaysar - we all know we should be cordial and nice to him but because the pain runs so deep because he screwed people over
Jen - we feel bad because (James has no group)
Kaysar - i don't talk game with him
Jen - he tells us you guys don't ask him any game stuff. i told him this is nothing personal, you can have fun with us but not be a part of meetings and can't sleep with us etc.

Kaysar assuring Jen that when James is with his group, no game is going on.
Jen - only thing that bothers me is that nobody wants to hang out with us unless James is up there.
kaysar - we did that one time.
Jen beating a dead horse on this. Kaysar repeatedly saying they did it once. Jen seems to feel that Kaysar et al are not around them unless James is there. Kaysar says it's interesting to hear her perspective becuase the things you notice, we don't even see. Jen - everyone in the house is paranoid.

Jen doing creepy laugh all through this.

Jen - once james is gone we're not united and we're two separate groups.
Kaysar - no we can hang out though
Jen - i said in DR today that i'm not making this game personal
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Topic #2178507
Caribou - Ivettte and James in BY at table playing chess NT 0 Replies #2178507 10:03PM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2178509
strad - Jen tells the only time hrjk want to hang out with them is when james is in the hoh room 0 Replies #2178509 10:03PM 14/08/2005
Kaysar instructing Jen on why James is dangerous. Kaysar lamenting about the lack of communication btw the 2 groups. Jen says once James is gone the 2 teams wont communicate
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