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BB: Rachel, please come to the DR" NT - pinkytuscadarro
8:20PM 21/08/2005

James and Beau now back alone playing chess - memyselfandi
8:22PM 21/08/2005

Howie: Who in this house is stronger than you? (to janelle in GR) NT - c0conuts
8:29PM 21/08/2005

Fish & when we return Ivette is washing window above sink and asks BB is that better. NT - Panda4
8:29PM 21/08/2005

Ivette, April & Maggie have been cooking for themselves and Beau. They mention - Panda4
8:55PM 21/08/2005

No one has offered any food to Howie as he mingles in the kitchen. Rachel is discussing - Panda4
8:57PM 21/08/2005

Beau is saying grace over the friendship's dinner where they wouldn't share food with H/R/Jan/Jam NT - memyselfandi
8:58PM 21/08/2005

Rachel is PISSED Ivette won't share dinner with her. - memyselfandi
9:01PM 21/08/2005
Rachel or Howie actually asked if there was enough for everyone and Ivette said I don't think so!!! NT - Panda4
9:03PM 21/08/2005

FIsh on all four feeds! NT - smashedskittles
9:11PM 21/08/2005

Dinner Table Chat - beckysko
9:12PM 21/08/2005

FISH! NT - BigBooty
9:20PM 21/08/2005

Talking about audition tapes for BB. Janelle says she was a fan of bb3 and then seems to not want to reveal how much she watched. says she - MonsterDubs
9:22PM 21/08/2005

friendship chows down while s-3 and james look hungry. howie talks about "tittie bars" NT - MonsterDubs
9:25PM 21/08/2005
James ate in the BY before the Friendsheep ate NT - lawheeze
9:38PM 21/08/2005

feed are up NT - virdee
9:26PM 21/08/2005

James Will NOT Use Veto - KaysarWinsBB6
9:27PM 21/08/2005
Yeah, but that doesn't mean anything. Remember, James is playing both sides. He doesn't have to keep his word to Beau. NT - TheBuxomBlonde
5:07PM 22/08/2005

bb ive go to the DR NT - virdee
9:28PM 21/08/2005

April has figured out she and Maggie are the next targets, Maggie says James will probably win - memyselfandi
9:32PM 21/08/2005

Rach/Howie/Janie in kitchen difficult to hear bcs weekend camera crew are apparently sleeping! NT - fnfish
9:37PM 21/08/2005

H/R in Kitchen...difficult to hear....something about DR and James and the POV contest - Timbo36
9:40PM 21/08/2005

Friendship wants Rachel OUT! - KaysarWinsBB6
9:40PM 21/08/2005

Janelle and James are in GR discussing future veto comps - fnfish
9:45PM 21/08/2005

A/B/M in HOH room; April complaining to Beau that he gave the other team 2 handfuls of gummy bears NT - Timbo36
9:47PM 21/08/2005

James and Janelle talking in gold room about closeness of veto comp, laughing a lot, they would take April to Final 3 - memyselfandi
9:47PM 21/08/2005

In HoH room Yapril complaining to B - "if you wouldn't have given gummy bears to ... - jedicheetah
9:49PM 21/08/2005

April telling Maggie and Beau that James is scheming with Janelle in gold room. I think they've seen spycam NT - memyselfandi
9:50PM 21/08/2005

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