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Janelle and James: Janelle says there is no way she can win. She is playing for 50K - knifey_spooney
7:33PM 21/08/2005

Feeds switch to James and Janelle talking in the BY. James said he was written off week 3 and she was written off week 2. - Suzan
7:33PM 21/08/2005

James and Jan strategize in BY quickly - Iris
7:35PM 21/08/2005

Janelle and James have to talk in secret from now on. They have teamed up! - memyselfandi
7:41PM 21/08/2005
Janelle told Howie just now that she doesn't trust James, sounds like she's going to start playing him to get where she wants NT - Suzan
7:45PM 21/08/2005

Janelle and Howie in the GR - knifey_spooney
7:41PM 21/08/2005
Jan told H that Jam said Nerd Herd are taking out R bc she's a bigger threat - H said really? Jan - don't take it personally H no i don't - NT - makmadden
7:06AM 22/08/2005

S3 plan - They are telling JAmes they are going after Maggie, but their real target is Beau and Ivette NT - Suzan
7:44PM 21/08/2005

Janelle/Howie/Rachel talk in gold room - memyselfandi
7:45PM 21/08/2005

Rachel joins Howie and Janelle in the GR - knifey_spooney
7:46PM 21/08/2005

Howie is too funny. He keeps opening the GR door real fast trying to catch one of "them eavesdropping on them Says he'll fkn tackel them in the LR NT - Suzan
7:46PM 21/08/2005

Howie says if Janelle goes to sequester, they better have video of her meeting Jennifer - knifey_spooney
7:48PM 21/08/2005

Rachels strategy (she told this to James) - If it's her and Howie she doesn't mind leaving, but if it's her and Janelle she wants to stay so they'd - Suzan
7:48PM 21/08/2005

Howie's laughing and saying he really thinks they don't want him alone in sequester with Jennifer. Then says if they are really worried about that - Suzan
7:49PM 21/08/2005

Howie says evict me and I can go beat it everyday (adult) - knifey_spooney
7:51PM 21/08/2005

Janelle is taunting Howie with her underwear and he can't handle it NT - memyselfandi
7:53PM 21/08/2005

Rachel said that if she goes to sequester she will tell Jenn everyday what a stupid move she made - knifey_spooney
7:54PM 21/08/2005

Howie jokingly tells Jan that if she was 5 lbs lighter she would have beat James NT - bama_chevygal
7:54PM 21/08/2005

Ivette is mad that Janelle pretended to be a dumb b!tch, and that she called her a nerd NT - memyselfandi
7:59PM 21/08/2005

April, Maggie and Ivette are at the bar fixing dinner. Between the whispers of Maggie and the cutting sound of April cutting up whatever it is she's - Suzan
8:00PM 21/08/2005

crappy Yappy is dissing James...shes always talking bad about everyone NT - goJames
8:02PM 21/08/2005

James and Beau talking about how it's time to start playing the game...no more second guessing - abbybb
8:13PM 21/08/2005

James to Beau: i was relaxed NT - pinkytuscadarro
8:13PM 21/08/2005

Jay-Beau- Jen went down in a blaze of glory.........sure JON woould be proud NT - pinkytuscadarro
8:14PM 21/08/2005

James starts to work over Beau about April, but Ivette interrupts to complain about Rachel NT - memyselfandi
8:16PM 21/08/2005

James to Beau: So how does it feel being king for a week? - Diana
8:18PM 21/08/2005

James agreeing with Jen's choice to get rid of Kaysar - abbybb
8:19PM 21/08/2005

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