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Topic #2171765
JenJen - More of Kaysar and Janelle at the chess table and living room, just talking now... 0 Replies #2171765 3:16AM 14/08/2005
J: Do you think I'm a dork for liking your friend?

K: No, I think you're a dork for other things. Did you used to be a dork?

J: Yes.

K: No, I don't think you're a dork for liking him. (Seems to be hitting on her) Just follow love and affection. You should be taken care of.

J: What do you mean by taken care of?

K: You're special for many reasons. Yes, I think, by nature, people want you to reassure them that things are ok, that you love them, that all will be taken care of. That's it in a nutshell. The second they stop doing that, they act all crazy and ruin your life.


J: I've never ruined anyone's life. Intentionally.

K: Intentionally.

J: It wasn't my fault. (laughing)

K: Wrong place, wrong time. (laughing)

J: I'm just a buxom blonde.

K: Buxom blonde! Don't blame me!

J: Sorry, officer, I'm just a buxom blonde!

K: You just ran over my grandmother, but you're a buxom blonde! (laughing)

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Topic #2171775
seezall - April stroking the back of a sound asleep Jenn!?! NT 0 Replies #2171775 3:20AM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2171778
JenJen - More of Janelle and Kaysar, living room now... 0 Replies #2171778 3:21AM 14/08/2005
K: How many times have you gotten out of trouble because you twirled your hair and batted your eyelashes?

J: Depends on what kind of trouble?

K: OK, got your way then.

J: Always. If not, I just get mad and walk away. (laughing)

K: (Looks at Janelle) Scary.

J: I'm a buxom blonde! Sorry!!

K: You just ruined my life!

J: You were five years in therapy? Sorry! I'm a buxom blonde!

K: You get your way every single time?

J: Since 15.

K: But you said there was a period where you were a dork.

J: From 8-9, then 13. I had braces at 13.

K: At that age, you decided you wanted to be pretty?

J: Ummm... I wasn't trying to be pretty, I just was. Serious! I was still a serious dork until 14. I didn't get contacts until 14. I had glasses and braces.

K: I would have been your best gay friend.

J: My best friend was gay!!

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Topic #2171781
JenJen - Kaysar and Janelle talk about gay friends, FISH FISH FISH! NT 0 Replies #2171781 3:21AM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2171792
seezall - Aprils massage of Jenn lasted about 10 min then she rolled over and is going to sleep NT 0 Replies #2171792 3:25AM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2171793
valentine - Kaysar is 6'2" 0 Replies #2171793 3:25AM 14/08/2005
but he grew very quickly, kind of late.

Kaysar: I was the biggest dork in high school.

Janelle: Did you have a Ferrari?

(I didn't hear or see the answer.)

Janelle: Oh, I'm sorry. When did you become cool?

Kaysar: OK. Here's the thing. I was always trying to be cool. You know, "like me, like me, like me". Then I gradually started getting more confidence and people started to like me.

Kaysar started working out, but he feels that women like looks, but attitude is more important to them.

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Topic #2171800
JenJen - Janelle and Kaysar rehashing high school melodrama, continued... 0 Replies #2171800 3:28AM 14/08/2005
K: And then I just became cool. I knew I wasn't the best looking guy, but I started working on myself.

J: Your hairstyle?

K: No, I grew, I started working out. Looks aren't important to me. It's more attitude, confidence. I was really quiet, it took a few years, but I'm ok now!

J: That's good Kaysar.

K: Yeh.

J: I always had more problems with girls than guys. Bitches.

K: Here? Why are girls always so catty?

J: I dunno.

K: Certain environments encourage jealousy and bad behaviour.

J: Like LA to me.

K: Lots of money, life in the fast lane, people are just bad, assholes, they care about all the wrong things, and come after you for all the wrong reasons. I told myself, it's fine to be around certain lifestyles, but I don't ever want to engulf myself in someting like that. You lose a sense of who you are. That's my opinion. It took me so long to figure out who I was.

J: (silent)

K: I don't wanna lose control and do stupid ***** all the time. My passion is business, and moving forward with my life.

J: (bored) You're really serious, Kaysar.
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Topic #2171804
valentine - Janelle: I Don't Like Many Girls. 0 Replies #2171804 3:29AM 14/08/2005
They're mean to me.

Kaysar: Why do you think that is? Why are girls so catt?

They discuss how in LA, women care about "all the wrong things". The two of them are sitting on one of the orange sofas in the LR. They are both sitting on the same one, side by side, a few feet apart.

Kaysar has on his pajamas. Janelle has her arms crossed in front of her.

Kaysar: My passion is my business. My passion is moving forward with my life.

Janelle tells him not to change, that he's fun.

Kaysar: Well. So that's that. I'm happy because I'm at a point in my life where anything can happen.
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Topic #2171807
JenJen - Janelle and Kaysar hate gifts, talk Christmas in living room 0 Replies #2171807 3:32AM 14/08/2005
J: When I get out of here, I'm going to Minnesota.

K: Do you feel bad?

J: Haven't been there since Christmas. I miss Christmas so much.

K: Why?

J: The closeness, the presents.

K: I hate the music.

J: The pressure sucks, shopping. I like to give gifts but I don't want anything from them.

K: Everyone's all of a sudden, like, warm and cuddly, and hate each other the rest of the year.

J: It's serious good family time, though.

K: Let me know when you go to Minnesota, we have to hang out in L.A. before.

J: You have to come up.

K: I will. If we lose touch, I'm gonna be pissed.
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Topic #2171808
valentine - Janelle: When I Get Out of Here, 1 Replies #2171808 3:32AM 14/08/2005
I'm going to Minnesota.

Kaysar: To see your family.

Janelle: Yeah.

They discuss how they hate gifts. (?!) Janelle has to spend two weeks shopping for Christmas gifts for 30 people. She hates getting gifts because she never really likes them.

Kaysar says at Christmas, everyone acts like "Yay!!! Gifts!!!" but he hates them.

Kaysar: Everybody acts so happy and they love each other, and then they hate each other for the rest of the year.

Kaysar wants Janelle to stay in LA for a while and hang out. She will.

Janelle: Kaysar, you have to come to Miami!

Kaysar: I will. I will.
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CougarSpy - Janelle mentioned her favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. NT #2172164 7:20AM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2171817
valentine - Kaysar: Do You Think Ashlea Would Go For Me? 1 Replies #2171817 3:36AM 14/08/2005
Janelle: Yes. But I don't think you would go for her!

They both laugh.

Janelle: I can't think of a single girl for you.

Kaysar: Thanks. That's nice.
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DebbieInc - "I can't think of any girl GOOD enough for you" NT #2171838 3:42AM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2171844
valentine - Kaysar: I Think If I'm Friends With You, There Will Always Be Drama. 0 Replies #2171844 3:44AM 14/08/2005
Janelle teases him that he is drama, too.

Kaysar: Me? How am I drama?

Finally Janelle admits that she is drama. It has always been like that. She says she has always had a boyfriend, her whole life.

Kaysar: Can you be content without a boyfriend?

Janelle: Nope.

Kaysar asks her several times what it is that she is looking for, why she feels that way. She doesn't really answer him.

Janelle: I guess my biggest challenge was to stay single.

She calculates that she was single about five months.

Janelle, giggling: Actually, it wasn't that long.

She would like to be single for awhile, but she just can't help it.
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Topic #2171850
valentine - Kaysar: I Sincerely Think That If You Go Down this Road, 0 Replies #2171850 3:46AM 14/08/2005
you'll be unhappy.

Janelle: How do you know?

Kaysar, after a long pause: Because you'll never truly fall in love with someone.

Janelle: You're wrong. I'm sorry, but for once, you're wrong.
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Topic #2171860
DebbieInc - Kay to Jan: What kind of guys do you like? 1 Replies #2171860 3:50AM 14/08/2005
I like ones that are kind, well-mannered, considerate and I get along with.
K: Sounds like you have it all figured out.
J: I do.
K: Don't let me get in your way then.

(ed Note: Kaysar is clearly wanting Janelle to fall for him as much as he's done with her)
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valentine - "Generous" Was On Her List as Well. NT #2171911 4:12AM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2171872
DebbieInc - Kay talks in circles to Janelle regarding Micheal and what is it she really needs and wants 0 Replies #2171872 3:53AM 14/08/2005
.Kaysar gets flustered and Janelle asks him if he's mad at her. He says no.

(ed note: Kaysar finds it difficult to both talk about his real feelings for Jan and harder to not talk about them)
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Topic #2171880
DebbieInc - Kay: I'm so picky about girls. I don't want to get f'ed over or hurt NT 0 Replies #2171880 3:55AM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2171909
valentine - Kaysar: This is Unacceptable, 0 Replies #2171909 4:11AM 14/08/2005
as he looks at Janelle's fingernails.

Kaysar: Look at this. This one is shorter than that one, and that one has polish on it and.....

Janelle gets defensive and pulls her hand away. She tells him she broke a couple of nails when she was drunk the other night.

Kaysar: For someone who is so beautiful, you are so insecure! I point out one little thing and you freak out.

Janelle: Well, I don't want you looking at them.

Kaysar laughs: What am I supposed to look at then?

Janelle: I don't know. Something else.

Kaysar: Something else?

He is laughing and is delighted. (Clearly he is crazy for her.)

They do some whispering. At one point, Janelle leans over and all I could hear was: Jenn. I hate that bitch!
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Topic #2171917
Bonita - Kaysar says they have to be all lovey dovey tomorrow 0 Replies #2171917 4:28AM 14/08/2005
Perhaps Maggie would give him some information he could use.

Janelle and Kaysar discuss Kaysar's convo with Maggie earlier about his deal with Jennifer.
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Topic #2171921
Bonita - Kaysar angry at Jennifer for going back on their deal 1 Replies #2171921 4:31AM 14/08/2005
"I'm going to f*ck her up... I'm going to make her cry."
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John_DK_ - More sh!t from Saint Kaysar #2171932 4:38AM 14/08/2005
F*cking b!tch, stupid b!tch, stupid little ho, I want 2 F*CK her UP...

F*cking ass b!tch, I wanna make her f*cking cry.

Stupid little sh!t.
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Topic #2171924
abbybb - Kaysar says that if they get HoH next week 0 Replies #2171924 4:32AM 14/08/2005
He's going to make Jen really cry and say, "Pack you f'in bags, b....."..

(ed. note: He still thinks they're going to stick to the deal... I feel badly for him..)
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Topic #2171928
abbybb - Kaysar may be catching on.. 0 Replies #2171928 4:34AM 14/08/2005
He says he's nervous about this.

Janelle asks if they're still sticking to the plan. He says, "Let's hope"..
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Topic #2171929
abbybb - Kaysar says that they'd be a moron to keep James 0 Replies #2171929 4:36AM 14/08/2005
after he disrespected Cappy by putting his name under his foot...

He thinks Maggie wouldn't allow them to keep James after that kind of disrespect
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Topic #2171930
abbybb - Kaysar: "I gave the power to the biggest moron in the house" NT 0 Replies #2171930 4:37AM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2171950
CougarSpy - Kaysar relaying story to Janelle about James saying he has the most stress in the house. He had to worry about himself and Sarah’s feelings. 0 Replies #2171950 5:00AM 14/08/2005
Howie responded, “Whatever doesn’t kill you will make you stronger”. The look on James’s face and then all of a sudden there was dead silence.

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Topic #2171951
John_DK_ - Kay close 2 Jan's ear, whispering. FISH. NT 2 Replies #2171951 5:02AM 14/08/2005
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Karenell - Kay was whispering that he found out that Janelle and he were "huge". She asked "REALLY? How do you know?" He said people were #2171955 5:05AM 14/08/2005
lined up outside....(something I couldn't understand) ...interviews...Janelle asked "What about Howie?" He said he didn't know, but...

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Badlands - Transcript of Kaysar telling Janelle about them being "Huge" #2171952 5:04AM 14/08/2005
Kaysar leaning over and whispering in Janelle's ear, so it was hard to make out some of it:
K: "I found out that you and me are really the... (incomprehensible)."
J: "Are you serious? (Laughs) You're such a dork... god. Where did you find out from?"
K: "I don't know if I can tell anybody, but there were people following me around and apparently I'm huge. I'm serious, there were people lining up at the door. And apparently you have a bigger fan base too."
J: "I do??" What about Howie?"
K: "I don't know."
J: "How do you know I do?"
K: "Because people... (incomprehensible)
J: "Who... tell me."
K: I'm... just trust me... I can't..."
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