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Ivette, the college graduate says " Minnesota....is a state, right"??? NT - AlexaRae
6:01PM 21/08/2005

Ivette: Minnesota is a state, right? (Ed: not kidding) NT - Iris
6:01PM 21/08/2005

hg's doing impressions of Lori when she was upset about people talking about Gerry not washing his hands... NT - coffeebug
6:02PM 21/08/2005
no no....danielle was mad at gerry for not washing his hands....lori scolded danielle for getting mad NT - ibackdapack823
6:03PM 21/08/2005

As the HG are sitting around the table talking, the camera person zooms in on - Angelfire
6:03PM 21/08/2005

F3 keeps zooming in on evicted HGs grayed out pictures on memory wall and then on to people talking around the table. NT - Iris
6:03PM 21/08/2005

Janelle Says that BB3's Lori Is From a Town - valentine
6:04PM 21/08/2005

Ever Since They Came Back Into the House - valentine
6:06PM 21/08/2005

Janelle talking lovingly about her Grandma living next door to her mother on a lake. NT - Iris
6:07PM 21/08/2005

HG's talking about others choices to bring into the house and Howie says that he was going to bring his mom. They were trying to convince her to come - bakerladee
6:14PM 21/08/2005

on f3 they zooming in and out at the pic what that meanNT - virdee
6:14PM 21/08/2005

Conversation around the new smaller dining table - Iris
6:15PM 21/08/2005

Money talk around the table. Ivette and April asking a lot of questions about Janelle's rich boyfriends. - memyselfandi
6:16PM 21/08/2005

Ivette to Beau: I hate it when you become a pretentious faggot! He jokingly smacks her. NT - Iris
6:16PM 21/08/2005

James is saying if a woman dates you for money you can do whatever you want to them - memyselfandi
6:18PM 21/08/2005

Janelle has turned around several times - mattiebear
6:18PM 21/08/2005

talk around the table - mostly about janelle's life and guys with money. - ferretkiss
6:19PM 21/08/2005

Howie: Money doesn't buy happiness, it buys an awful lot of unhappiness. NT - Iris
6:19PM 21/08/2005

Now Ivette is putting Beau on the spot for only dating rich men too NT - memyselfandi
6:20PM 21/08/2005

James might sublet Ivette's girlfriends apt. - memyselfandi
6:24PM 21/08/2005

Jan, Ivette, Beau and James talking about Miami, where to live where to go - Iris
6:27PM 21/08/2005
Details, Details - Queen_Laury
7:35PM 21/08/2005
Closeup on Rachel the whole time is her quiet and yawning. NT - memyselfandi
6:32PM 21/08/2005

Jan tells story of giving a homeless guy fake money $400 - Iris
6:30PM 21/08/2005

Ivette: I like the Bo-Bo that goes to the movies with me and eats hot dogs. When you want to be fabulous, go hang out with your other girls. NT - Iris
6:34PM 21/08/2005

"Janelle, please stop SINGING !!!" She got us fished. and then the group broke up. - he244
6:37PM 21/08/2005

Howie looking in the mirror: I'm a disgusting fat piece of sh*t. Look at me. NT - Iris
6:39PM 21/08/2005

Ivette just told James not to use the veto, unless she tells him different NT - dustyma
6:43PM 21/08/2005

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