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Janelle speculating whether to go after Ivette or make a deal with Beau/Ivette - memyselfandi
12:14AM 21/08/2005

Poker game breaks up. Getting ready for bed. Talking about disgusting HG habits (especially Rachel) - Joolz
12:18AM 21/08/2005

Creepy pajama party bed buddies: Beau and Ivette on bed, April and Maggie on floor. NT - Joolz
12:21AM 21/08/2005

Janelle tells Howie that Ivette is the next target because it rips everything apart - memyselfandi
12:22AM 21/08/2005

FISH NT - Joolz
12:25AM 21/08/2005

Lights out in HoH room; Beau cycling through spy screen. NT - Joolz
12:29AM 21/08/2005

Beau says "smoking without drinking" is not hot, but Maggie used to smoke NT - memyselfandi
12:35AM 21/08/2005

Howie walks into barracks, wakes up Rachel (or maybe she was still awake.... couldn't tell) - Joolz
12:38AM 21/08/2005

Janelle joins H and R; lies down on bunk; all 3 talking about past stuff in the house - Joolz
12:48AM 21/08/2005

Beau: I Have, Like, The World's Greatest Watch Collection! - valentine
12:59AM 21/08/2005
Beau: I Had, Like, Three Cartiers - valentine
1:02AM 21/08/2005

James joins H/R/Janie in barracks; talk turns to the game - Joolz
1:05AM 21/08/2005

James joins S3 in barracks chit-chatting, then talking strategy - memyselfandi
1:06AM 21/08/2005

Howie says he thinks HOH comp was tailored to make Beau win. NT - Time2getLost
1:07AM 21/08/2005

James is talking with S3 as if they're on the team - memyselfandi
1:08AM 21/08/2005

James tells Janelle that he thinks Ashlea tries to emulate her NT - memyselfandi
1:13AM 21/08/2005

Jan: if it were between April and Maggie, I'd give it to April. - Joolz
1:17AM 21/08/2005
Rachel said this. Janelle agreed that she would give the money to April with no explaination. NT - theXandman
2:10AM 21/08/2005

Rach and Janelle both would give the money to April ove Maggie, because they wouldn't want Eric to get any and to piss off Jen NT - Time2getLost
1:18AM 21/08/2005

S3 and James said if it was up to April/Maggie in the Finals - billw84
1:19AM 21/08/2005

S3 plus James discuss who they would vote for if it was April or Maggie and who they want to have the $$$ - memyselfandi
1:23AM 21/08/2005

James: If I were Kaysar I would be so mad... - memyselfandi
1:30AM 21/08/2005

Jan: So why do they think you're coming after us? James: Because I told them NT - Zazny
1:33AM 21/08/2005

Janelle is telling James he looked like he was acting at POV when Kaysar was nominated instead - memyselfandi
1:36AM 21/08/2005

James is learning all about the fight night from Jan and Howie and laughing and saying "WOW" - memyselfandi
1:41AM 21/08/2005

Jam/Jan say Big Brother final 4's are boring. James: Drew was forced to hook up with the ugly chick NT - Zazny
1:49AM 21/08/2005

James/Janelle talking smack about April's birthday card and other stuff - memyselfandi
1:54AM 21/08/2005

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