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Topic #2175680
Caribou - Ivette tells James a huge ruckus is coming this week. James asks "are they putting up Kaysar?" She won't say and he then says he doesn't want to know. 0 Replies #2175680 5:16PM 14/08/2005
Ivette tells James the hard questioning they threw at him was to see what he'll say in event things change.

James now selling that "we play with our hearts, not with our heads all the time"

Ivette buying this completely.
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Topic #2175692
memyselfandi - James pumping Ivette for information about the nominations 0 Replies #2175692 5:17PM 14/08/2005
Ivette says let's just say a lot of ruckus is coming in the house.

James asks if they're putting up Kaysar. Ivette defensively says she doesn't know and James quickly takes back that question and says we don't need to talk strategy.

Then they go back to talking about the game, lol. Ivette says the hard questioning comes to see what James is going to say, but some people want him to be a player for them.

James says he and Ivette are both emotional players and trying to protect Sarah and thinking about her got him in trouble.

James: "I would much rather be on the battlefield with you guys ... The last thing that any one that loves us wants to see is us giving up."

James says that since she's not going home this week she should try to stay in the game because she'll be gone the same amount of time and just stuck in the sequestor house.

He interrupts Ivette who tries to tell him something is wrong with her and she's lost her competitiveness.
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Topic #2175707
memyselfandi - BB: Jennifer, please go to the DR. NT 0 Replies #2175707 5:19PM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2175730
Caribou - James pep talking Ivette, telling her to do this for her family, be strong. She's sucking it up. NT 0 Replies #2175730 5:22PM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2175748
Caribou - James: "America can eat dick!" NT 0 Replies #2175748 5:23PM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2175822
memyselfandi - James seems to have figured out the Kaysar going up plan 0 Replies #2175822 5:31PM 14/08/2005
He is pumping Ivette for more and more information talking about how Janelle going home and him staying would be good, then saying Kaysar going home would be "best-case scenario."

Then James brings up Howie and Ivette says "but he's not that big a threat"

And James says to not underestimate Howie and that he told Eric before he left to not underestimate Howie.

James says that group isn't talking to him because they don't trust him, but they don't seem to trust themselves, reminds her of the lie she believes that they tried to go back on their deal and get her out.

Now discussing the two groups. James flattering Ivette saying her group is the one that is caring about other people and not just themselves.
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Topic #2175837
terrybelle - James: I'm glad I met you Ivette, Ivette: I'm glad I met you too NT 0 Replies #2175837 5:32PM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2175856
memyselfandi - James tells Ivette he would like to marry Sarah NT 0 Replies #2175856 5:33PM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2175864
terrybelle - F3 LR.... EMPTY --- F4 DR/KITCHEN.... EMPTY!!! NT 0 Replies #2175864 5:34PM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2175874
terrybelle - F1 -- Howie telling Rach and Kay about the weather disturbances NT 0 Replies #2175874 5:34PM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2175894
terrybelle - Rach just told Howie that his stinky sandals will be going in the trashcan 0 Replies #2175894 5:36PM 14/08/2005
Does she mean when the get back home?????
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Topic #2175934
memyselfandi - Howie/Jan/Rachel/Kaysar in backyard 0 Replies #2175934 5:40PM 14/08/2005
Howie called one of the other team the most annoying player in BB history... (I think April)

Rachel discussing "demon look" to James again and laughing about it.

Rachel insistent they're not leaving James in game. She says she likes him, she just doesn't want him in the house.
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Topic #2175970
memyselfandi - Howie/Jan/Rachel/Kaysar in backyard still... 0 Replies #2175970 5:43PM 14/08/2005
They're talking about Ivette and James hanging out together, Howie thinks she was upset last night at the thought America didn't like her.

Later, Rachel says she'll hang out with James, once he gets on the block.

Jan asks Kaysar to play chess.
Howie asks Rachel if he'll go back to the gold room and play with him.

Feed switches to Ivette/James...
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Topic #2176104
virdee - bb april please come to the dr NT 0 Replies #2176104 5:53PM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2176116
memyselfandi - April/maggie discussing sex when they get home.. then Jen and Maggie 0 Replies #2176116 5:55PM 14/08/2005
April is going to be shy she says. She'll feel like a virgin again. She just wants to lay there and look at his body at first, not just have sex. Mentioning the Kegel exercises

Maggie: "He's going to love every inch of you." (Ed:Gross)

BB: April, please come to the diary room.

Jen is complaining to Maggie about the stress of HOH and saying they don't understand.

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Topic #2176169
memyselfandi - switches to Rachel/Howie talking in back now again 0 Replies #2176169 6:01PM 14/08/2005
Rachel upset about crying on tv after going on the block, but excited for her family and friends seeing her win POV on Tuesday night.

Rachel's boss is a big BB fan apparently but makes fun of the contestants. Howie says then the boss should understand and hire her back when she gets back.

Rachel says BB is harder than she realized because your mind is constantly strategizing and you can't read other people's minds.

Howie says a million dollars doesn't come easy in this world so you should expect it to in BB. safer playing lotto.
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Topic #2176228
ferretkiss - howie to janie: janie whats the fastest you had a guy reach climactic org*sm? jan: f*ck off howie how: thanks janie NT 1 Replies #2176228 6:08PM 14/08/2005
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ihateeric - Then Howie says he has to take a dump and Rach says 'thanks howie" NT #2176275 6:16PM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2176320
CeiggeP - Kaysar:" The 6 we had was to good to be true." NT 0 Replies #2176320 6:25PM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2176346
CeiggeP - Janie: "America will vote someone out" NT 0 Replies #2176346 6:29PM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2176349
ihateeric - Rachel, "We Love You America" NT 0 Replies #2176349 6:29PM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2176366
CeiggeP - Rae Rae: "I think America likes us, thank you America." To Howie & Kaysar " Let's keep it that way" NT 0 Replies #2176366 6:31PM 14/08/2005
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Topic #2176393
CeiggeP - Kaysar: Jen is a horrible player. 0 Replies #2176393 6:34PM 14/08/2005
Racheal: She is in it for the fame
K: They can not control their emotions
Rae: (inaudible) self-destruct
Howie:press the button
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Topic #2176400
memyselfandi - Maggie: America doesn't love me. 0 Replies #2176400 6:34PM 14/08/2005
The Friendship still doesn't get why Kaysar is loved. They decide that maybe CBS portrayed Kaysar as a mastermind genius. Jen wishes Eric had come back this week so they could get rid of James. Beau told to put on microphone (Ed: has he said anything all day?)

Once again they complain about the other side playing dirty.

Now they're talking about Beau's purse and whether it's a "manbag" and how he is considered one of the girls.

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Topic #2176443
CeiggeP - R:Maggie said congrats after I won veto, but didn't sound like she meant it 0 Replies #2176443 6:38PM 14/08/2005
Howie:she is conflicted
Kay: listens, taking it all in
R: the only people in that group I see being friends after this game is Iv and Maggie, maybe
R:they are not as dumb as we thought
H:they can't think on their own, James told it all to them
airplanes are busy tonight, hard to hear
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Topic #2176452
voy_your - ahh, Kaysar just said he is so glad to be here NT NT 0 Replies #2176452 6:39PM 14/08/2005
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