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Ivette: Howie, You Have Love Handles Galore! - valentine
11:10AM 21/08/2005
Janielle is sorry for getting off the surfboard and losing Ashlea - TigressSiobhan
11:18AM 21/08/2005
He then blames BB for giving him those NT - Suzan
11:11AM 21/08/2005

Howies love handles - skywalkerone
11:12AM 21/08/2005

Frienship in kitchen playing cards - Iris
11:12AM 21/08/2005

Card game on feeds 3 & 4, April whispers something unaudible, Maggie agrees, some more whisering and April says its so f'in annoying back to cards NT - Suzan
11:13AM 21/08/2005

Feeds switch to H/R/Janelle in GR talking about possible comps, possible scenairos with winning POV NT - Suzan
11:14AM 21/08/2005
Oh James is in there too - off camera. He says he thinks they are trying to break them down (they=friendship) - Suzan
11:16AM 21/08/2005

Janelle, To James: What the Hell is That On Your Face? - valentine
11:15AM 21/08/2005

still in kitchen with friendsheep - skywalkerone
11:17AM 21/08/2005

Rachel, Jan, James and Howie in GR - Iris
11:24AM 21/08/2005

fish for a while ...maybe veto is beginning NT - BigBooty
11:30AM 21/08/2005

Howie and Janie right before FT - skywalkerone
11:36AM 21/08/2005

still fish - skywalkerone
11:47AM 21/08/2005

We have had fish for quite some time and they will be back sometime in the next 2-24 hours - Kaz
3:58PM 21/08/2005

feeds up! NT - fgjadfg
4:04PM 21/08/2005

LOL James standing in kitchen talking with the others gave his pit a quick sniff and went Whoa!!!...Funny stuff NT - pharm4
4:07PM 21/08/2005

Feeds are back, HGs discussing how hard the comp was. No one has mentioned a winner yet. Howie didn't get it. NT - Sunflake
4:09PM 21/08/2005

Everyone seems to be very amiable..no antagonism...just discussing competition. NT - pharm4
4:09PM 21/08/2005

The competition had something to do with diving down underwater and retrieving a pie shaped pic of a HG. NT - Sunflake
4:09PM 21/08/2005

Ivette saying it was a FOUR hour competition....ed note...hence, long fishies! :) NT - AlexaRae
4:12PM 21/08/2005

James won NT - ChiliPalmer
4:12PM 21/08/2005

Rach wants Jan and James to vote her out, to save Howie NT - amIsane
4:13PM 21/08/2005

Ivette in kitchen just said: James all time BB POV record. James said: just saving my a$$. nt NT - PPan
4:14PM 21/08/2005

Ivette just said, "All time Veto Champion" and James replied, "Yep, it's all about saving my azz". NT - Sunflake
4:14PM 21/08/2005

Rachel says James won veto by 4 seconds. NT - ktan
4:14PM 21/08/2005

Rachel: He (James) was pathetic. But he won, by 4 seconds - NT - Pig32
4:14PM 21/08/2005
Rach said that he IS pathetic, not that he was pathetic in the comp. NT - Tracie
4:42PM 21/08/2005

Janelle lost by 4 seconds to James. NT - AlexaRae
4:15PM 21/08/2005

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